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Ethnic Portal

  1. 1. Ethnic Portal An integrated solution for targeted Mobile Services
  2. 2. Index • Introduction - Scenario S i - How ethnicity-based services can generate value for the MNO • Solution Overview – Key features – Contents – Distribution & Monetization – Multi-Channel Access – Promoting service: Media Campaign • Case Study: CiaoMondo for Wind y • About us PREV NEXT 2
  3. 3. Scenario/1 - Foreign and immigrant communities in Italy PREV NEXT 3
  4. 4. Scenario / 2- Challenges and opportunities • Immigration demographics – Eth i communities represent 6% of th t t l It li population Ethnic iti t f the total Italian l ti – Most substantial immigrant waves came from Eastern Europe (Rumenia), North Africa (Morocco), China and Albania (<source: ISTAT, 2008) • Immigrants as drivers of advanced Mobile phone use I i t di f d d M bil h – Reasons: economic (lower mean household income, less broadband access at home), demographic (family and friends are spread out across the country and the border), border) cultural (higher value placed on staying in touch with family and friends) • Access to nation/culture-specific contents can be a valuable add-on to immigrants’ social life Solution An ethnic-centric mobile service tailor-made for foreign and immigrant communities PREV NEXT 4
  5. 5. Value Proposition: how to generate value for the MNO Based on ethnic-specific VAS contents, the mobile portal adds new t l to differentiate the MNO offer tools t diff ti t th ff Marketing Opportunities Direct Revenue channels • Increase ARPU by leveraging the • Increased data traffic (Mobile customers base: Internet) • enhance the user experience • New Subscriptions • create a wider content offer • Content downloads • Empower mobile browsing • Mobile Advertising usage • Increase market Share by y Whatever marketing launching a new service: strategy you follow, you rely on a carrier-grade • Target and acquire new solution audience • Full branding and • Increase subscriber base customization • Optimized Integration with operator platforms PREV NEXT 5
  6. 6. Solution Overview / Key Features y • Scalable solution architecture for easy integration of new community profiles – new l it fil languages and ad-hoc contents d dh t t • All different ethnic profiles are managed by a single platform • An integrated value chain with flexible business models and full value-chain management capabilities • User profiling for targeting contents and advertising p g g g g • Multi-channel service delivery platform • Analytics and report both for mobile portal usage and media campaigns PREV NEXT 6
  7. 7. Solution Overview / Contents Ethnic Portal enables users to browse and download several types of contents, selected and offered according to different f t t l t d d ff d di t diff t cultural/ethnic/national identities and the relevant languages • Multi-type content offering yp g - Mobile TV streaming - On demand video - Texts Modular and scalable - Games approach - Ringtones/Ringbacktones • Start from a given set of layers on the basis of your - Wallpapers target audience ethnic t t di th i - Music clips profiles and preferences • Upscale anytime to more layers or geographical areas • Multi-layered geographical targets M lti l d hi l t t - Original contents (ethnic) - National content (of nation of residence) - International content (news and contents on the international scenario) PREV NEXT 7
  8. 8. Solution Overview / Content Distribution & Monetization • Support of both free & premium content • Free: to increase service and brand awareness as well as customer base • Premium: to offer different contents by category targeting specific cultural and linguistic profiles for an optimal end-user experience • Content re-branding and personalization • Contextual advertising PREV NEXT 8
  9. 9. Solution Overview / Channels Multi-channel access: extend and integrate Mobile Ethnic service over preferred media channels f d di h l • Wap site • Interactive Voice Response Choose modules and create your channel mix • 3G Video Portal according to given profiles and strategies • On device client • Your Subscriber base • RBT • Your Handset database • Your Market Positioning • Web and Multimedia Strategies • SMS • Social media networks PREV NEXT 9
  10. 10. Solution Overview / Media Campaign p g Create your own Marketing Mix to promote service and maximize the t ti l f the th potential of th contents t t • Mobile Media Buying: Banners, On Portal and Off Portal Adv Banners campaigns (ADV networks) • MMS / SMS / Wap Push • TV • Radio • Internet • Newspapers • Social Media • Events Sponsorships PREV NEXT 10
  11. 11. Promoting Service: Media Campaign g p g •Subscriber base • Increase Arpu: composition premium content •Market Share • Increase market share: free contents Marketing Business strategy Model Promotion Contents of service (types, (types layers, •Premium vs free channels) •Handset base contents (legacy/new generation •Handset base phones) •Target Audience media •Ethnic profiles profile usage •User preferences PREV NEXT 11
  12. 12. Case Study – Ciao Mondo for Wind y Customer: Wind Italy Project Scope Ethnic comm nities represent 6% of the total Italian pop lation and 1/3 of Scope: communities population Wind customer base. Project goal was to develop the first operator-based mobile ethnic service in Italy targeting the ethnic audience share. Business Case Main Business Goal: to grow Arpu Business Model: premium contents Contents: - Content types: games images ringtones music and videoclips Live TV streaming (Rumenian games, images, ringtones, videoclips. TV channel) - Initial target: 5 national profiles (Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Rumania, Albania), 3 languages (Rumanian, Arab and Italian, according to the main ethnic nationalities living in Italy ) Delivery Channels: WAP (on-deck) and IVR Promoting service: Radio Key features: automatic content profiling based on language, support of interactive tools, t l ongoing i t i integration of streaming channels and new community profiles PREV NEXT ti f t i h l d it fil 12
  13. 13. About us Together interact and Arpu+ cover a 360-degree view of Mobile technology and business t d li db i to deliver premium VAS platforms over diverse countries i l tf di ti and territories interact SpA Web specialist and technology provider specialized in the creation, management and delivery of rich media contents Founded in 1995, HQ in Italy and Egypt Committed to innovation, pro-active R&D approach, gy partners and suppliers world-wide network of technology p pp First-hand international experiences with world-class NetOp Arpu+ Leading Content Aggregator for North Africa & Middle East Specialized in providing Value Added Services (VAS) through combined GSM market expertise & application development capabilities Main offices in Algeria Dubai Pakistan Bangladesh Tunis & head office in Egypt Algeria, Dubai, Pakistan, Bangladesh, PREV NEXT 13
  14. 14. Coverage & Running operations g g p Coverage Arpu+ interact SpA B20 operations • Wind Italy, Telecom Italia Mobile, H3G (Italy) • Wi d H ll Wind Hellas (Greece) • Djezzy (Algeria) • Tunisiana (Tunisia) • Mobinil (Egypt) • Mobilink (Pakistan) • Orange, Umniyah, ZAIN (Jordan) • Alfa (Lebanon) • ZAIN MTN, ZAIN, MTN Mobitel (Sudan) PREV NEXT 14
  15. 15. Thank you! 15