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Risk assessment


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showing where the risks may be in the area we are filming and what the risk's may be.

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Risk assessment

  1. 1. Risk AssessmentFor my group’s production, we will be required by law to do a risk assessment.This is where we will consider all the potential hazards we could face whileproducing the clip, such as slipping on a wet surface, and how we can minimizethe risk of that hazard. All our results will be placed into a smart and orderlytable.The aim of the risk assessment is to make every crewmember as safe as possiblewhile filming. It would be very hindering if we were in the middle of filming andto suddenly get a casualty. So doing a risk assessment makes it a saferenvironment to be shooting in for the crew, but it makes it better for the groupas a whole as we wont have to deal with any wounded crewmembers instead ofspending that time filming and producing. This risk assessment should be donebefore filming.
  2. 2. Hazard list while at vending machine Hazards’ Level of risk Actions to reduce New risk level riskCrewmember Medium/ low Keep shoes on and Lowcould slip on wet check the surfacefloor. or area before filming.Tripping over Medium Watch where Lowcables cables are and by keeping cables in one area.Lamps over Medium Turn lights off Lowheating and when not beingsomeone burning used and don’tthem selves touch the bulbsLiquids being spilt Medium/ low Keeping all liquids Lowwhist filming on in one area awayequipment from electrics.None of our stuff Medium/ high Knowing where Mediumblocking any exits people come inor people from and wheredamaging our the exits are.equipments.Lay out of area
  3. 3. Hazard list while in black box Hazards Level of risk Actions to New risk level reduce riskDark Medium/ high Knowing where Mediumenvironment not the lights arebeing able to see. and a route to get thereLiquids being Medium/ high Keeping all Lowspilt whist filming liquids in oneon equipment and area away fromfire starting electrics.Lay out of area