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InteractGuru the Email Marketing Expert


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InteractGuru the Email Marketing Expert

  1. 1. The Email Marketing Expert
  2. 2. Interact GuruInteract Guru is the best way to go with your email marketing campaign.Its unique, advanced and comprehensive services gets you the maximumworth from your campaign.It works phenomenally for your business, sending any number ofmessages to your prospects and clients, helping you interactively deal withthe components and creating your own style, and dynamically handling itall.With Interact Guru you can get your business powered with the mostastounding email services of the time.
  3. 3. Why Email Marketing A well planned effective email advertising campaign can help your business products and services gain visibility. Here are few benefits of email advertising and email marketing campaigns• Low cost• Effortless subscriber engagement• Least turnaround time• Target on mind• Send thousand emails on one click• Create and reinforce brand recognition• One-to-one target advertising• Keep adding database• Up sell and cross sell products
  4. 4. Email Marketing Vs Social Media• Delivery- Mail marketing surpasses social media because it goes directly to the place where people are looking to receive messages.• Read Rate- Average email marketing open rates are anywhere from 10-20% depending on which study and industry you refer to which is far more result- fetching than social media marketing.• Attention- Social media does beat email for the amount of time spent on each activity at about 22% vs 8% respectively, but given the much higher number of connections on social media sites, that time is more fragmented across a wide range of pages.• Usage- Email is a medium where people have the habit of attempting to keep track of all or most messages. Social media is much more of a browsing usage in nature.• Response rate- Get 30% more feedbacks than social marketing
  5. 5. Email Campaigning- the best way to grab your prospects A Recent Survey Report on 900 Online Marketing Managers across globe-• 90% said email marketing is still the most integral part of their marketing techniques.• 20% of them are able to personalize it for email communication• 60% said they would like to raise their email marketing budgets in year 2012 for more organized and leveraging campaign.
  6. 6. Interact Guru-Salient FeaturesYou can Import Contacts from your web mail accountEnter your Contact ListDesign your templates using Text or HTMLSelect your template theme from the librarySchedule the tasksTrack and fetch the Email StatisticsGet the RecordsGet the Analysis for trends and timesGet a 24*7 Online Support for any query
  7. 7. Reporting & Analysis• Custom Reporting that helps you manage/track/analyze your overall marketing• Category-wise listing of events and items• Interactive display• Read / Open Tracking• Link Tracking• Bounces• Email Client Reports• Trend Reporting
  8. 8. Email Templates• Arrange your attributes dynamically• Select from large no. of email templates• Customize drafts and formats•• Interactively deal with the tools• Apply them as many time for free
  9. 9. Email Delivery• Validations and Authentication done to ensure the email reaches your mail inbox• Real-time abuse monitoring & spam prevention system• Bounce management• Close checks for timing, details and consistency
  10. 10. Integration• Seamlessly integrate with your current business• Subscription Forms• Message Archive• APIs
  11. 11. Get the Best Rates Best Quality Best ResultsPut your email marketing ideas at workPhenomenally, with