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Synple — MEMS System Simulation Made Simple


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SYNPLE from IntelliSense makes MEMS design really simple

Published in: Technology, Design
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Synple — MEMS System Simulation Made Simple

  1. 1. SYNPLE 2 Schematic driven design
  2. 2. Synple v2 Revamped UI Managers Auto wiring, easy to read schematics. New material, technology and simulation Reflective UI. Simplified parameter entry. managers Multiphysics based elements Multiphysics Bus Coupled Thermal, Electrical, Mechanical, New multiphysics bus based wiring. Piezoresistive and Electronic simulation No more messy wiring! Designed for MEMS 3D System modeling First schematic tool specifically designed Visualize your results in 3D. for MEMS Direct export to VisualEase.
  3. 3. Schematic editor designed for MEMS