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Learn about IntelliSense's all Hexahedral Mesher for IC and MEMS design.

Published in: Design, Technology, Business
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  1. 1. hex meshing in a jiffy
  2. 2. One click meshing 100% hexahedral meshes Mask to mesh Process based meshing Adaptive meshing hex meshing in a jiffy Quick and robust mesher
  3. 3. Typical design cycle (represents man hours not CPU time) Close to 75% of the time spent in mesh creation and manipulation… Design Solid Model Analysis Solid Model START Geometry Decomposition Creation or Editing Creation or Editing 8% 21% 32% Assign Model Parameters Mesh Manipulation Meshing 6% 6% 14% Assemble Simulation Model Run Simulation Post process results 4% 4% 5% DONE Archive Artifacts 1%
  4. 4. Hexpresso eliminates ~80% of the grunt work… Automatically handled by Hexpresso… Solid Model Creation 8% Analysis Model Creation 21% Geometry Decomposition 32% Meshing 14% Mesh Manipulation 6% Assign Model Parameters 6% Assemble Simulation Model 4% Run Simulation 4% Post Process Results 5% Archive Results 1%
  5. 5. Mask to mesh Automated meshing of a micromirror array
  6. 6. Schematic to mesh Automated Hexahedral Meshing of the Structure
  7. 7. Automated refinement of high stress areas … Stress relief curves are identified and meshed
  8. 8. Apply mask transforms on the fly… Generate parametric meshes for each of the process corners Mask transforms such as lateral and rotational misalignments, offsets (mask grow/shrink) can be applied on the fly…
  9. 9. Benefits… High quality meshing Parametric meshing All hexahedral mesh creation Change device parameters without remeshing Drastically reduce your design time Mask transformations 80% savings compared to standard Easily account for process corners methods including mask misalignments and mask offsets Auto mesh refinement Speed Identifies and refines areas of high stress Typical meshes in under 1 minute
  10. 10. wakeup and smell the coffee…
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