8 Reasons Why You Need Better Online Self-Service in 2012


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Is 2012 the year that virtual assistant technology and other forms of next generation
self-service dominate the customer service landscape? Here are 8 reasons why
we think it’s time for online self-service to shine...

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8 Reasons Why You Need Better Online Self-Service in 2012

  1. 1. 8 Reasons Why You Need Better Online Self-Service in 2012 Is 2012 the year that virtual assistant technology and other forms of next generation self-service dominate the customer service landscape? Here are 8 reasons why we think it’s time for online self-service to shine... 1 Your customers PREFER to self-serve, despite what you might thinkIn their February 2012 article for Forbes.com1, Harvard Business Review Press authorsFrances Frei and Anne Morriss said it best: “Excellence is being great at the things 72% your customers value most.”When it comes to online customer service, what customers value most is the ability toself-serve for quick answers to their questions and move on. The preference for self-reliance is strong, and proven.Corporate Executive Board says 60.4% of surveyed customers attempt to use a Up to 72% of consumers prefer to go onlinecompany’s web self-service as the first method for resolving their customer service first to resolve customer service issues3issue.2 Forrester Research pegs the percentage even higher, at 72%.3 2 You can seriously differentiate your brand with great self-service90% of companies surveyed by Forrester Research say that customer service isimportant to their business, yet only 34% of brands deliver a “good” customerexperience.4The vast canyon between what companies say versus what they actually do to provide Approximately 2 out of 3 brands fail to delivera positive customer experience is a significant “rhetoric gap.” It’s a tremendous a “good” customer experience4opportunity for companies to leverage online self-service as a differentiation play. 3 The Status Quo Sucks: Most online self-service FAQ and Help tools fail to satisfy 49% of consumers online4 features just don’t cut itDiane Clarkson, Analyst, eBusiness and Channel Strategy at Forrester Research,describes the typical online self-service experience as being “too often a barrage ofirrelevant information” which customers are forced to navigate, begrudgingly.Clarkson says the information customers are seeking is usually located somewhere on 51% 49%a web site, but it’s not often easy to find.Case in point: traditional web site FAQ and Help pages. Forrester Research indicatesjust 51% of consumers are ultimately satisfied when using these tools.4
  2. 2. 8 REASONS WHY YOU NEED BETTER ONLINE SELF-SERVICE IN 2012 2 4 Other service channels are just plain expensiveCorporate Executive Board’s position is that there are huge cost savings in building $7.50out web self-service. It’s a position that’s impossible to argue against, given thegenerally accepted numbers. On average, a web self-service transaction cost $0.10 Web self-service Phoneper transaction, while a live call can cost $7.50 and beyond.2 Web self-service costs $0.10 per transactionIn addition to the direct costs, however, is the opportunity cost of lost revenue when versus $7.50 for a live support call2your online self-service lets a customer down. 5 Poor online experiences cause customers to defect – and take revenue dollars with themOn the Internet, where alternatives and competitors are always just one click away, apoor self-service experience also impacts top line revenue.A significant portion of customers – as much as 25%, according to Forrester Research– will simply abandon a web site or find another solution if they can’t find what they are 1 in 4 frustrated customerslooking for.5 abandon or defect5 6 Thanks to social media, customers can publically expose your online service shortcomings in secondsWith social media, it’s now easy, tempting, and increasingly common for customers topublically flame organizations that let them down. *#$!A survey conducted in 2011 by NM Incite (a Neilson/McKinsey company) found that 51% ofsocial media users post negative feedback.6Interestingly, social media expert Jay Baer points out that public gripes tend to be about theexperience with the particular customer service channel. “In almost every case, the peoplecomplaining on Twitter are doing so because your company already failed to satisfy them in 51% of social media users postone or more traditional customer service channels,” Baer explains. negative feedback6 7 A satisfied customer is more likely to be a loyal customer – so its time to get self-service rightKate Legget, Senior Analyst, Business Process at Forrester Research, says a satisfiedcustomer correlates to a loyal customer, and this correlation can have a direct impact onthe bottom line for your company.“Loyal customers are more likely to stay true to your brand and more likely to recommendyour company to friends and colleagues,” Legget explained in the March 29, 2012IntelliResponse webinar, The New Way to Measure Online Self-Service. “And a loyal Customer satisfaction positively impactscustomer ends up spending a larger wallet share over their engagement lifetime with a loyalty and wallet share 4company.”
  3. 3. 8 REASONS WHY YOU NEED BETTER ONLINE SELF-SERVICE IN 2012 3 8 The rise of mobile devices means self-service is more important than ever to consumersConsumer desire to stay connected has reached epic proportions. More than threequarters of the world’s population (5.3 Billion people) are mobile subscribers.7Non-Internet enabled phones have all but disappeared in developed countries. And the 77% of the world’s populationsurging popularity of digital tablet devices are predicted to outpace PC sales by 2015.8 are mobile subscribers7Is Your Online Self-Service Up to Par?All 8 of these reasons point to one truth: your company’s success in terms of the FREE EVALUATION OF YOUR WEBcustomer experience will be largely won or lost online. Effective web self-service is the SELF-SERVICE CAPABILITIEScornerstone of these online service interactions. Send an email to:How does your web site measure up? Find out by taking the Forrester/IntelliResponse eval@intelliresponse.comOnline Self-Service Assessment Survey. To get started, book your FREE evaluation ofyour organization’s web self-servce capabiliites by sending an email toeval@intelliresponse.comSOURCES:1 http://www.forbes.com/sites/forbesleadershipforum/2012/03/02/to-offer-great-customer-service-dare-to-be-bad/2 http://cccbuzz.exbdblogs.com/2012/03/13/three-reasons-to-show-your-support-page-a-little-love/3 “Selecting Online Customer Service Channels To Satisfy Customers And Reduce Costs”, Forrester Research Inc., June 25, 2010,4 “The New Way to Measure Online Self-Service,” Forrester Research Inc.-IntelliResponse (Webinar), March 29, 20125 “Web Sites That Don’t Support Customers’ Goals Waste Millions”, Forrester Research Inc., February 17, 20106 http://www.nmincite.com/?p=60517 http://www.onlinemarketing-trends.com/2011/12/53-billion-mobile-users-reach-77-of.html8 http://techcrunch.com/2010/06/17/forrester-tablets-outsell-netbooks/About IntelliResponse SystemsIntelliResponse enhances the multi-channel sales and customer service capabilities of hundreds of enterprise businessesand financial institutions. The company’s Answer Suite technology is an award-winning On Demand software platform thatallows customers and service agents to ask questions in natural language, and get one right answer - regardless of thehundreds of ways the question may be asked.With more than 500 live customer-facing implementations answering 100 million+ questions, IntelliResponse is the goldstandard in first line customer experience management. With the IntelliResponse Answer Suite, your company web site,mobile application, social media channels and agent desktop can all be transformed by an engaging virtual concierge,empowering customers to ask questions using normal, conversational language. The correct and complete answer is theninstantly served to them in a variety of engaging ways.For more information about IntelliResponse, visit www.IntelliResponse.com. Twitter.com/IntelliResponse To learn more about taking online self Facebook.com/IntelliResponseInc service to the next level for your customers, YouTube.com/IntelliResponseInc visit www.IntelliResponse.com.