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A six month course designed to help you improve your English language, study and research skills before you start a research degree in engineering, mathematics or physical sciences at the University of Exeter. For more details on this you can contact us at:
105, Business Point Building,
Behind Nissan Showroom, Deira
PO Box 114423, Dubai, UAE.
Tel: + 971 4 2942460/ 3

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University of Exeter - PG certificate in pre-doctoral studies

  1. 1. Postgraduate Certificate in Pre-Doctoral Studies gINTO UNIVERSITY OF EXETERYOUR BEST ROUTE TO UNIVERSITY SUCCESS
  2. 2. Postgraduate Certificate in Pre-Doctoral StudiesCollege of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical SciencesA six month course designed to help you improve your Englishlanguage, study and research skills before you start a researchdegree in engineering, mathematics or physical sciences atthe University of Exeter.Course description you in your transition to research studies. For Assessment your research projects in the second term, youThis 60-credit Postgraduate Certificate course During the first term, students are assessed will also have access to the research facilities inis being offered at INTO University of Exeter in academic English through a combination of the conjunction with the College of Engineering, examination and coursework, which includesMathematics and Physical Sciences at the This course is designed to enable you to: essays, summary writing, listening tests, oralUniversity of Exeter. presentations and language tests. In the second • improve your English language proficiency term, assessment of the scientific projectThe course is suitable for you if you intend to in the core skills of listening, speaking, work within the College will include an oralstudy for a doctorate and you need to improve reading and writing, within the context of presentation, a report and a scientific poster.your English and/or your research ideas are not postgraduate studies in your discipline Further English assessment will also take place.yet firm enough to undertake doctoral studies. • develop your scientific report writing and presentational skillsThe course lasts two terms and runs from July • develop research and study skills appropriate Successful completionto December each year. In the first term to the context and culture of a UK university(July to September) the course will focus on Students who already have a conditional offer • develop a good knowledge of your chosenacademic English and study skills. The College of a place at the University and who successfully research area through undertaking twowill also provide a full induction and arrange a complete the Pre-Doctoral Studies course by substantial projectsseries of social events to provide the opportunity meeting the criteria given will progress to their • refine your research proposal prior to formalfor you to meet university academics and other chosen research degree programme. PhD registrationresearch students. In the second term (October • become part of a departmental research teamto December), the College will provide research and work with leading scientists in your field. Course outcomestraining. You will be working with leadingacademics to research two topics. You will also To enrol on the Pre-Doctoral Studies course you • Enhanced level of accuracy and fluency inattend research seminars and work on a PhD must have a valid IELTS (or TOEFL) test result, use of academic English for engineering,proposal. During this part of the course you will with a level of IELTS 5.5 (with a minimum of 5.5 mathematics and physical sciences.receive further, highly specialised and discipline in all subskills) or equivalent. You must also have • Research skills appropriate forspecific English language training and tutorial an unconditional or conditional offer to study these from INTO University of Exeter. for a research degree at the University of Exeter. • Fully developed PhD proposal. Satisfactory completion of the Pre-Doctoral • Progression to research degree at theA unique feature of the course is the student Studies course will allow you to progress to your University of Exeter (providing you meetbuddy scheme, where you will be partnered with research degree programme without needing to the progression requirements).a fellow PhD student, who will be able to support retake the IELTS or TOEFL test.
  3. 3. How to apply Step 3 Key course facts If your application is successful you will receive Course datesStep 1 an offer of a place for the Pre-Doctoral course. 2011Apply first to the University of Exeter for a place To confirm your place you should sign and Mon 04 Jul 2011 to Fri 17 Dec Sep 2011*to study for your doctorate. Information on how return the acceptance form to the Centre along with: 2012 (provisional dates)to do this can be found here: Mon 02 Jul 2012 to Fri 16 Dec 2012*Engineering: • evidence of a £1,000 tuition fee deposit (to be deducted from the balance of fees). Course length • evidence of a £1,000 accommodation deposit Two terms or 21 weekspostgraduate/phd-doctorate/ (to be deducted from the balance) or the full English language entry requirementMathematics: accommodation fees if lower than £1,000, IELTS 5.5 (with a minimum of 5.5 in if applicable all subskills)science/postgraduate/phd-research/ • either the Uniplan insurance fee or evidence Applicants must provide an official IELTSComputer Science: of an alternative accident and medical (or TOEFL) test score. insurance policy. Age requirementscience/postgraduate/phd-research/ Step 4 17 years and abovePhysics and Astronomy: Once payment has been received you will be issued Tuition fees with documentation, including a Certificate of £6,000 (2011)postgraduate/ Acceptance of Studies number, which you can use to apply for your UK student visa. This will Tuition fees do not include:Step 2 be for the duration of your Pre-Doctoral course • text books – an additional charge only unless your University offer is unconditional. of £60Send your completed INTO University of Exeterapplication form, including a copy of your IELTS All students who successfully complete the Pre- For further guidance please check withor TOEFL certificate and university offer letter to Doctoral will receive assistance to renew their the INTO Admissions Office or youryour representative or directly to: visa from the University’s International Student educational agent. Advisor. Please note that you will be expected toINTO University of Exeter Admissions * Please note: there is a break of three remain in the UK during this process.University of Exeter weeks between the tuition in the firstINTO Building and second terms. During this timeStocker Road Step 5Exeter EX4 4PY students will be expected to undertake You should obtain your visa and provide the reading in their subject area. StudentsEmail: Centre with your arrival details. All confirmed will also be expected to attend theIt is not necessary to send academic transcripts Pre-Doctoral students will be sent pre-arrival University welcome week programme.with your Pre-Doctoral course application but information from the Centre prior to the start ofyou must include your University reference the course.number. This can be found on your offer letter. For more information about INTO UniversityPlease ensure you complete information about of Exeter terms and conditions, please visitwhere you want to live during your Pre-Doctoral You can also apply online
  4. 4. ✁ Application form 1 OF 4Please complete all relevant sections of this form in BLOCK Capitals and in BLACK INK Representative’s stampand return it to your local representative or direct to the INTO Admissions office at leastone month before your intended start date.Please send toINTO University of Exeter Admissions, University of Exeter, INTO Building,Stocker Road Exeter EX4 4PY, UKFax: +44 (0)1392 264277 Tel: +44 (0)1392 264282 E-mail: can also apply online at 1 Section 2Student details Parent/guardian or sponsor details(You must complete this section accurately otherwise your visa application may be affected) Information we need to send financial documentation and reportsTitle (Mr/Mrs/Ms) Title (Mr/Mrs/Ms)Family name Family namePrevious family name Other namesFirst given name Relationship to studentSecond given name Home contact addressPreferred nameName as written on passport PostcodePassport number CountryPassport place of issue Telephone (inc. intl. code)Passport issue date —— /—— /—— (dd/mm/yy) FaxPassport expiry date —— /—— /—— (dd/mm/yy) Mobile (inc. intl. code)Gender M F Email addressCurrent age Section 3 /Date of birth —— —— —— (dd/mm/yy) / INTO course selectionCountry of birth Postgraduate Certificate in Pre-Doctoral StudiesStudent’s nationality (must be completed, necessary for visa application) Mon 04 July 2011Permanent country of residence Proposed postgraduate programmeHome address (you must complete this accurately as it may affect your visa application) (Needs to be completed for visa purposes) Proposed postgraduate programmePostcode If you have applied to the University of Exeter please provide your reference number and a copy of your university offer letter:CountryTelephone and fax numbers in country of residence (including international code)Tel Fax Other applicationsMobile telephone (inc. intl. code) Have you applied to another INTO Centre(s)? Yes NoEmail address If yes, which Centre(s) (please list in order of preference)Correspondence email (if different from above) 1 2Correspondence address (if different from above) 3 4 If yes, which course(s)PostcodeCountryWhat type of visa do you intend to apply for? Adult student visa Student visitor visa No visa
  5. 5. ✁ Application form 2 OF 4 Section 4 Section 6 Student’s education history Sponsorship Please give details of your current or most recent school, college or university. Please How do you intend to fund your studies? ensure official institution transcripts, latest available results or forecast results are attached in English. Self Family Employer* Sponsor* Institution name *Name of employer/sponsor: Dates of study / / —— —— —— to —— —— —— (dd/mm/yy) / / Section 7 Date you received (or will receive) your certificate —— /—— /—— (dd/mm/yy) Accommodation and welfare Highest educational qualification name Application for accommodation Language of instruction Accommodation will be reserved and confirmed when full payment of tuition and accommodation fees has been received. Please note it is a condition that a minimum of one Institution address full term’s notice (university residence) or four weeks’ notice (homestay) is required if you wish to leave or change your accommodation. During the academic year University residence accommodation is available only if you enrol on a fixed start-of-term start date and for multiples Postcode of one term, excluding holidays. Country Please select one option and complete as appropriate Telephone (inc. int. code) INTO residence Tick below which option you require Fax Single studio Email address Shared studio (2 bedrooms) Superior en-suite rooms Section 5 Current English language proficiency Do you envisage that you will have any specific requirements in student accommodation as a result of a disability/medical condition? Yes No Please tick and enter details of your most recent English language test. Note: Students will also be assessed upon arrival and study plans WILL be altered if there is any discrepancy. If yes please state: IELTS overall score/grade / Date—— —— —— (dd/mm/yy) / Wheelchair accessible Ground floor room Flashing fire alarm Vibrating pillow IELTS writing score for above test Other please specify IELTS TRF Number TOEFL overall score/grade / Date—— —— —— (dd/mm/yy) / Homestay Do you require homestay during the holiday periods? Yes No TOEFL writing score/grade / Date—— —— —— (dd/mm/yy) / I do not require any accommodation TOEFL registration number Students who are under 18 Other score/grade / Date—— —— —— (dd/mm/yy) / INTO recommends that parents appoint a UK-based guardian for international students under Have you arranged to take any other English language Yes No 18. INTO can supply a list of Guardianship providers on request. test(s) before starting your INTO course? If parents are making their own arrangements for either Guardianship services, or if a friend Name of exam or family member in the UK is to act as guardian to the student, please provide the following Date due to be taken / Date—— —— —— (dd/mm/yy) / details below: If you want to study on an English course, please give details of where and how Name of guardian long you have studied English: Relationship to student Address of guardian How would you describe your current level of English? None Basic Elementary Lower intermediate Postcode Upper intermediate Advanced Country Telephone (inc. intl. code) Email address I confirm that the guardian is over 21 years of age.
  6. 6. ✁Application form 3 OF 4Dietary requirements INTO University of Exeter will ensure that all personal data disclosed will only be used toPlease give details of special dietary requirements e.g.: halal, vegetarian, no pork, plan appropriate support for you. It may be necessary for INTO University of Exeter to discloseany food allergies. appropriate and relevant details to some University departments to facilitate this process. I consent to information relating to my personal details, nature of disability and academic and support requirements being forwarded as outlined above.Medical informationDo you have any medical conditions? Yes No Relevant criminal offencesPlease give details of any medical conditions, disabilities or allergies that require attention ornotification and any prescribed medicine taken on a regular basis Please tick here if you have been convicted of a relevant criminal offence and supply details on a separate sheet. Travel and medical InsuranceCompletion and signing of this form gives INTO permission to administerfirst aid by trained staff first aiders if required. The full cost of Uniplan insurance will be added to the invoice unless proof of alternative adequate cover is attached.Do you consider yourself to have a disability? If yes please specify Please state when you would like the insurance to startA. No disabilityB. You have a social/communication impairment such as Asperger’s Start date of insurance / / —— —— —— (dd/mm/yy) syndrome/other autistic spectrum disorder End date of insurance / / —— —— —— (dd/mm/yy)C. You are blind or have a serious visual impairment uncorrected by glasses I have my own insurance and enclose a copyD. You are deaf or have a serious hearing impairmentE. You have a long standing illness or health condition such as cancer, HIV, Airport pick-up diabetes, chronic heart disease or epilepsy Students MUST arrive on the Saturday or Sunday prior to the start of the course. FlightF. You have a mental health condition, such as depression, schizophrenia or details including arrival date and flight number should be sent to the INTO Admissions office anxiety disorder as soon as possible in order that airport arrangements can be made. If you are under 18G. You have a specific learning disability such as dyslexia, dyspraxia or AD(H)D you must either book an INTO airport pick-up or provide evidence of your arrangements. IfH. You have physical impairment or mobility issues, such as difficulty using your an airport pick-up is required, this will be invoiced as an extra at confirmation stage and full arms or using a wheelchair or crutches payment must be received for an airport pick-up to be confirmed.I. You have a disability, impairment or medical condition that is not listed above Do you require an airport pick-up Yes NoJ. You have two or more impairments and/or disabling medical conditions London Heathrow (£205) London Gatwick (£225) Bristol International (£100) Exeter (£20)Please provide further details of the nature of your disability and the support you may requireshould you attend the University. (Please note that some support mechanisms may takeconsiderable time to organise. For example books in Braille or changes to buildings. It is therefore Section 8important that you provide as much as possible.) How did you hear of INTO University of Exeter British Council Education exhibition Website* Friend or relative Education agent Other* *Please state which website or other source If education agent, British Council or exhibition, which agent/organisation/event?
  7. 7. ✁ Application form 4 OF 4 Section 9 Section 11 Form of indemnity Declaration i) Background To be signed by the student and parent, sponsor or legal guardian This indemnity is to be signed by the Student, and also by his/her Parent or Legal I have read and understood this brochure and agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions Guardian if the Student is under eighteen years of age. Until this indemnity has been signed and returned to INTO, the Student may not take part in an excursion organised by I agree to abide by the Cancellation and Refund Policy INTO. I agree to pay all tuition and accommodation fees incurred ii) Indemnity by the student as they become due In consideration of the Principal and/or Head Teacher and/or Director and/or any employee of INTO (which expression for the purposes of this indemnity means INTO I agree that my records and achievements may be used for promotional purposes, without University of Exeter LLP and any relevant associated or connected organisation) further notification agreeing to make arrangements for and to authorise INTO personnel to take me/my son/daughter/ward from time to time on expeditions outside the usual premises of INTO Giving INTO I hereby fully and effectively indemnify the said Principal and/or Head Teacher and/or INTO Giving is our designated charity. It was established to help make a difference to the lives Director and/or any employee (as the case may be) of INTO against: of young people in the developing world by improving their access to education. Each year our staff and students organise and participate in fundraising events. Before you arrive at the Centre a) any and all claims, losses, damages or costs incurred directly or indirectly which you can support one of our educational projects by making a donation of £25. For every donation they or any of them may be or become liable to pay in consequence of any injury received INTO will donate a further £25 to INTO Giving. To find out more about INTO Giving please or damage to or illness of me/my said son/daughter/ward occurring during or as a visit result of any of the said expeditions b) any and all claims, losses, damages or costs paid to or payable to or claimed by any I confirm that I would like to make a donation of £25 to INTO Giving and agree for this third party which may be made against them or any of them in consequence of any donation to be added to my invoice / financial statement for payment act or default of me/my said son/daughter/ward during or as a result of any of the said expeditions c) any and all other costs, claims, losses and expenses incurred directly or indirectly by them or any of them on behalf of me/my said son/daughter/ward during or as a result of any such expedition, Signed / / Date —— —— —— (dd/mm/yy) provided that this indemnity does not extend to any claims, damages, costs or expenses (Parent/guardian) in respect of and to the extent to which INTO and member(s) of the staff or any of them are indemnified and recover under any policy of insurance. I authorise INTO to supply any relevant records to educational institutions, government bodies, parents, sponsors and educational agents if requested without notification. Signed / / Date —— —— —— (dd/mm/yy) Signed / / Date —— —— —— (dd/mm/yy) (Student) (Parent/guardian) Section 12 Application check list I confirm that I have: completed the application form in full and checked for accuracy Yes Signed / / Date —— —— —— (dd/mm/yy) enclosed proof of an alternative insurance policy, if appropriate Yes (Student) enclosed full transcripts of all my relevant qualifications Yes (including English language level) translated into English Section 10 Payment details enclosed a copy of my University of Exeter offer letter Yes Once you have accepted an offer of place, you must send us a deposit of £1,000 and an Please list here all the transcripts you are enclosing: accommodation deposit of £1,000 (if you have requested INTO accommodation). (Must be completed for visa purposes) You will also be required to pay in advance the Uniplan insurance fee unless you have provided proof of alternative cover. Academic transcripts Payment can be made either by sterling bankers draft, VISA, Mastercard, Maestro, Solo, Electron, Delta or by direct bank transfer. Our bank details are as follows: Bank name: Natwest Bank Address: University of Exeter Branch, Stocker Road, Exeter EX4 4RH English language transcripts Account name: INTO University of Exeter LLP Sort code: 60-08-06 Account number: 57137439 SWIFT code: NWBK GB2L IBAN number: GB16 NWBK 6008 0657137439
  8. 8. Want to find out more?If you would like to find out more about any of our courses or services,please visit our website. You can also contact the Centre via email or phone,or visit one of our educational agents in your home country.INTO University of ExeterUniversity of ExeterINTO buildingStocker RoadExeter EX4 4PYUnited KingdomT: (+44) (0) 1392 264282F: (+44) (0) 1392 264277E: Representative’s© INTO University of Exeter LLP, April 2011. All content published in this document isbelieved accurate at time of publication. INTO reserves the right to alter details of allaspects of its operation without notice.INTO University Partnerships Limited is a limited company registered in England and Wales,registered number 05507863. Registered office: 102 Middlesex Street, London E1 7EZEducation provider sponsor number EFMMCWWY2