Crossing the Divide: Intranets for Remote, Mobile and Home Workers


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Nigel Williams, Community Manager and Matt McCourty, Enterprise Sales Director from Interact, explore the various types of remote workers and their unique challenges and present some invaluable advice regarding how to successfully engage these different types of workers using your intranet.

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Crossing the Divide: Intranets for Remote, Mobile and Home Workers

  1. 1. Welcome to the webinar:Crossing the DivideIntranets for Remote, Mobile and Homeworkerswith: Nigel Williams Matt McCourty Community Manager Enterprise Sales Director @footshort82 @mmccourty @intranetexperts #iRemoteWork
  2. 2. Crossing the DivideHow to ask questions... Please ask questions using the Questions Interface in your GoToWebinar toolbar. @intranetexperts #iRemoteWork
  3. 3. Crossing the DivideHow to ask questions... Ask questions on Twitter: #iRemoteWork Follow us: @intranetexperts @intranetexperts #iRemoteWork
  4. 4. @intranetexperts#iRemoteWork
  5. 5. @intranetexperts#iRemoteWork
  6. 6. The “Modern” Remote Workforce15% of the EU workforce described as “mobile workers” (>10 hrs) [IIC] 38% of Enterprise Senior Executives have been issued with a tablet Of IT Managers have seen personal 57% devices used at work, regardless of policy @intranetexperts #iRemoteWork
  7. 7. The “Traditional” RemoteWorkforce @intranetexperts #iRemoteWork
  8. 8. Working from Home 17% Regularly work from home [IPSOS] of companies seeing 71% increase in home working [BPM Forum] @intranetexperts #iRemoteWork
  9. 9. What’s the problem? • Hard to locate people and expertise • Hard to find answers to questions • Low profile in organisation/weak social network • Less visibility of internal marketing and promotions • Perception gaps flourish • May feel intranet is irrelevant to them “I don’t know why we’re here, this isn’t for us” - Thrive Homes Housing Association maintenance workers at an intranet workshop @intranetexperts #iRemoteWork
  10. 10. Cuts both ways ? Subject Matter Expert @intranetexperts #iRemoteWork
  11. 11. Solutions Engagement & Culture Design Technical @intranetexperts #iRemoteWork
  12. 12. Understand the profile of your audience @intranetexperts #iRemoteWork
  13. 13. Type 1 – Mobile Executive• Office based but mobile• Often work from home as well• Notebooks, Smartphones, Tablets• Increased BYOD @intranetexperts #iRemoteWork
  14. 14. Type 2 – Head Office Staff• Majority of time working at desktop computer• Work at HQ or major office• Typical Intranet Users @intranetexperts #iRemoteWork
  15. 15. Type 3 – Remote Office Staff• Majority of time working at desktop computer• Work at home, or from a small satellite office• Typical Intranet Users aside from location• “Them and Us” / Not included• Out of sight, out of mind @intranetexperts #iRemoteWork
  16. 16. Type 4 – Mobile Workforce• Work from wherever they are• Connect to network via GPRS/3G/WiFi• PDA/Toughbook• Task-driven intranet usage @intranetexperts #iRemoteWork
  17. 17. Type 5 – Disconnected Staff• Working day does not involve a computer• May have to access intranet via shared computer or from home• Very atypical intranet users @intranetexperts #iRemoteWork
  18. 18. The Five Worker Profiles Type 1 – Mobile Executives Type 2 – Head Office Staff Type 3 – Remote Office Staff Type 4 – Mobile Workforce Type 5 – Disconnected Staff @intranetexperts #iRemoteWork
  19. 19. @intranetexperts#iRemoteWork
  20. 20. @intranetexperts#iRemoteWork
  21. 21. @intranetexperts#iRemoteWork
  22. 22. Using the findingsHigh in Type 1 Focus on external availability and cross-platform, cross-browserHigh in Type 3 and/or Type 4 Educate authors in streamlining contentHigh in Type 5 Create access points for staff Build value proposition – “what’s in it for me?” @intranetexperts #iRemoteWork
  23. 23. Driving EngagementIdentify key influencerswho can convert peopleto using your IntranetMight not be the linemanager! @intranetexperts #iRemoteWork
  24. 24. Communities of InterestCreate team spaces tofoster closer working andbetter collaboration @intranetexperts #iRemoteWork
  25. 25. Republic – Brain Candy @intranetexperts #iRemoteWork
  26. 26. @intranetexperts#iRemoteWork
  27. 27. @intranetexperts#iRemoteWork
  28. 28. Answering QuestionsResponses within hours ratherthan weeksWider variety of inputs andfeedbackStaff feel more informed &important @intranetexperts #iRemoteWork
  29. 29. Direct ConversationsAllow customer facing staff to add knowledge to theintranetAccount Manager is alerted and can join the conversationor take action @intranetexperts #iRemoteWork
  30. 30. DesignDesign your intranet to be optimised for speed if you knowyou have lots of people on slow connection (Types 1,3,4)Consider a low-bandwidth stylesheet• User preference - toggle on/off• Delivered by default to unknown IP’s @intranetexperts #iRemoteWork
  31. 31. @intranetexperts#iRemoteWork
  32. 32. Optimized for speed @intranetexperts #iRemoteWork
  33. 33. @intranetexperts#iRemoteWork
  34. 34. @intranetexperts#iRemoteWork
  35. 35. Mobile DevicesVery task-centricDesign for search, notfor browsing @intranetexperts #iRemoteWork
  36. 36. @intranetexperts#iRemoteWork
  37. 37. Content DesignDesign also encompasseshow content is presentedto those with poorconnectivity @intranetexperts #iRemoteWork
  38. 38. @intranetexperts#iRemoteWork
  39. 39. Technical Considerations Virtual Private Network Direct Access Mobile Access @intranetexperts #iRemoteWork
  40. 40. VPN Access @intranetexperts #iRemoteWork
  41. 41. Direct Access @intranetexperts #iRemoteWork
  42. 42. Mobile Access @intranetexperts #iRemoteWork
  43. 43. 5 Tips to Take Away• Profile your audience – one size does not fit all• Engage with key influencers and get them to cascade intranet enthusiasm• Design homepages to suit user needs• Consider specialist stylesheets for certain groups• Think ‘Smash and Grab’ @intranetexperts #iRemoteWork
  44. 44. We didn’t have time toconsider…• Type 5 Unionised workers – what can you ask them to do?• Multiple countries, languages, timezones• Impact of LTE/4G networks @intranetexperts #iRemoteWork
  45. 45. @intranetexperts#iRemoteWork
  46. 46. Question Time @intranetexperts #iRemoteWork
  47. 47. @intranetexperts #iRemoteWork