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Scaling Quality: How to Make Remarkable content at scale for marketing sucess


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Interactivity Digital presentation by Michael King

Published in: Technology, Design
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Scaling Quality: How to Make Remarkable content at scale for marketing sucess

  1. 1. @iPullRankScalingQualityHow to make remarkable content at scale formarketing success
  2. 2. @iPullRankdownload this deck
  3. 3. @iPullRank@iPullRankSo Everybody’s talking aboutcontent…
  4. 4. @iPullRank@iPullRankOur audience-focused SEO and Social process leverages data partnerships with Nielsen and Experian in context with SocialPPC inventories to build audience and buyer personas that ultimately drive the rest of our solutions.…And expects this…
  5. 5. @iPullRank@iPullRank…And lots of this…
  6. 6. @iPullRank@iPullRank…Really users react likethis…
  7. 7. @iPullRank@iPullRankMost content is not made with a given audience in mind and it falls flat because no one cares.…and this…
  8. 8. @iPullRank@iPullRank…and this
  9. 9. @iPullRankBecauseyourcontentlooks likethis…Ugh. Make it stop.WTF
  10. 10. @iPullRankiacquire.comthere isno0000000excusefor badcontentThere are far too manycost-effectiveresources out there tosettle for bad content
  11. 11. @iPullRank11there’s more data thanever……on how users think and what they are interested in. Why are westill making so much stuff that no one cares about?
  12. 12. @iPullRank12One of seo’s issues is this…CONTENTSTRATEGY“A shared set of goals, guiding principles, andsuccess metrics that guides the creation, delivery,and governance of content across anorganization.”CONTENTMARKETING“Multichannel custom publishing.”VS@halvorson
  13. 13. @iPullRank@iPullRankContent strategy Is theanswerContent Strategy is understanding the who, what, when, why and how of content. Following this process we will build contentwith an inherent audience, workflow and governance.
  15. 15. 15Focus on the roiSee my mozconSee my mozconDeck:Deck:
  16. 16. @iacquireMap content to kpisThe main objective is to show business value, not just like and share counts. We tie our KPIs to and our content the proper phaseof the consumer decision journey to show how Social has affected the business goals.
  17. 17. @iPullRankContent planningTools for a quality strategy
  18. 18. @iPullRank@iPullRank
  19. 19. @iPullRank@iPullRankhttp://www.storyboardthat.comStoryboard that
  20. 20. @iPullRank@iPullRankhttp://www.balsamiq.combalsamiq
  21. 21. @iPullRank@iPullRankTrello is a free project management software that is perfect for content planning and execution http://www.trello.comtrello
  22. 22. @iPullRank@iPullRankUse images, bullets, formatting to capture the attention of more people. Define this structure in your styleguide content has greatstructure
  23. 23. @iPullRankFinding Good ideasWays to find things people care about
  24. 24. @iPullRank@iPullRankbuild personasAt iAcquire our audience-focused SEO and Social process leverages data partnerships with Nielsen and Experian in context withSocial PPC inventories to build audience and buyer personas that ultimately drive the rest of our solutions.
  25. 25. @iPullRankUse the word clouds from your followers or a competitor’s to develop co-relevant content ideas. Beware of the small samplesize.
  26. 26. @iPullRank@iPullRankSimplymeasured @iPullRankUsing SimplyMeasured’s free follower report with tag crowd gets you insights from a sample size of 10k. +
  27. 27. @iPullRank@iPullRankSocial @iPullRankBottlenose’s Sonar feature allows you to identify what terms are showing up in social media which allows you to create co-relevant content with built-in audience.
  28. 28. @iPullRank@iPullRankPose and/or identify questions using Question & Answer forum Quora to determine how popular an idea will before putting theeffort into creating something.quora
  29. 29. @iPullRank@iPullRankUse keyword research tools to vet content ideas, they are a direct look into the psyche of the population. research
  30. 30. @iPullRank@iPullRankCan’t come up with an idea? Use Yutongo to crowdsource it ideas
  31. 31. @iPullRankData collection sourcesThere’s way too much data out there…
  32. 32. @iPullRank@iPullRankSurveymonkey @iPullRankGet custom data right from your audience with SurveyMonkey Audience
  33. 33. @iPullRank@iPullRankGoogle consumer @iPullRankDo the same with Google Consumer Surveys:
  34. 34. @iPullRank@iPullRankWorld government @iPullRank
  35. 35. @iPullRank@iPullRankGoogle Public @iPullRank
  36. 36. @iPullRank@iPullRankMarketing @iPullRankMarketing Charts is an interesting site with hundreds of random data points about random things related to marketing
  37. 37. @iPullRank@iPullRankConsumer @iPullRankConsumer Barometer is a microsite by Google that features data on consume buying behaviors
  38. 38. @iPullRankZanRan is a search engine for data & stats
  39. 39. @iPullRankQuality outsourcingGreat resources to get your content made for you
  40. 40. Get creatives to compete for your business
  41. 41. Identify Creatives in your area to hire based on the pre-existing work.
  42. 42. @iPullRank42Contentlyiacquire.comOrganize high quality writers into a content calendar, manage their pitches and their submissions.
  43. 43. Check if the article submissions are original or not
  44. 44. Check the grammar of article submissions at scale
  45. 45. @iPullRank45Example outsource
  46. 46. @iPullRankTools for qualitycontentYou can do it yourself
  47. 47. @iPullRankiacquire.comCan you write?
  48. 48. @iPullRankiacquire.comCan you make aCan you make aspreadsheet?spreadsheet?
  49. 49. @iPullRankiacquire.comCan you uploadpictures?
  50. 50. @iPullRankiacquire.comThen you canmake greatcontent yourself
  51. 51.
  52. 52.
  53. 53. @iPullRank53Google fusion
  54. 54. @iPullRankiChartsMake charts andinfographcis fromgoogle docs
  55. 55.
  56. 56.
  57. 57.
  58. 58.
  59. 59. @iPullRank59Adobe
  60. 60. @iPullRank60Example in-house
  61. 61. @iPullRankLet’s do an exampleWe’re going interactive now!
  62. 62. @iPullRank62Crowd participation
  63. 63. @iPullRankMaking a scroller in 5minutesBeing creative is actually not that hard at all
  64. 64. @iPullRank64You should learn to codeThere’s plenty of resources out there to learn HTML, CSS andJavaScript at the minimum. Learning minimal code opens uppossibilities to make anything you want. Here’s an example…
  65. 65. @iPullRank65Make/procure an image
  66. 66. @iPullRank66Save as .svg
  67. 67. @iPullRank67Use the link setting
  68. 68. @iPullRank68Put skrollr in your htmlDownload Skrollr:
  69. 69. @iPullRank69Open your .svg fileVectorcoordinatesIn this file Adobe Illustrator has generated the pathcoordinates needed for the path-based scroller weare building.
  70. 70. @iPullRank70Add the css to path tagscss style attributeThis style attribute was predefined in the examplecode. I’m using it here to show easy it is to makesomething cool.
  71. 71. @iPullRank71You now have a path drawingscroller
  72. 72. @iPullRankWrapping upA word from my sponsor
  73. 73. @iPullRank73we do all of this atiacquireI direct Marketing and Digital Strategy at iAcquire. Content Strategyand building quality content at scale is what we do.
  74. 74. 74 @iPullRankComing soonClearVoice is a new product from iAcquire for connecting highquality content creators and a publishers at scale. Your one stop foramazing content. to find out more.
  75. 75. @iPullRank@iPullRankI’m out!
  76. 76. @iPullRankwwww.iacquire.comThank you / Q&A