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9 Amazonas Film Festival


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Introducing the 9 Amazonas Film Festival, to take place from Nov 3 - 9, 2012 in Manaus, Amazonas - Brazil.

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9 Amazonas Film Festival

  2. 2. the amazon regionAmazonas State: located in the northwesterncorner of the country. It isthe largest Brazilian State by area (1,577,820.2 the 9th largest country subdivision in the world.It borders with Peru, Colombia and Venezuela.Amazon rainforest: the vastest one of theplanet, 4,500,000 First water supply of theworld, the biggest Reservoir regardingbio-diversity.Life on the Amazon region has two modes: the cheia –the flooding season (between January and June), andthe seca –the dry season (July and December.).Between one and the other, the level of the Amazonriver suffers a spectacular 15-meter oscilation,provoking profound transformations on the landscapeand the lifestyle of the region.
  3. 3. the mighty riverThe Meeting of the Waters (Encontro dasÁguas in Portuguese), the point where theriver Negro and the river Solimões (known tothe world as Amazon river) meet, downstreamfrom Manaus. The reluctancy from both riversto join creates a beautiful natural phenomenon,with two distinct streams of water flowingalong for miles and miles.On the left, the river Negro, its dark-coffeewaters due to the presence of vegetation indecay and high acidic levels. On the right, theriver Solimões, its muddy waters due to thepresence of Andean mountain sediments. Theriver Negro is warmer than the Solimões; theSolimões, in return, flows faster than theNegro.
  4. 4. the amazonas state and manausManaus: Capital of the Amazonas State., located on theshores of the Rio Negro, in the heart of the jungle Thebiggest city in the Amazon basin: 1,71 million inhabitants.The apogee of Manaus came in the 19th century, duringthe height of the rubber boom when the Brazilianmonopoly on rubber made Manaus one of the richestcities on earth., that even had street lights and tramsbefore most of Europe.Sumptuous architectural monuments as the TheaterAmazonas -the event’s flagship venue were built duringManaus belle-epoque. It was this opulent building hatinspired Werner Herzog to make the maddest film of hiscareer, Fitzcarraldo.Manaus: Free Trade Zone: Created as an area of freecommerce to develop the Central Amazon, the free tradezone of Manaus is a complex of intense commercial andindustrial activities, which allows it to be the thirdindustrial center of the country, behind São Paulo and Riode Janeiro.
  5. 5. about the festivalThe Amazonas Film Festival ranks among the world’smost unique film festivals. It’s an annual gathering forBrazilian cinema enthusiasts, film industry insiders,international celebrities, filmmakers and critics.Since its foundation in 2004, as an initiative ofGovernment of the Amazonas State, the festival hasgrown into a sevenday international educational eventcelebrating art and film, set amongst the beauty oflargest reserve of biodiversity on the planet - theAmazon rainforest-.The Festival’s longstanding commitment is to joinfilmmakers, local audiences and film connoisseurstogether to experience and enjoy great cinema, whilepromoting the Amazonas state as a film location andproduction hotspot, through the Amazonas FilmCommission.
  6. 6. festival programIn this year’s Festival main program, there are 3 competitivesections:1) International feature Competition: 8 feature films fromaround the globe compete for the “Vôo na Floresta” Trophy.2) National Short Film Competition3) Competition for digital shorts produced in the AmazonasstateThere are also various non-competitive programs, where a adiverse array of both international and Brazilian films areshowcased.Also in the festival’s lineup for the seventh consecutive year,the Screenwriters Contest, aimed for national scriptwritersFocused on the continuing education of local audiences andemergent filmmakers, a series of seminars and panels rangingfrom cinema to culture to nature, are currently beingorganised, all with open access.
  7. 7. Soledad Villamil Nelson Pereira dos SantosBeth Faria festival guests
  8. 8. Maria Fernada Candido Claude Lelouch Marina PersonSir Alan Parker Thalma de Freitas
  9. 9. festival venues
  10. 10. the festival experience
  11. 11. Manaus Rio Negro Palace
  12. 12. the amazon adventure
  13. 13. For further information, please contactINTERNATIONAL PRESS COORDINATOR, patricia martin: