How to Use QR Codes and Mobile Websites to Take Advantage of the 2012 USPS Mobile Barcode Promotion


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In this presentation, interlinkONE's Jason Pinto demonstrates ways that companies can take advantage of the 2012 USPS Mobile Barcode Promotion.

The USPS is offering a 2% discount to companies that include a QR Code on their mailers in the summer of 2012.

There are specific requirements this year:

- The QR Code must either point to a mobile landing page

- OR, it must point to a mobile commerce page.

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  • You've heard about the USPS Mobile Bar Code Promotion, and you've heard of QR codes.Do you know how to utilize them both to grow your business this summer?During this webinar, Jason Pinto from interlinkONE, will provide actionable insight into how you can best take advantage of this program.He will also provide practical examples of marketing campaigns that would meet the criteria for this year’s program.We believe that these examples will provide inspiration to help you market, sell, and deliver these multi-channel marketing solutions!. Time will also be made available at the end of the session for Q & A.  
  • Katie- we’ve identified 5 or 6 keys to succeeding with QR Codes and the mobile web, and we would like to quickly share them with you
  • Addressed samples will not be accepted (this is especially important for First-Class Mail as it would give the appearance of a piece that was paid for, but not delivered). If pieces are variably printed, one sample that is comparable to the mailing may be presented.  If the mailer is unable to print an unaddressed mailpiece the mailer should remove a piece from the mailing, remove the address (e.g. place a blank address label over the address) and submit it at mail acceptance. As an alternative, for Standard Mail an addressed piece may be accepted if the mailer marks through the address and marks "Mobile Barcode USPS Piece Sample" on the piece.
  • “The mailpiece must also contain text near the barcode or image providing guidance to the consumer to scan the barcode or image.”
  • If your website is not mobile optimized, it can create frustration. You will lose visitors. You will lose traffic.You will lose customers.“Senior executives at home on their tablets and smartphones are wondering why the user experience for their own company Web sites is sub-standard.”
  • 4. Is there a difference between mobile-friendly websites and mobile optimized sites? Yes. For purposes of this promotion, a mobile-friendly website means that the webpage is formatted to fit within a Smartphone screen (and thereby avoids the need to reduce text size or scroll horizontally to view the entire page). Mobile-friendly sites do not qualify for the promotion discount. A mobile optimized website is a different version of the webpage that is designed specifically for small smartphone screens. Mobile optimized websites tend to have a more compact layout, less copy and less use of images, and streamlined navigation. In order to qualify for the promotion the website must be redesigned for mobile viewing. If the website is merely shrunk to fit a smartphone screen, but no other changes have been made, it will not qualify for the discount.
  • Jason-….-”David, what are some factors you had to consider when building mobile optimized websites?”David- time (iFlyMobi vs. plugins/programming)
  • Jason- think about the things that make your scream at your mobile device when you are viewing a website, and make sure to eliminate those issues for anyone viewing your website on a mobile device
  • Jason- you have used best practices and thought about the user
  • Jason- who is coming to your website and why?You want to focus on these individuals.Example: someone on the go, who would view your site on the weekend…
  • Jason- registration for an event, white paper download, …-“David, what are some examples of how you built and used Forms for your customers?”David- internally for job specs, iPad download at conference,…
  • PayPal’s original prediction for 2011 was that it would achieve $1.5 billion in mobile total payment volume for 2011. Instead, it hit $4 billion. A year earlier, it totaled only $750 million.eBay’s 2012 Prediction: “will hit $8 billion in mobile gross merchandise volume this year, up 60 percent from $5 billion in 2011.”
  • How to Use QR Codes and Mobile Websites to Take Advantage of the 2012 USPS Mobile Barcode Promotion

    1. 1. How to Use QR Codes and MobileWebsites to Take Advantage ofthe USPS Promotion Presented by interlinkONE May 22nd, 2012
    2. 2. Two Big Requirements This Year Personalized QR Code & Landing Page or... QR points to Mobile Commerce Functionality
    3. 3. Two Big Tasks for You! How to do this technically And… How to do this successfully from a marketing/ROI standpoint
    4. 4. Today’s Overview QR Codes and Personalized URLs Building Mobile Websites Mobile Commerce
    5. 5. QR Codes + Personalized URLs
    6. 6. Generating a QR Code Most of those options will NOT allow you to:  Create QR Codes in bulk  Track the scans  Modify the destination URL after it’s been created
    7. 7. What You May Need Bulk Generator for QR Codes PURL solution integrated with QR Codes
    8. 8. PURL/QR Effort: Checklist Create the campaign Create the landing page for desktop viewing Create the landing page for mobile viewing Upload contacts, create PURLs Export PURLs Import PURLs into a Bulk QR Code generator Download Personalized QR Codes Map & Print QR Code on appropriate mailer
    9. 9. Mailing List with PURLs• Upload Your Mailing List• Generate the PURLs• Export the list, including the PURL
    10. 10. Find Bulk Generator
    11. 11. Map the PURL to the QR Generator
    12. 12. Export PURL/QR Code Files
    13. 13. Returned Files for Printing Process Contents of the Zip File: Personalized QR Code ImagesYour Mailing List: with QR Code Image File Name Appended
    14. 14. Remember! Create Sample PURLs“If mobile personalization is used, at least two samplesmust be submitted demonstrating that the web addressesare unique to each recipient.All mailings are subject to standard acceptance andverification procedures and may be inspected for use ofthe mobile barcode.”
    15. 15. Tip: Measure QR vs. PURL If your mailer will contain a printed PURL plus a personalized QR Code, you should track them differently.One way to do this --- unique URLs:
    16. 16. Tip: Include White Space/Padding Include White Space/Padding
    17. 17. Tip: Add Instruction Text
    18. 18. Tool for Bulk QR Codes
    19. 19. Mobile Site Requirement: Good! = Source:
    20. 20. Mobile Friendly vs. Optimized A mobile-friendly website means that the webpage is formatted to fit within a Smartphone screen. Mobile- friendly sites do not qualify for the promotion discount. A mobile optimized website is a different version of the webpage that is designed specifically for small smartphone screens.  More compact layout  Less copy  Less use of images  Streamlined navigation.
    21. 21. Options for Building a Mobile Website Web programming  HTML, CSS, jQuery Mobile Use a Mobile Website Builder  Look for:  Ease of Use  Reporting Photo Credit:  White Label Options?
    22. 22. Mobile Website Goals Quick Loading Time Easy to Read Easy to Interact With But Still Relevant And Useful!
    23. 23. Key Thoughts Before Building Treat the needs of the “on-the- go” user differently than those of a desktop/laptop browser.  On-the-go or in a rush  Extremely interested in the offer – help them take immediate action.
    24. 24. Personalization Options Prior Behavior Life Stage Segmentation Demographics
    25. 25. Best Practice #1 Analyze Your Audience’s Needs – and Your Goals! Photo Credit:
    26. 26. Best Practice #2 Content: Prioritize and Simplify Photo Credit:
    27. 27. Best Practice #3 Simplify Forms: Limit Use of Open-Ended Questions, # of fields in general.
    28. 28. Building a New Mobile Website “Copy and Paste” function will save time… but do not bring over everything! Images may need to be cut down to specifically for the mobile website Make calls-to-action prominent!
    29. 29. No doubt: Mobile devices involvedin shopping process
    30. 30. Will people buy on their phones?“41% of smartphone owners have made a purchasefrom their phone” Of that 41%, here’s what they bought 16% bought apparel 15% food and beverages 11% toys and games 11% electronics 8% home goods 4% sporting goods 4% books 3% jewelry 8% other products Source: devices-means-more-shopping
    31. 31. Kohl’s: Shop from Your Phone
    32. 32. 1-800-Flowers
    33. 33. How to Help Clients with MobileCommerce & this Promotion If they already have an online storefront:  Check if it’s mobile-optimized  If so, you can generate and track a QR Code that points to the mobile storefront URL.
    34. 34. If they have a mobile storefront… To satisfy the USPS requirements, the QR Code should most likely point to a specific page inside the storefront, as opposed to the storefront home page. Examples:  QR Code points directly to a product’s page  QR Code points to a Product Category page  This will most likely be a long URL. Thus, make sure it gets shortened first!
    35. 35. Pointing QR Code to Product Page
    36. 36. How to Help Clients with MobileCommerce & this Promotion If they have an online storefront, but it’s not mobile-optimized:  Option 1: Build a micro-site/mobile-storefront that’s specific to the products mentioned on the direct mail piece.  Option 2 (Much bigger): If they have a lot of products, build a mobile-website for their entire storefront.
    37. 37. Option: Integrate ExternalCheckout Service You would build the mobile website / landing page for your customer. Include their logo, image of the products listed on mailer. Include “Checkout” button that uses a service to handle the financial transaction.
    38. 38. Google Checkout: Mobile Option
    39. 39. PayPal: Express Checkout
    40. 40. Thank you!Do you have more questions?