iFlyMobi Product Demonstration: Easily Build Mobile Websites


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In this presentation, interlinkONE presented a product demonstration of the iFlyMobi product.

iFlyMobi enables its users to easily do the following:

- Build mobile websites in a matter of minutes
- Generate mobile forms, landing pages, surveys, registration pages, and more
- Measure real-time web traffic on mobile sites
- Incorporate QR Codes onto their printed materials to engage the mobile audience
- Automatically redirect visitors to their corporate website to a mobile website, if the visitor is using a mobile device.
- And more!

Also, the White Label Program for iFlyMobi allows service providers and marketing agencies to completely rebrand the application, enabling them to be the mobile services provider.

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iFlyMobi Product Demonstration: Easily Build Mobile Websites

  1. 1. Presented by interlinkONE
  2. 2. Quick Introduction @KatieSadlier Sales Operations Specialist @JasonPinto CMO
  3. 3. Who We Are interlinkONE  Enterprise Marketing Management Software  Plan, build, manage, execute and measure all marketing activities Founded in 1996 Grow Socially  Online Marketing/Social Media  Plan, Manage, Execute and Measure
  4. 4. Mobile Offerings QReate & Track  Web Address QR Codes  Edit and sort Codes  Create Codes in bulk  Real time reporting iFlyMobi  Create mobile optimized Websites and online business Cards  Robust application  White Label Program  Real time reporting
  5. 5. Business Growth Opportunities
  6. 6. Smartphone: The Game Changer
  7. 7. Apple: 2011 Fourth Quarter 37 million iPhones 15 million iPads
  8. 8. U.S. Ownership: in 2009 Source: Nielsen: Q3 2011 State of the Media: The Mobile Media Report
  9. 9. U.S. Ownership: in 2011 (October) Source: Nielsen: Q3 2011 State of the Media: The Mobile Media Report
  10. 10. Mobile Internet Usage Source: Microsoft Tag
  11. 11. Think About Your* Website * Or your customer’s website!
  12. 12. But on a smartphone… = Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/23844524@N03/5002051362/
  13. 13. Mobile Opportunity Sell Mobile Websites!  Company Websites  Event Websites  Landing Pages (GURL)  Registration Forms  Surveys  Email Sign-up  Contests
  14. 14. Options for Building a Mobile Website Web programming Plug-ins Partner with a service provider Photo Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/21460573@N08/6490155575/ Use a “mobile website builder” application
  15. 15. Our Solution http://iFlyMobi.com
  16. 16. Website Manager
  17. 17. Easy-to-Use
  18. 18. Design Options
  19. 19. Mobile Websites Can Be InteractiveClick-to-Call & Click-To-Text tel:9786949992 sms:5555555555
  20. 20. Forms• Contact Fields• Q&A• Lead Routing• Confirmation• Reporting
  21. 21. Social, Video, More…
  22. 22. Blogs/RSS
  23. 23. Redirect Code
  24. 24. Online Business Cards •Basic contact info. •Photo •Short Bio •Phone numbers •Links •Google Maps •Download vCard
  25. 25. Reporting
  26. 26. And how can you make money?
  27. 27. Standalone Cost for iFlyMobi
  28. 28. White Label Program http://iflymobiapp.com http://YourOwnMobileApp.com
  29. 29. Benefits of White Label Program Your branding is everywhere Gives you instant demo tool for sales Clients can login & download reports You become the mobile service provider!
  30. 30. Selling Mobile Websites Price Range that we are seeing:  $250 - $500, often includes for a period of months
  31. 31. How much do we charge? $499 start-up fee Monthly fee per client - $6.99
  32. 32. How we help you promote“Mobile Reseller Program” On-going education through webinars Re-brandable Collateral Phone, Email, and Chat Support Photo Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/74105777@N00/2735966814/
  33. 33. What You Need to Get Started Is your website mobile- optimized? Smartphones for demos Understand limitations & advantages. Add “mobile marketing” to your business strategy and marketing plans!
  34. 34. How you can promote it? On your website On your social networks QR Codes on print Email efforts Webinar Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/63299638@N00/2847937438/
  35. 35. Sales Opportunities QR Codes need mobile sites! There are plenty without. Any direct mail or printed piece that needs an increase of ROI… or that is not measured at all. Any customer that has a website that is not mobile- optimized. And for what’s next after QR Codes…
  36. 36. Mobile Marketing …will continue to grow! There is money on the table.
  37. 37. Want to learn more? Call us! 978-694-9992 Email: Help@iFlyMobi.com or Sales@interlinkONE.comWeb: http://iFlyMobi.com
  38. 38. Tools To Help You Grow Build Mobile Websites: http://iFlyMobi.com QR Code Management: http://QReateAndTrack.com Multi-Channel Marketing: http://interlinkONE.com Online Marketing Services: http://GrowSocially.com
  39. 39. Any questions?