The Evolving Culture of Paid Search and Conversion


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Interactivity Digital presentation by Susan Wenograd

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The Evolving Culture of Paid Search and Conversion

  1. 1. 1 ISusan WenogradVP, Channel StrategyGoodway Group@SusanEDub
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  3. 3.  “What was” and “what is” How to leverage the “what is” Evolving how we think about conversion Cultural habits and challenges3 I
  4. 4. 4 IThe good news is, we’re not that bad now.The bad news is, there’s a lot of data, a lot of specialists involved, and some folksare just in a rut with the way they handle their paid search routine.Sup?I buy banner ads. I got us 10mmviews at a $0.50 CPM. I amAWESOME.Neat.I bid on 500,000 keywords at upto $45 CPC. We’re always #1.We’re showing up on midgetporn sites and are #1 for thatkeyword. Bitchin’.• Conversions were a nice-to-have.• Channels didn’t matter much – you just spent budget.
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  6. 6. 6 I6 IM E A S U R ETSTNDERSTANDDTEGRATACINUM EMOCLCSE EGAGNShare ConversionWins/Fails.Every channel is different, but test, test,test some more. (And for God’s sakeSHARE IT OUT.)Your PPC Portal Shouldn’tExist in a Vacuum• Dynamic value tracking• Consider longer-term conversion playsby tiering the actions people can takethat indicate success, such as “on-click”goals in Analytics.Use Analytics AssistedConversions & ConversionTypes.Conversions aren’t just about the last-ad-seen attribution. They’re often a longer roadwith signals along the way.
  7. 7. 7 I7 I• New channels will always emerge – avoidtunnel vision.- Semantic search- Social/Graph Search channels• Realize the ease of attributing conversioncredit is dissolving.- Search retargeting. It’s search, but it’sdisplay.- Facebook Graph Search:what is that? Social? Search? Both?
  8. 8. 8 I8 IPaid search is traditionally seen as a “conversion channel.”Conversion trackingis a blessing and acurse. A “blurse,” ifyou will.(Bill dared me to use this photo of him.Don’t call my bluff, man.)Is that limited to sales and leads? Do we know thatit’s not a catalyst for the start of a consumer journeyvs. its end?Things that have traditionally been an “anything”channel aren’t living in that silo anymore.Conversion tracking is important, but it can alsoinhibit exploration of a channel’s additional benefitsin the conversion ecosystem.
  9. 9. 9 I9 I• Different specialty shops being cloak-and-dagger about results.• Closed access to Analytics universe.• “We need 400 clicks per month at a $2.00 CPC.” (Yes, these people still exist.)• Lack of attention to tools available. (Dynamic phone numbers, ecommerce values,etc.)(a.k.a. Things that turn me into Gordon Ramsay)
  10. 10. Use best practices fromchannels other than just theone(s) you control.Is the way you did PPC lastyear the same way you’redoing it now? Changeproactively – a year from now youshould be doing it differently fromtoday. (*cough* EnhancedCampaigns*cough*)Integrate what you can,when you can. Use adextensions in AdWords. Use click-to-call when it makes sense.Leverage, test, and repeat. Do notget comfortable with a set formula.
  11. 11. 1 IGracias!Connect to me: @SusanEDub(We are in Miami, after all.)