The Affordable Care Act: 5 Tips to Aid Your Customer Service During Enrollment


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The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) is here and in the coming months, 45 million US consumers will be looking for information on which plan is best for them. To get prompt answers to their many questions, will US consumers visit a health insurer’s website, call the contact center, or speak with an insurance agent? Will their questions get answered?

The following infographic examines some of the potential problems the 45 million shoppers will face, such as inadequate online research resources and product information. The infographic also outlines 5 questions health insurance companies can ask themselves to find out if they truly are ready.

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The Affordable Care Act: 5 Tips to Aid Your Customer Service During Enrollment

  1. 1. THE AFFORDABLE CA R E AC T 5 TIPS TO AID YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE DURING ENROLLMENT Why the insurance industry won’t be prepared when uninformed and confused consumers turn to the web for answers ? ? ? ? PACA P nd o t e c t io n a P a t ie n t P r ct Care A A f f o r d a b le Almost 5 0 % don`t have eno ugh o nformatihon i d w 4 out of 10 to understan it affects their 2 ilies own fam Americans are unaware PPACA is being implemented 1 HOW WILL CONSUMERS GET THE INSURANCE INFORMATION THEY NEED? 39% visit a website Most insurance websites are doing a poor job of educating prospective customers about their respective healthcare options 4 Extremely Poor Poor Good 24% call the call center 20% Excellent speak with an insurance agent 3 Areas where insurance websites are the weakest 5 POLICY ? 03383 14604 3984 Research Help Product Information Site Search ARE HEALTH PLAN SITES READY TO DEAL WITH THE 45 MILLION PLAN SHOPPERS COMING ON BOARD BY JANUARY 1ST, 2014? 6 ARE YOU READY FOR PPACA? 5 QUESTIONS TO ASK YOURSELF: Accessibility & Availability Relevancy Plans Disability Senior Coverage Care Prescriptions How EASY is it to find your company’s online self-service? Is the customer presented with other contextuallyrelevant information? Findability (of Searched-for Content) Escalation Can customers easily find the information they’re looking for? Can customers escalate their calls from a self-service channel to other channels seamlessly? Feedback Is an easy-to-use customer feedback mechanism integrated into your online self-service experience? Customer service, particularly self-service, will be a make-or-break issue for the success of the PPACA, both for healthcare provider rollout and for consumer adoption. For more information on how virtual agents can help insurance companies deliver an exceptional web self-service experience visit: Data Sources 1, 2 3, 4, 5 6 “Kaiser Health Tracking Poll: April 2013.” Kaiser Family Foundation. April 30, 2013. <> 2013 US Health Insurance Plan Online Sales Ranking, Forrester Research, Inc., August 5, 2013. Young, Jeff. “Uninsured Americans 2012: More than 45 Million Lacked Health Insurance Last Year, CDC Reports”. Huffington Post. March 21, 2013. <>