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In this presentation, interlinkONE's CMO Jason Pinto presents different ways that companies can grow their business with mobile marketing.

The presentation covers:
- State of the Mobile World
- Why You Need a Mobile Website
- Options for Building Mobile Websites
- How to Make Money from QR Codes
- QR Code Examples and Best Practices

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  • I want to thank everyone for joining us today! There is no doubt that mobile is an extremely hot topic --- I see this when I look at our website traffic, when I see whitepaper downloads, when I see registrations for webinars like this. We have a lot of information to share in a variety of formats, and I absolutely hope that you find it helpful!First, just some Housekeeping items: ---- recording… ---- questions & answers ---- trouble
  • Quick personal introduction
  • And just a little bit about the companies that help pay my bills… and that provide tools to help you!And I will absoutely tell you this now: We have a ton of education and informative slides here in this presentation, but I’m absolutely going to take some time too to show you how our tools can help deal with some of the challenges and opportunities that may be available to you.
  • Yes, there are many players in the mobile game. But when it comes to someone that consistently steals the headlines in a positive way, we have to talk about Apple… For what they’ve done to push mobile to the mainstream.
  • It was just yesterday that Apple released a number of statistics related to their Q4 performance in 2011. And you can see two of the big numbers here…. - 37 million iPhones sold in that quarter! - 15 million iPads!Absolutely impressive. We can expect to see this same type of growth in this quarter.. Especially if they release a new version of the iPhone and/or the iPadAlso, another stat that made the rounds this weeek was this:The amount of US tablet owners nearly doubled from 10 percent in mid-December to 19 percent in early January.
  • And while tablets are certainly an important part of the mobile discussion, we are really going to focus on smartphones today.These devices have literally changed the way people do everything! Email, web, shop, call, text, social network, research, read, take pictures, etc.Industries of all types are feeling the effects. Let’s look at some of the numbers regarding the growth.
  • Does 2009 seem like a long time ago to you? At the end of the year, only 18% of the US mobile population owned a smartphone.
  • Where are we now… at the end of October 2011, we were almost at the majority ! 44% owned a smartphone.These numbers are from Nielsen, which we are quite thankful for. And I will say this… I’ve absolutely seen some other numbers that are higher --- closer to 55 and 60%But here’s the bottom line: the majority of folks in your target audience may most likely have a smartphone now, or in the very near future!
  • And as you think about your target audience, or if you’re a service provider , the target audience of your clients… the percentages could differe.tThe Majority of 25-34 and 18-24 year olds own a smartphoneThis is a worldwide trend, of course… 46% of mobile users in the UK own a smartphone.Nearly half of UK internet users also accessed internet services on their phone.Almost 40% of UK consumers use a mobile phone to access social networks.As mobile usage rose, the average time spent online on computers declined.
  • Of course, owning a smartphone is one thing. It’s what people are doing with it that really matters!Here’s a chart that AdAge posted recently…. Texting, no surprise… but Internet Browsing! And Updating social networks! Both absolutely worth paying attention to.
  • Yes, mobile has disrupted the world of marketing and communications!This means that changes are needed… which means that there are growth opportunities!
  • Mobile encompasses a lot…. We could talk about Apps. We could talk about emerging technologies such as NFC.But sometimes the best opportunities to grow our business are ones that are right in front of us… low-hanging fruit, ripe for the taking. And that’s what I want to focus on today. The Mobile web, a bit on mobile email, and QR Codes.
  • Chances are, our website was designed, tested, and approved on a desktop computer… it looks great there.You’ve got beautiful pictures, big and bold compelling statements. It probably looks great on most laptops.Heck, it might even look great on tablets that have 10 inch screens!And because of that, your customers and prospects can interact with your business easily!
  • If your website is not mobile optimized, it can create frustration. You will lose visitors. You will lose traffic.You will lose customers.
  • So, if you need a mobile website, what can you do?There are optionsOf course, as a technology company, I’d love to show you a bit about how our application can help. There certainly are other applications, but let ‘s just take a few moments to explore this one a bit deeper. I also think that running through our application may help to answer some of your questions as to what’s possible with a mobile website, and what best practices are.
  • iFlyMobi a web-based application that lets you build, manage, and measure mobile websites.
  • When it comes to a mobile website, you obviously need to simplify! Yes, you can have pages.. Yes, you can have external links!A huge question I always get is --- how many should I have?I really think that depends.. If the content is compelling, if the titles of the links are compeeling, you can certainly go below the fold!But if you are only tryign to get people to register for an event, you probably want to make sure you don’t distract them from that task
  • Design options… There are pre-defined color schemes to make life easier for you… but you obviusly have the ability to define your own colors!
  • This one is huge! You don’t just need static pages. You can have forms that drive leads! That drive registrations ! That provide survey feedback.
  • Another thing you can do is incorporate video.Our #1 recommendation is to use YouTube! You can embed the video onto your mobile website’s pages, and then YouTube does a great job of reliably and quickly displaying that video to someone’s phone.Also, people are quite apt to using social networks on their phones. We have a Share This button that makes it easy for them to promote your mobile content.
  • You can also add RSS feeds and blog posts to mobile website..
  • And just to talk about Cards… A lot of people have QR Codes on their business cards.A lot of those simply present the data as text.However, we honestly have seen greater value by poitning people to mobile websites. They are more interactive, they open up connections to more data points.
  • How can you get people to your mobile website?Well, one way is by inserting Mobile Device detection and redirect code.
  • In addition to easily tracking website traffic and stats, you can plug in Google Analytics as well to mobile websites
  • And last but not least, I know we have a lot of service providers and marketing agencies on the phone.. We offer a White Label solution to truly help you make money on mobile.
  • 1. Add Click-to-Call and Click-To-Text Links: One of the best ways to develop an effective mobile website presence is to take advantage of the functions that really wouldn’t work as well on another device. You can do this by adding click-to-call and click-to-text links on your pages. By clicking on these links, people will be instantly brought to the appropriate application inside of your phone, to either dial you or send you a text-message.
  • 2. Include a Form to Collect Data: One of the best ways to demonstrate the value of your desktop website is to incorporate lead-generation forms. The same can be done on a mobile website. Whether you are inviting people to request a demo, to download an eBook or White Paper, or to simply request more information, you could do this by building and adding a mobile Form. This will allow you to better serve the mobile audience that wants your information… but yet that doesn’t to deal with the hassles of zooming and scrolling to get it.
  • 3. Incorporate Images that Links to Maps with Directions: Does your business have a retail location? Will you be exhibiting or attending a trade show or conference? If so, you can use your mobile website to direct people there. Simply include an image of a map on a page inside of your mobile website. Then, grab a URL that will link to a site such as Mapquest for the appropriate address. Simply link the image to that URL, and you’ll make it a lot easier for people to find out where they need to go right from their phones.
  • Next we are going to talk about Mobile Email real quick… this is a stat that the DMA publicized a bit last year.And maybe your numbers aren’t this --- or your not sure --- but many companies are truly finding email to be a successful channel for their business. It helps them bring in leads,create awareness, etc.
  • Next we are going to talk about Mobile Email real quick… This is obviously something that people have been doing for a long time, especially for those that have been using Blackberry’s for years. But as smartphones have become more popular, and mobile web usage has increased, we certainly need to think about multiple items when it comes to our mobile email strategy.
  • Of course, as more and more people --- potential prospects and customers --- look at email on their mboile device , you need to make sure you’re reaching them effectively.
  • Alright, next we are going to talk about one of my favorite subjects ---s omething that exploded in popularity and usage, especially in North America – over the past year.I’m sure you all know what these are now, and you’ve seen at least a few “in the wild”And I know there are a lot of printers and agencies on this call that may be struggling with ways to monetize them. You may even be thinking about scrapping them for another type of code. Let’s discuss that for a bit.
  • Yes, there are other types of barcodes. Some big brands have expiremented with non- QR Codes While they all may have benefits in certain situations, there are absolutely reasons to choose QR Codes.
  • Yes, the bottom line is this: Just like any other marketing channel or response mechanism, QR Codes must aim to deliver results!They shouldn't just be used simply because they can be used.
  • PackagingLabels
  • Here’s another great example… at a restaurant… and whether you think it’s rude or not, people use smartphones when they’re out to eat!Now, why put a QR Code on a menu, or on the restaurant's collateral? Here are some great ideas: - Link them to your social media pages - Help them book a private party - Help them buy a gift card!
  • Landing PagesRegistrationsSurveysVideoSocial Media Traffic
  • By marketing company ResultCo… These murals are being placed in Detroit on abanadoned storefronts.They are graphically remarkable! In this one, each of the 40 watches has a unique QR Code. People can scan it to learn more information, or to buy the watch on their phones!
  • The Little Rock Convention & Visitors Bureau (LRCVB) supports organizations in the Little Rock, Arkansas area that benefit from travel, entertainment and convention business. In the autumn of 2010 they sponsored the “Savor the City” campaign to: Increase awareness of and drive traffic to participating restaurants Provide patron demographic information to restaurants for use in refining future marketing efforts ---RESULTS---Patrons of participating restaurants were given printed cards encouraging them to visit the campaign microsite to provide their feedback. Of the total unique visits (137) to the campaign landing pages, 31% were accessed via the use of QR codes and 69% were accessed via a custom URLOf the total completed responses (108), 24% were via QR codes
  • QR Codes won’t be here forever.. People are scrambling to find and anoint a successor
  • Thank you for your time and participating today!We will send out an email with a link to the recording later.
  • Making Money with Mobile

    1. 1. Presented by interlinkONE
    2. 2. Quick Introduction@JasonPintoCMO,interlinkONE
    3. 3. Who We Are Grow Socially  Online Marketing/Social Media  Plan, Manage, Execute and Measure interlinkONE – Software (SaaS)  Enterprise Marketing Management Software  Plan, build, manage, execute and measure all marketing activities Founded in 1996
    4. 4. Today’s OverviewState of the Mobile WorldBusiness Growth Opportunities Photo Credit:
    5. 5. What’s New With Apple?
    6. 6. Apple: Q4 2011 Stats 37 million iPhones 15 million iPads
    7. 7. Smartphone: The Game Changer
    8. 8. U.S. Ownership: in 2009 Source: Nielsen: Q3 2011 State of the Media: The Mobile Media Report
    9. 9. U.S. Ownership: in 2011 (October) Source: Nielsen: Q3 2011 State of the Media: The Mobile Media Report
    10. 10. Demographic Breakdown
    11. 11. Smartphone Usage Source:
    12. 12. The Bottom Line….
    13. 13. Today’s FocusMobile WebsitesMobile EmailQR Codes
    14. 14. Mobile Internet Usage Source: Microsoft Tag
    15. 15. Think About Your Website
    16. 16. But on a smartphone… = Source:
    17. 17. Options for Building a Mobile Website Web programming Plugins Partner with a service provider Photo Credit: Use a “mobile website builder” application
    18. 18. Our Solution
    19. 19. Website Manager
    20. 20. Easy-to-Use
    21. 21. Design Options
    22. 22. Forms• Contact Fields• Q&A• Lead Routing• Confirmation• Reporting
    23. 23. Social, Video, More…
    24. 24. Blogs/RSS
    25. 25. Cards
    26. 26. Redirect Code
    27. 27. Reporting
    28. 28. White Label “Make Money on Mobile”  Rebrand the application  Logo, Colors, Emails, Reports, etc.  Let your customers login and view reports Sales and Marketing Resources
    29. 29. Want to Learn More? Visit
    30. 30. Tip: Make Your Website InteractiveClick-to-Call & Click-To-Text tel:9786949992 sms:5555555555
    31. 31. Tip: Make Your Website InteractiveInclude a Form to Collect Data:
    32. 32. Tip: Make Your Website InteractiveLink Maps to Directions:
    33. 33. Email’s Role in Your Success “According to the DMA, email brought in $40.56 for every dollar spent on it in 2011.”
    34. 34. Mobile Email: Growth
    35. 35. Mobile Email ConsiderationsHow does your emaillook on various phonesand browsers?Tips:- - Test & find a Templatethat works!
    36. 36. Additional Considerations Links pointing to mobile-optimized content Including a Text version Subject Line Length Monitoring Open Rates and Click-Throughs
    37. 37. QR Codes
    38. 38. 2D Barcode Choices
    39. 39. Why QR Codes? “Focus on the User” Embraced worldwide for many years Photo Credit: Open Source!
    40. 40. How Do You Make $ on QR Codes? Custom QR Code Design Mobile Website Creation Build a Database!
    41. 41. How Do You Make $ on QR Codes? Reporting Multi-Channel (i.e. PURL vs. QR) Virtual Retail
    42. 42. QR Code: Point of Purchase
    43. 43. QR Codes: With a Captive Audience
    44. 44. QR Codes on Direct Mail“QR code promotion increased QR code usage on mail-pieces from 3% to 32%”
    45. 45. QR Codes on Direct Mail To Shop To Register
    46. 46. QR Codes for Virtual Stores
    47. 47. QR Code for Contests •137 visited •31% via QR •108 responded •24% via QR
    48. 48. QR Codes Best Practices Shorten the URL! Provide Directions and Incentive Drive them to Mobile Content Track!
    49. 49. Mobile Be prepared for growth and change Companies of all sizes & shapes need help Marketing fundamentals will help you succeed
    50. 50. Resources for YouDownload It: Case Studies, Examples,Emerging Technologies,Solution Ideas, and More.
    51. 51. Tools To Help You Grow Build Mobile Websites: QR Code Management: Multi-Channel Marketing: Online Marketing Services:
    52. 52. Any questions?