XManager presented during Helix 14 Preview Event


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Presenting XManager as an end-to-end solution for Online Video Portals combined with Helix Media Delivery Platform by RealNetworks

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XManager presented during Helix 14 Preview Event

  1. 1. Helix 14 Preview Event Rome, February 2010 XManager Digital Media Solution Andrea Volpini General Manager
  2. 2. Interact SpA - An italian company founded in 1995 - A joint-stock company since December 2008 - International presence with operations in Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Pakistan and Greece - Subsidiary of the Eurel Group with offices in Italy, Luxemburg and Egypt - Focused on Content Management and Digital Television - Proud partner of RealNetworks since 2005 Certified Member of the Member of the Master Reseller for Italy, UNI EN ISO 9001-2001 Internet Society Semantic Technology Institute International and MENA 2 XManager Digital Media Solution
  3. 3. Online Video - YouTube - Meta Caffè - Interactive TV - RealPlayer SP 12 Social Devices Media Co nnected - Look tising ver ing for - Mo bile Ad comm friends & tals unity - Mob ile Por - "Frie nding" TV Brands - Mobile - Beein g crea pps tive - M obile A 3 XManager Digital Media Solution
  4. 4. Interact Online TV Platform Content Ingestion Content Delivery Content Management Monetization Report & Analysis More Info: http://www.slideshare.net/interactspa/brochure-online-tv-platform 4 XManager Digital Media Solution
  5. 5. Platform Architecture Helix End -to - End Solution Content Ingestion Helix Mobile Producer RealProducer Media Encoding CM, DAM, Charging Helix Security integration Helix Session Manager Manager AAA End-to-End Delivery Helix Mobile & Helix Mobile & Media Wireline Server Wireline Gateway Delivery Web & Mobile Publishing RealPlayer SP for PC Helix DNA Client Mobile, Mac, Linux Media Playback 5 XManager Digital Media Solution
  6. 6. XManager
  7. 7. Powering the Web of Data - Web Data Management: to model, standardize and distribute data coming from different DBs and external sources (Rss, Media Rss, XML, CSV) - Linked Data: improved machine-accessibility of knowledge domains for best content re-use and increased findability (Web 3.0) - Web Services, Atom and RSS feeds: for content syndication and “mash-ups” (Web 2.0) 7 XManager Digital Media Solution
  8. 8. The more productively you work the more money you’ll mak Mobile and Web Accessibility - Compliance with W3C standards: - Web Content Accessibility Guidelines - User Agent Accessibility Guidelines - Mobile Web Initiative (Mobile OK) - Accessibile to humans...and to machines via Microformats and RDFa 8 XManager Web Content Management
  9. 9. Best TCO Content Existing Assets CMS/ECM - Flexibility and control s Exter nal DB over content life-cycle na l DB s I nter - Strong and flexible Service Creation environment - Centralized Mobile management for multi- site TV - Fast integration with SM Web Site Web 2.0 and Social Media ONline TV 9 XManager Digital Media Solution
  10. 10. Increased Revenues through Central Management - Single point of ingestion and management for multiple-channels (Mobile TV, Mobile Site, On Device Portal, Voice Portal and Web Site) - Tight integration with Helix Media Delivery for content monetization, server- side playlist and Ad insertion - Ready to integrate with external MAP and Mobile CRM 10 XManager Digital Media Solution
  11. 11. Workflow 9 - Design of the Knowledge 8 Sharing 1 Domain Analisys 7 2 & Domain - Data Modeling Reports Design - Content Import via XRest and XForm (web ingestion) XManager - Interface Design via XEditor Delivery Data (editor WYSIWYG) Modeling - Publishing of contents on front- Content Repository end nodes - - User identification (terminal and user-profile) and profiling of contents Content Distribution 6 Profiling Content Import 3 - 5 4 Analysis & Reporting organized per content and user groups Publishing Web - Sharing of data via Web APIs Design and RSS Atom Feeds 11 XManager Digital Media Solution
  12. 12. Interact SpA Via Angelo Bargoni, 78 00153 Roma www.interact.it www.x-manager.it www.streamcast.it GRAZIE XManager Digital Media Solution 12