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Remarketing Case Study: The Secret Rocket Fuel For your Content Marketing and SEO Efforts


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Interactivity Digital presentation by Larry Kim of Wordstream

Published in: Technology, Business
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Remarketing Case Study: The Secret Rocket Fuel For your Content Marketing and SEO Efforts

  1. 1. CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTERemarketing Case Study:Remarketing Case Study:The Secret Rocket Fuel ForThe Secret Rocket Fuel Foryour Content Marketing andyour Content Marketing andSEO EffortsSEO EffortsLarry Kim, WordStreamInteractivity Digital 2013, Miami, FloridaMay 16, 2013
  2. 2. Case Study: How I Generate Leads For My Business• About WordStream and our Advertising Goals• Making the Case for Remarketing• My Approach• The Results!2
  3. 3. About Me3• Larry Kim (@larrykim)– Been doing PPC & SEO for 13 Years!– Started WordStream 5 years ago.– Raised 16M in VC Funding– 70 People / ~1000 Customers– Today we’re an industry-leading provider ofThe 20 Minute PPC Work Week and TheAdWords Grader
  4. 4. Organic Search Success?• Blog Gets Approximately Half Million visitors / month• Compound Monthly Growth Rate of Visits = 8.4%CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 4
  6. 6. SEO Success! (Or.. not?)CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 6
  7. 7. Problem 1: Low Visitor EngagementCONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 7
  8. 8. Problem 2: Low Conversion Rate8Traffic Generation ActivitiesCustomer SignupOffer Sign UpKey Challenge: The Conversion Rate fromWebsite Visitor to Offer Sign up was in the midsingle digits.
  9. 9. Problem 3: Virtually No Branded Searches9
  10. 10. So Actually, Situation is Really More Like …CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 10
  11. 11. The Case for Remarketing on Google DisplayNetwork?• Opportunity to …– Turn abandoners into leads– Increase Branded Searches– Increase repeat visitor rates &engagement– Increase effectiveness of SEO &Content Marketing?11Users who havevisited your web siteBring them back toyour website
  12. 12. Re-Engage With Previous VisitorsCONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 12of people who visit a websiteleave without completingthe actions marketers want themto take96%Your AdYour SiteX-of people abandon theirshopping cart withoutcompleting a purchase70%
  13. 13. Google Display Network Reach in the US1392% reach across millions of sites, videos and devicesSites Games VideoFeeds MobileSocial mediaAdsense publishernetwork• 204M visitors/month• 92% of U.S. internet users• 317B impressions/month• Hundreds of comScore 1000sitesDoubleclick adexchange• Hundreds of premiumpublishers, with hundreds ofmillions of ad placementsavailable every dayGoogle O&O propertiesYouTube•1B+ video views/day•2ndlargest search engine•5% of all online time spentGoogle sites•Finance•Blogger 8.1MDisplay Network
  14. 14. Typical Reach of Remarketing…CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 141. Reach 2. Frequency 3. DiversityOn various pagesReach more users Reach them frequentlyOf the typical remarketingaudience, findReach them on between As they visit 20 or more pageson a typical day across84%…within a month10-18 days… or more out of the month5-10 sites… of which all pages andsites have ad space availableto Google Display Network buyers
  15. 15. Audience Definition Strategy• Funnel and Product Based List Segmentation15
  16. 16. WordStream’s Remarketing Ads16• Ads that both reinforce WordStream brandwhile driving to a conversion!
  17. 17. Results after 1 YearCONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 17
  18. 18. Impact on User Engagement• Time on Site Increased from 1:33 to 4:35(TRIPLED!!)
  19. 19. Impact on User Engagement• New Visitor Rate Fell From 79.8% to 66.63%• (Meaning, Visitors are actually returning)
  20. 20. Impact on Repeat Visitors• Percentage of new visitors fell from 79.8% to 68.6%• Meaning, people are way more likely to come backnow
  21. 21. WHAT? HOW?• 43 Million Ad Impressions This Year So Far• Cost Per Lead for Remarketing Campaigns: 10% Lessthan our CPA for Google Search• Site Conversion Rate up by 51%!!• Display Ads = 50% of PPC Spend
  22. 22. Still Not Convinced?CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 22
  23. 23. Remarketing = Your Secret SEO Weapon23
  24. 24. Thank You #ID2013!24Larry Kim (@larrykim)