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Bizzmaxx – - is a marketing service provider specialized in Digital Marketing, Real-time Marketing and Business Analytics. Our goal is to improve Sales & Marketing Performance:
* Expertise include Database Marketers and Business Analysts. Associates are freelance certified professionals for consulting, implementation and execution
* Services include Digital Marketing, Generating New Business and Marketing & Sales Alignment
* Delivery Model is both in the Cloud and On-Premise
* Working together with IBM on Marketing Center and SPSS

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Bizzmaxx - Lead Generation Solution

  1. 1. Lead Generation Solution
  2. 2. About Bizzmaxx
  3. 3. Bizzmaxx
  4. 4. Bizzmaxx  Marketing Service Provider located in Rotterdam, NL and specialized in improving Marketing & Sales Funnel performance  Offerings: Digital Marketing, Lead Generation, Marketing Automation and Marketing & Sales Alignment  Delivery model both in the Cloud and On-Premise  History: Started early 2012 in generic BI staffing – business model not rewarding – changed to current model 2012 Q3  Expertise: Database Marketers and Business Analysts. Associates are freelance certified professionals for consulting, implementation and execution  Business Partner IBM: Marketing Center and SPSS
  5. 5. Lead Generation
  6. 6. Lead Generation
  7. 7. Bookboon Lead Generation The Purpose is to optimize the lead generation process on your own website
  8. 8. The Value for you! The Value for You! Transparent ROI Increases the amount of Sales Leads You get to know the need of your visitors Highest Quality of leads possible (since they already are on your website) It increases your returning traffic It increases the effectiveness of your email campaigns
  9. 9. The Purpose You spend a lot of money on marketing Aim: Get people to your website Bookboonglobal: experts in converting your visitors to sales leads A) We help our clients increasing the lead generation from their own website B) Best way to get high quality sales leads
  10. 10. We have cases from
  11. 11. Other Offerings
  12. 12. Digital Marketing
  13. 13. Marketing Automation
  14. 14. Marketing Automation  Marketing Automation and Business Analytics  IBM Marketing Center - Cloud-based, all-in- one solution combining customer analytics with real-time marketing  Customer Analytics & Real-time Marketing – Combines web/digital/mobile analytics with real-time marketing execution  Data Tracking For Visitors - Draws on all the digital analytics data that visitors provide  Personalized Marketing - Incorporates analytical insight directly into easy-to-use targeting features  Marketing & Analytics - Can provide excellent marketing and analytics capabilities now and in the future  IBM Marketing Center – Who does what?
  15. 15. Marketing & Sales Alignment
  16. 16. Mobile Surveys
  17. 17. Where Can You Reach Bizzmaxx?
  18. 18. +31 10 413 44 34 +31 6 15 890 800