Finding Success with QR Codes and the Mobile Web


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On April 18th, interlinkONE and Grow Socially delivered an information-packed webinar to help attendees succeed with QR Codes and mobile websites.

While the usage of QR Codes and other mobile tags has increased greatly over the past year, customers and businesses have often been disappointed by the results.

However, our main presenters -- Katie Sadlier and David Platz -- provided a number of best practices to increase the success of your next mobile marketing effort.

Attendees received actionable information on a variety of topics, including:

- Best Practices for Implementing QR Codes

- Building an Engaging Mobile Website

- Educating Your Target Audience

- Strategies for Selling Mobile Solutions

- And more!

We hope that you find the content in this presentation helpful as you look for ways to reach the growing mobile audience.

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  • And just a little bit about the companies that help pay my bills… and that provide tools to help you!
  • This is recent research from Edison.90% of smartphone owners take their phone with them at least most of the time!This opens our mind up to possibilities to reach them --- SMS, QR, email, mobile search, mobile ads, etc.
  • And that’s what marketers are doing…
  • QR Codes are just another option in your marketing toolbox.Like all marketing channels, they can help you succeed or fail. When used properly, along with other marketing fundamentals, they can help your response rate!
  • Jason- “Additional challenges you’ve seen/experienced?” David- companies not wanting to give up the “real estate” on a printed piece Katie- not having a mobile website to have a Code point toSize, color, and white space around codes
  • Katie- we’ve identified 5 or 6 keys to succeeding with QR Codes and the mobile web, and we would like to quickly share them with you
  • Katie- you always want to think of the end user who will be scanning the QR Code. -in this example Mary, who is a local real estate agent as well as a customer of ours, placed a QR Code on the sign hanging in front of an available property-Mary definitely took the time and thought about who the end user would be. In this case the end user would be potential buyers driving or walking by the property. You can see that she made sure that the Code was large enough to be scanned by someone driving or walking by, and she also provided instructions on how to scan the QR Code. The Code then pointed to a mobile optimized website which included pertinent information for a potential buyer, such as the listing price, square footage, video of the what the inside of the property looked like, etc. -If you were the person walking by this property, you would not want the QR Code to go to Mary’s full website, where you would have to search for this specific property. So best practice would be to always think of the end user and the experience you would like them to have when scanning the Code.
  • Katie- you should shorten all of your URLs before creating a Code with them. You can see in the left image we created a QR Code with a long URL. This Code has a lot of black pixels included in it, which can make it difficult for some QR Code readers to scan. In the right image we too the same URL and shortened it. You can see that the Code has far less pixels in it, and it will be much easier to scan on a mobile device.-Some QR Code generators will automatically shorten your URL, but you can also use a tool such as Bit.Ly or to do that.Jason- “David, in terms of selling, have you seen that customers were interested in shortening their URLs?”
  • Katie- you should include an incentive and instructions, or people won’t even scan the QR CodeEven if someone knows what a QR Code is, and they don’t need the instructions, they are not going to scan the Code unless there is an incentive to do so.Jason- need an incentive with all marketing, for example no one is going to click on the link in an email blast unless you have given them the incentive to do so
  • Katie- have your Codes point to mobile optimized content-couple examples from different industries
  • Katie- With anything you do in marketing, you want to and should measure the success of your efforts. Some of the things an application such as QR&T or iFlyMobi can measure are: the time and date of a scan, info. on the mobile device and browser used to scan the Code, and an IP Address.- You can also do other things to help measure your efforts. For example, you could build a form in iFlyMobi or have a Code point to a LP you have built. Then people can scan your Code and provide you with personal information as well as answer any questions that you might ask.-As our CEO, John Foley Jr., whom I am sure many of you know, often says, “If you can’t measure it, don’t do it!”Jason- “Katie, have you seen any other creative ways people are tracking the QR Codes on their printed material?”Katie- 5 unique Codes in 5 different magazines example
  • Katie- We thought this chart was very interesting and helpful in regards to where you are placing your QR Codes. You can see that the largest percentage of scans came from QR Codes printed on magazines and newspapers and product packaging.Jason- “David, do you have any experiences that would support the findings in this chart?”David- packaging examples
  • Jason-…..Katie- No matter what though, the mobile world is not going anywhere and people are always going to need a mobile website. So you can use a tool such as iFlyMobi to create mobile optimized websites, and then follow best practices to appeal to the end user and track your efforts.
  • If your website is not mobile optimized, it can create frustration. You will lose visitors. You will lose traffic.You will lose customers.“Senior executives at home on their tablets and smartphones are wondering why the user experience for their own company Web sites is sub-standard.”
  • Jason-….-”David, what are some factors you had to consider when building mobile optimized websites?”David- time (iFlyMobi vs. plugins/programming)
  • Jason- think about the things that make your scream at your mobile device when you are viewing a website, and make sure to eliminate those issues for anyone viewing your website on a mobile device
  • Jason- you have used best practices and thought about the user
  • Jason- who is coming to your website and why?You want to focus on these individuals.Example: someone on the go, who would view your site on the weekend…
  • Jason- registration for an event, white paper download, …-“David, what are some examples of how you built and used Forms for your customers?”David- internally for job specs, iPad download at conference,…
  • Jason- ….-“David, were there an additional ways you were able to make money with selling QR Codes?”David- selling the QR Codes as a value added service, custom QR CodesKatie- In terms of creating things like custom QR Codes, we have experts here who have created step by step Blogs, videos, and tutorials for you. So by all means please reference our sites, and especially the Blog sections of our sites, because we are providing you with the information you need to do things such as embed a logo in a QR Code.
  • Jason- there are certainly disadvantages and advantages to everything. For example, the disadvantage of mobile websites is that you cannot view Flash on a mobile device. However, there are advantages such as the ability to build forms and gather data, as well as click-to-call, text and email features.-”David, what are some ways you tried to educate yourself in order to be able to sell QR Codes and mobile websites?”David- look for examples online, see how others are using them, read news sites such as Mobile Marketer (
  • David- lunch and learn example- Reiterate that mobile marketing does not take away from your print business
  • Your customers need mobile websites!
  • Add this to your other services.
  • Your current customers
  • Jason- …David- Sell additional printed Materials
  • Finding Success with QR Codes and the Mobile Web

    1. 1. Finding Success with QR Codes and the Mobile Web Presented by interlinkONE and Grow Socially April 18th, 2012
    2. 2. Housekeeping Notes Recording Will Sent Via Email Submit Any Questions or Problems P.S. Thank you for joining us!
    3. 3. Introductions @JasonPinto CMO @KatieSadlier Sales Operations Specialist @DavidPlatz Sales Executive
    4. 4. Who We Are Grow Socially  Online Marketing Services interlinkONE  Enterprise Marketing Management Software Founded in 1996
    5. 5. Today’s Overview The Mobile Landscape: Stats, Challenges, Solutions QR Codes: The Keys to Success Mobile Websites: Build and Engage Strategies for Selling Mobile Solutions
    6. 6. Smartphone Adoption 50% Smartphone Adoption
    7. 7. We Are Addicted.
    8. 8. As a result… Marketers trying to find ways to reach the mobile audience.  QR Codes  Mobile Apps & Web  SMS/Text  Mobile Banner Ads
    9. 9. QR Codes: Where do you stand? OR…
    10. 10. Proper Viewpoint & Expectations One option in the toolbox Potential to fail or succeed It’s only part of the equation: full mobile experience. Photo Credit:
    11. 11. Challenges That You May Be Facing Low Response Rates “They are ugly” “They’re already dead” “What are they?” Photo Credit:
    12. 12. Best Practice: Think of the User!
    13. 13. Best Practice: Shorten the URL
    14. 14. Best Practice: Provide Incentive
    15. 15. Best Practice: Mobilize!
    16. 16. Best Practice: Track & Measure
    17. 17. Where are people scanningSource of Scanned QR Code* June 2011Source: comScore MobiLens QR Code Audience % of QR Code Audience** (000)Total Audience: Scanned QR 14,452 100.0%code with mobile phonePrinted magazine or newspaper 7,138 49.4%Product packaging 5,101 35.3%Website on PC 3,957 27.4%Poster or flyer or kiosk 3,393 23.5%Business card or brochure 1,940 13.4%Storefront 1,850 12.8%TV 1,693 11.7%
    18. 18. What’s Next: NFC
    19. 19. Think About Your* Website Why? * Or your customer’s website!
    20. 20. But on a smartphone… = Source:
    21. 21. Options for Building a Mobile Website Web programming Plugins Partner with a service provider Photo Credit: Use a “mobile website builder” application
    22. 22. Mobile Website Goals Optimized To Fit Easy to Read Easy to Interact With But Still Relevant And Useful!
    23. 23. Best Practice #1 Know the Difference: Mobile-Ready vs. Mobile OptimizedMobile-Ready:  Responsive design  All content & links displayed on both versions of site Photo Credit:
    24. 24. Better Option: Mobile-Optimized Build a dedicated site for the mobile audience. Treat the needs of the “on-the-go” user differently than those of a desktop/laptop browser.
    25. 25. Best Practice #2 Analyze Your Audience’s Needs – and Your Goals! Photo Credit:
    26. 26. Best Practice #3 Content: Prioritize and Simplify Photo Credit:
    27. 27. Best Practice #4 Include Simplified Forms to Generate Leads
    28. 28. Bonus Tip Provide Links to Your Desktop Website  Comfort with traditional view  Searching for in-depth info
    29. 29. How Do You Make $ on QR Codes? Custom QR Code Design Mobile Website Creation Build a Database! Reporting, Analyzing, Strateg y Put it in a Campaign!
    30. 30. Before You Start Selling… Is your website mobile- optimized? Smartphones for demos Understand limitations & advantages. Add “mobile marketing” to your business strategy and marketing plans!
    31. 31. How you can promote it On your website On your social networks QR Codes on print Email efforts Webinar Credit:
    32. 32. Sales Opportunity #1QR Codes need mobile sites! There are plenty without.
    33. 33. Sales Opportunity #2Any printed piece with a URL that may reach the growing mobile audience.
    34. 34. Sales Opportunity #3Any customer that has a website that is not mobile-optimized.
    35. 35. Sales Opportunity #4Shelf-Talkers & Table Tents
    36. 36. Final Thoughts Mobile is not just hot… but it’s here to stay. No matter what response channel we use, best practices still apply. There is money to be made in mobile today.
    37. 37. Want to learn more? Web: Call us: 978-694-9992 Email: or
    38. 38. Connect With Us! @JasonPinto CMO @KatieSadlier Sales Operations Specialist @DavidPlatz Sales Executive
    39. 39. Thank you!Any questions?
    40. 40. Tools To Help You Grow Build Mobile Websites: QR Code Management: Multi-Channel Marketing: Online Marketing Services: