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What's New in IntelliSuite 8.5?


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Published in: Technology
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What's New in IntelliSuite 8.5?

  1. 1. IntelliSuite 8.5 What’s new?
  2. 2. Tools for MEMS Professionals
  3. 3. New in v8.5 Clean Room 3D Builder Process visualization. Bullet proof, one click, all-hex meshing. RECIPE 3D IntelliEtch Multiphysics 3D RIE/ICP/BOSCH etch simulation. Fluid structure interaction, faster engine, Ab initio wet and dry etch simulation. multi-processing, fast impedance extraction. Synple 2 Modern interface 3D System Modeling. New elements, Clean, customizable, expressive UI. improved bus based interface.
  4. 4. introducing … Clean Room your virtual fab