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Broadcasting and webcasting government and open meetings over the Internet

Published in: Technology, Business
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  1. 1. interact Videoassembly Videorecording and broadcasting assembly sessions over the Internet Governments need to provide their people with user-friendly, easy to access information concerning administrative and political activities in which they wish to participate. interact’s Videoassembly integrates all different kinds of data in a comprehensive multimedia archive for both live and on-demand broadcasting. Our end users are governing bodies and other public administrations who are offered a turnkey solution for their communication needs. Videoassembly gives them the chance to videorecord, index and broadcast all Assembly Hall events and activities onto the Web. ICT technologies have been a key factor in upgrading interact’s Videoassembly system key advantages: and renewing government procedures. The web enables people to access integrated data open, versatile and scalable architecture, that ensures sources, procedures and collaboration, thus ensuring an efficient customization based on customer’s the quality and transparency of the relationships transmission requirements and demands between citizens and institutions. full compliance with usability and accessibility Videoassembly enables public bodies to promote standards currently in force at an international level participation in public activities, improve relationships with citizens and build advanced governance models wide multi-platform support between institutions and private actors by enlarging the number of people involved in decisional processes. well-established expertise at a high technical level gained thanks to projects created for the major organs of the Italian institutions (starting from Parliamentary assemblies). With interact’s Videoassembly you can: create digital video recordings of assembly sessions assign titles and indexing keys to assembly broadcasts and recordings live broadcast assembly sessions over intranet/internet in multiple formats including search extracts, subjects and single interventions Flash, Windows Media, Real and H.264, at multiple bit rates by speakers in the video archive throughout one or more sessions Stop and rewind live A/V streams in real time - no need to wait until the end of live transmission Archive session AV recordings in all formats including D1 (Full Screen PAL) Videoassembly is a unique solution of its kind and has contributed towards implementing among the most complete government video communication projects such as, for instance, the “Camera in diretta” for the Italian Chamber of Deputies: interact SpA: via a. bargoni, 78 - 00153 roma - tel +39 06 58318301 - fax +39 06 58318303 interactvstudio1: via a. bargoni, 24 - 00153 roma - tel +39 06 58318301 - fax +39 06 58318303 - -
  2. 2. interact Videoassembly Videorecording and broadcasting assembly sessions over the Internet Government infrastructure Government °°°°°°°°°° ° Intranet users °°°°°°°°°°°°°° ARCHITECTURE °°°° °°°°°°°° ° OPTIONAL °°°°°°° °°°°°°°°°° °°°°°°°° °°°° ° °° ° °°°°° ° ° °°°° Voting °° ° AND TECHNOLOGY system Data Base server Mario Rossi speaks during Video assembly session Encoder Manager Web server Mario Rossi’s speeches: Feb 02 2006 Audio Mar 10 2006 Streaming server internet Router End users CAPTURE INGESTION / DISTRIBUTION INTRANET ACCESS WEB ACCESS Videorecording and indexing Capture and encoding A hardware device (encoder) records, encodes Videos may be indexed in two ways. In the first mode, and transmits audio/video signals onto the network. the Assembly Hall voting system, if preset, automatically Signals are captured and compressed in multiple formats transmits the data/meta markers required for indexing via an audio/video capture card and a special encoding the video/audio stream, on the basis of descriptive keys software (interact Encoder Manager). preset in the system. If no voting system is installed An onboard control application ensures full automation in the Assembly Hall, the operators autonomously index and remote control of the capturing and encoding contents during recording by entering the meta markers processes, via a dedicated client interface. manually via the client interface dedicated to encoder The interface activates and interrupts the transmission management and control. and/or recording of a session, updates video capture parameters, defines encoding profiles and sets timers when required. Transmission and Web access Recorded contents are transmitted onto the distribution Indexing and Voting system integration platform and published online on an intuitive, functional Using this system you may integrate descriptive data Web interface. Consequently intranet/Internet users can in the multimedia flow, associating audio/video signals access live contents and consult archives on demand to meta markers in real time. The data describes different using an advanced search mask, facilitated by indexing variables pertinent to a session’s progress (such as subjects and keys displayed in the foreground. subjects, speakers, voting procedures), indicates The interface integrates a multimedia player (Flash, Web addresses where the recorded contents have to Windows Media, Real, Flash or VideoLAN) for visualizing be linked, and so on. Entering meta markers organizes contents and an informative chart based on indexed recorded data into a logical structure based on subjects, information. The graphic interface is customised according in line with specific administration requirements, to the required layout and fully complies with the ensuring full retrieving availability of session contents. accessibility requirements for institutional internet sites. The data entered will be visualised inside the Web Videoassembly architecture also includes a Web consultation application in the form of an information interface for metadata management and post-production chart associated to the video content and as a search where authorized users can modify data entered during key for consulting archives by end users. recording and already broadcast onto the Web. interact SpA: via a. bargoni, 78 - 00153 roma - tel +39 06 58318301 - fax +39 06 58318303 interactvstudio1: via a. bargoni, 24 - 00153 roma - tel +39 06 58318301 - fax +39 06 58318303 - -