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Bizzmaxx is a management consultancy specialized in Business Development and Pipeline Management. Everything that has to do with more leads and more customers.

Attached please find a company profile of Bizzmaxx. We have developed a template business model whereby Solar Energy contractors can sell to B2B customers who are reluctant to invest. This business model, together with our Pipeline Management solutions such as Buzz Marketing and Content Marketing, will give the Solar Energy contractors a competitive edge. If you are interested in more information, we can arrange a presentation for you. Mail

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Bizzmaxx - Solar Energy Business Model

  1. 1. Bizzmaxx – Solar Energy
  2. 2. About Bizzmaxx
  3. 3. Bizzmaxx
  4. 4. Bizzmaxx  Management Consultancy located in Rotterdam, NL and specialized in (Strategic) Business Development and (Tactical) Pipeline Management  History: Started 2012 Q1 in generic Business Intelligence staffing – business model not rewarding – changed to Business Development and Pipeline Management 2013 Q1  Expertise: Focused around Business Development and Pipeline Management. Resources are freelance professionals for consulting, implementation and execution  Offerings: Business Development, Pipeline Management (Digital Marketing, Lead Generation, Marketing Automation and Marketing & Sales Alignment)  Business Partners IBM, Bookboon and Society3
  5. 5. Core Offerings
  6. 6. Core Offerings  Business Development – Focus on New Markets, New Products or Services and New Business Models using Business Model Canvas model  Pipeline Management including  Digital Marketing – Focus on broadening your Online Exposure and support Top-line Growth  Lead Generation – Focus on Lead Conversion through Content Marketing and Buzz Marketing  Marketing Automation – Combination of Real-time Marketing (Focus on Productivity: more Leads, more Prospects and more new Customers) and Business Analytics (Focus on Customer Insight based on Data and Statistics)  Marketing & Sales Alignment – Focus on Integration: Marketing and Sales Goals, Execution and Results
  7. 7. How Can Bizzmaxx Help You?
  8. 8. Business Development
  9. 9. Business Development  Main Challenge – Revenue streams in your current business environment don’t provide sufficient income which may endanger your continuity  Solution: Our Six-step Business Development Plan  Current Situation – where are you right now?  Goals – what do you want to achieve?  Strategy – how do you get there? (New Markets, New Products/Services, New Business Models)  Tactics – how exactly do you get there? (Using Instruments such as Business Model Canvas, Lean Canvas, Crowdsourcing)  Actions – who does what and when?  Metrics – how do you monitor performance?
  10. 10. Pipeline Management
  11. 11. Pipeline Management  Main Challenges  Insufficient Leads from Website and Social Media  Poor cooperation between Marketing and Sales  Solutions  Top of Funnel: Improve Website and Social Media Traffic  Social Media Plan to improve Strategic Digital Approach  Buzz Marketing from Society3  Social Media Analytics from IBM  Middle of Funnel: Improve Website Conversion  E-Book Content Marketing from Bookboon  Will be looking for Video Content Provider for Lead Management  Top/Middle of Funnel: Marketing Automation: IBM Marketing Center  Entire Sales Funnel: Marketing & Sales Alignment  Results  Improved Results from Website and Social Media  Improved cooperation between Marketing and Sales
  12. 12. Digital Marketing Quick Scan
  13. 13. Digital Marketing Quick Scan  Main Challenge  Your Digital Marketing is behind the Competition and you’re afraid of losing Market Share  Solution  Our Digital Marketing Quick Scan consisting of:  One-hour interview  Assessment of your digital activities  Action List with Improvements and strategic opportunities  At just € 395,--  Results  Overview of actions to be carried out to stay ahead in Digital Marketing
  14. 14. Challenges For Solar Energy
  15. 15. About Solar Energy
  16. 16.  Intro About Solar Energy  Energy is one of the big issues of our time  And solar energy is a promising solution  But it’s not so easy, let’s look at a specific example  Example  Your local shopping mall  High energy bill  Cold storage requirement  Large rooftops  Couldn’t they install solar technology on their rooftops?  There’s one big thing holding them back!
  17. 17. The Upfront Investment
  18. 18. The Upfront Investment  Solar Energy requires substantial upfront capital expenditure  You pay installations upfront, but reap the benefits only over the next 10-20 years  That’s not an interesting proposition to a retail chain
  19. 19. What’s Our Solution To The Challenge?
  20. 20. Business Model
  21. 21. Business Model  We can design a business model that makes it easier to integrate solar energy  Do you want to know how the business model works? Please call or mail for a presentation:  Bizzmaxx Errol S. van Engelen Jan Meertensstraat 30 3065 PB Rotterdam T: +31 10 4134434 M: +31 6 15890800