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Succeeding With Multi-Channel Marketing: And How to Do It in Today's Economy


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interlinkONE's VP of Sales Karen DeWolfe delivered this presentation at the 2012 MFSA Southwest Conference.

The content was specifically tailored during mailing and fulfillment service providers.

Karen covered items such as:

- Challenges Faced by Service Providers in Today’s World of Marketing and Communications

- Selling Multi-Channel Marketing Solutions

- Best Practices for Managing, Executing, and Measuring Marketing Campaigns

- Emerging Technologies and Getting Ready for What’s Next

Published in: Business, News & Politics
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Succeeding With Multi-Channel Marketing: And How to Do It in Today's Economy

  1. 1. By Karen L. DeWolfe VP, Sales interlinkONE
  2. 2. Quick Introduction interlinkONE – Software  Enterprise Marketing Management Software  Plan, build, manage, execute and measure all marketing activities Grow Socially, Inc. – Services Karen DeWolfe  Online Marketing/Social Media/SEO VP, Sales  Strategy, Consulting, Execution, Measurement
  3. 3. Today’s Overview The World of Marketing and Communications Selling Multi-Channel Marketing Solutions Best Practices for Executing and Measuring Campaigns Preparing For What’s Next
  4. 4. Communications Today “Kitchen Table Effect” Generational Differences
  5. 5. Marketing Used to Be Easier!
  6. 6. Online & Mobile: Disrupters
  7. 7. Social Media Statistics 850 Million Users on Facebook 250 Million Tweets Sent Per DayNOTE: As of December 2011
  8. 8. Social Media Statistics (cont.)60+ Hours of Video Uploaded toYouTube every minute (#2 searchengine)  90 million users on Google+ in 6 months
  9. 9. Why Should You Care? Supply and Demand Declining Margins Communication game has changed Become MORE valuable Move from Commodity to Value-Driven
  10. 10. What Does it Mean? Instead of just making money on the mail, fulfillment, or print……. You will start executing these types of efforts:
  11. 11. Measuring Response Rates March Seminar Email SMS / Text Print Direct MailInvitation Email Invitation Text Invitation PURL PURL Reply Text Call Center/ Response Page / Response Page Email vs. Text vs. Print Measuring Subject Lines - Week Follow-Up - 22% You’re Invited! 6% Win a FREE gift! Reminder DirectReminder Email Reminder Text Mailer 47% Check out our March Seminar 25% Are you interested in attending? PURL PURL Reply Text Call Center/ Response Page / Response Page
  12. 12. How Can You Adjust? New Services and Way of Selling Be the Best Multi-Channel Marketer Out There Prepare For What’s Next
  13. 13. It Starts with the Strategy Business Plan Marketing Plan Sales Plan Financial Plan Organizational Needs Measure
  14. 14. Your Business Plan• Do you have a clear plan?• Do you have the right resources to sell it?• Do you have the right resources to support it?
  15. 15. Your Target Audience• Can you describe your perfect buyer? • Not always your biggest customer• Do you know who you are and what you sell?
  16. 16. Your Marketing PlanYou need to have a sustainable competitiveadvantage that you can explain• Do you have a clear marketing plan?• Do you know who you are and what you sell?• Do you have the right resources to market it?• Do you have the right resources to support the marketing effort?• How long has it been since you have looked at your marketing plan?
  17. 17. Selling Today vs. Yesterday• Technology has changed the sales process• Technology has changed the product and service offering• The economy has changed the landscape• Consumers have changed the world
  18. 18. Sphere of InfluenceHow to tap in to the enormous Sphere of Influence that technology has helpedbecome limitless. Limited before
  19. 19. No one cares what you do.Your prospects want to know how you can help them. Your sales should not begin with what you have, what you do, what you have done, what you know and or anything else with ME, WE, I, OUR, US! Focus on YOU
  20. 20. Sales POWER WORDS1. Absolutely 19. Improve/Improved 36. Secure2. Accomplish 20. Instant/Instantly 37. Shocked/Shocking3. Achieve 21. Love 38. Simple4. Benefit 22. Money 39. Solution5. Best 23. More 40. Step-by-Step6. Clear-cut 24. New 41. Strong7. Compelling 25. Now 42. Top8. Convenient 26. Personalized 43. Uncover9. Critical 27. Power/Powerful 44. Unique10. Dependable 28. Private 45. Unleashed11. Easy/Easily 29. Proven 46. Unlimited12. Ensure 30. Quality 47. Unlock13. Exciting 31. Quick/Quickly 48. Winning14. Free 32. Results 49. Yes15. Fun 33. Safe/Safely 50. You/Your16. Guarantee/Guaranteed 34. Save17. Health/Healthy 35. Secrets18. How-To
  21. 21. Quotes to Help You Succeed• Its not your customers job to remember you. It is your obligation and responsibility to make sure they don’t have the chance to forget you. _Patricia Fripp• Every sale has five basic obstacles: no need, no money, no hurry, no desire, no trust• Stop Selling. Start helping. _Zig Ziglar
  22. 22. Advice From Expertsfor Selling in Today’s Economy Sam Sebastian, Google Title: National industry director, classifieds and local E-mail tip: "Ive had meetings where we went in without knowing what the expectations are, and we missed the boat. As the meeting approaches, Ill send an e-mail laying out our plan for the meeting and who were bringing, just to double-check. It seems tiny, but it can save you from totally missing the mark." Slow-economy solution: "We have to evangelize a bit more. Well invite executives to our headquarters for a pure education day, where they get to ask tons of questions about online advertising." CNN Money How to sell in a lousy economy by Jia Lynn Yang
  23. 23. Advice From the Expertsfor Selling in Today’s Economy Freddi Vaughn, Xerox Title: Account general manager How she networks: "I do a lot volunteering - youd be surprised who you meet if youre on this board and that board. For example, I work with the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, and I went to the UMBC president and asked, Who at NASA can you put me in touch with whos in charge of a high-level account?" Recession survival skill: "Be aware of competitive contracts and their expiration dates. If you want to displace that competitor, you need to start to work at least a year out." CNN Money How to sell in a lousy economy by Jia Lynn Yang
  24. 24. Advice From the Expertsfor Selling in Today’s Economy Jeffrey Zyonse, Hartford Financial Services Group Title: Regional sales director How he deals with rejection: "I learned early on, selling books door-to-door in college, that your next success is literally only a door away. Youll be in tears one minute, and behind the next door may be a big sale." Recession survival skills: "The last thing a client wants to feel from you is that things arent going well. Even in a slow sales cycle, they want to deal with someone they feel is successful. I make sure my attitude is right." CNN Money How to sell in a lousy economy by Jia Lynn Yang
  25. 25. Why Some Avoid Multi-Channel They don’t know if they have the technology They’re not sure if they have the resources They’re not sure what it should cost
  26. 26. First Step: Do it Yourself! Learn what it takes to Build, Manage, Execute, and Measure Demonstrate Your Solutions to Internal Staff… and Prospects & Customers!
  27. 27. Case Study – Recent Event What did the plan look like?  Who – Biz Owners, Marketers  Why? Feedback. What the audience told us before  How – Multi-Channel, Internet, Print, Video  Medias – Email, DM, Txt, Social, Blog, Lpage GOAL? – 40 attendees Result? = 60!
  28. 28. Case Study – Examples Personalized
  29. 29. Case Study – Examples Personalized Envelope / Letter Email Email Thank you
  30. 30. Case Study – Examples Mobile Optimized Program for Event! Text Alert!
  31. 31. Define Your Audience: Choose your target audience.What’s the Goal? Pick A Channel: Choose which channel would be the most effective way to contact your audience. Repeat: Repeat the cycle for more effect. Pick A Media: Choose which media to contact your audience. Response Channel: Give your audience a way to respond. Measure: Marketing Reports & Dashboards automatically generated. Lead Database: All responses collect in one database. Real Time, Centralized, Online, Qualified. Sales Lead Response Reports Distribution Fulfillment: Kitting, Email, Electronic, VDP, POD, Mail, ect.
  32. 32. Campaign 101 What is a Campaign Cam paign – (noun) An entire series of marketing efforts to one event, customer, organization, priority.
  33. 33. Define the Goal/Objective Step #1 My Goal Goal: Increase sales by 15% How: Increase our # of inquiries with marketing efforts
  34. 34. Define the Target Audience Step# 2: Identify & Understand Your Audience
  35. 35. Define the Channels You’ll Use How will your deliver? Step #3 Choose Channels & Medias Newsletter E-mail with PURL E-mail Newspaper Promotion Insert Postcard
  36. 36. Define Response Options Step#4 Choose response type (how will the audience contact you about your message/offer) PURLS Phone BRC Trade Show Booth
  37. 37. Multi-Channel Campaign July Seminar Customers Prospects Associates Target Audience Data Print internet Web Print Mobile Channel Invitation Social Direct MailMedia Postcard Flyer Banner Ad Mobile Ad SMS/Text Email Media Invitation Landing Landing Landing Inbound Landing PURL QR Code Reply Text Page Page Page Calls Page Response Mechanisms
  38. 38. Why Multi-Channel? Increase the Reach of Your Message It’s their world – communicate in the ways they want to be communicated in Generate greater responses Increase Your Value – Find out what works!
  39. 39. Keys to Success Must be “More than One”: Email, Direct Mail, Letters, Web Pages, Social media, etc. Consistent Branding, Graphics, Messaging Targeted and Relevant Offer Attention Grabbing Call-to-Action Measure Everything
  40. 40. Resources: What You Need Marketing Passion! Website Development (HTML) Ability to manage data Basic Understanding of Web Security Not Afraid to Communicate with Sales & Management Photo Credit
  41. 41. Measure Channel Success
  42. 42. Landing Page Responses Who visited the page? Who responded? Who did not?
  43. 43. E-Mail Marketing Results
  44. 44. How Fast is Mobile Web Growing? Source: Microsoft
  45. 45. Mobile Barcode Options
  46. 46. Best Practice: Mobilize!
  47. 47. Coming Fast: NFC “Near field communication, or NFC, allows for simplified transactions, data exchange, and connections with a touch”. Source:
  48. 48. What Do You Need An NFC-enabled phone: Most vendors all over this Still need: greater adoption by hardware in US
  49. 49. Application: Museum of London Watch the video:
  50. 50. Stickers and more
  51. 51. NFC on Business Card
  52. 52. NFC Posters for Contests Customers simply need to touch their Quick Tap phone to posters. Posters are located in EAT restaurants Tapping their phone lets them play a game to win prizes
  53. 53. Remember The world is changing, you have to change with it Understand the trends in data consumption Having a PLAN is the single most important thing you can do. Today’s economy forces us all to sell differently The sale is not about you Diversifying can only help you By the time I leave here today, more changes are happening.
  54. 54. Key Steps to Success Plan, Plan, Plan  Constantly Review Get Marketing Expertise on  Self-promote your Staff  Measure Get close with Customers  Get Started Now! Set Expectations
  55. 55. Action Items Soul Search Business Plan Review Marketing/Sales Plan Find the Right Resources Self Promotion Research. Read. Experience.  Business Transformation  MFSA National  Mashable. DM News. Marketing Sherpa. B2B Magazine
  56. 56. Learn More / Contact Me Twitter: @KarenLoueez