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Your Customers Don’t Want to Have a Conversations - They Want Answers!


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IntelliResponse recently conducted a Google consumer survey where we asked 1000 consumers to share what they really think about the service they received from the businesses they deal with. Some of the results may sound surprising, but all of them validate the emergence of a customer-led shift toward self-service in digital channels.

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Your Customers Don’t Want to Have a Conversations - They Want Answers!

  1. 1. MOBILE IS KING 60%of consumers aged 18-34 would rather use a MOBILE APP than speak to a live customer service rep. The majority of consumers indicated that retailers provide the best online experience. RETAILERS ARE IN THE LEAD... FOR NOW! 67.2% 17.3% 13.3% What type of relationship do CONSUMERS want with the companies they buy from? 68%of consumers go to a company’s website first when looking for product or service information. Nearly 3 OUT OF 5 CONSUMERS turn to a company’s WEBSITE FIRST to find answers. 58%Company Website 25% Call 9%8% Social Media / Mobile app Other 74% of consumers expect the same answer online as they do when they phone into the contact center. ROOM TO IMPROVE Marketing Goods & Services Online Selling Goods & Services Online Businesses are succeeding at: But there's room for improvement with: Helping Customers With Problems Online The digitization of society has changed the rules of customer engagement forever. Consumers expect to receive efficient self-service online. 2014 © IntelliResponse Systems Inc. All rights reserved. Businesses need to focus more on providing instant answers to customer questions posed across all online channels. BOTTOM LINE: 59% Want Efficient Service 24% Want Personalized Service 11% Want To “Buy And Say Goodbye” channels converge Key Take Away RETAIL TELECOMS UTILITIES In a consumer survey, we asked 1000 consumers what they thought about the service they receive from businesses they deal with. Here’s what we found. they want answers! Your Customers Don’t Want to Have a Conversation…