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Your dream to study medicine can be true now! St. Gerorge's University of London.Contact for admission & scholarship information

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St george's University of London-Intelligent Partners

  1. 1. Medical and Biomedical degrees and university preparation courses2011/2012DRAFT University degrees, academic preparation and English language courses g INTO ST GEORGE’S, UNIVERSITY OF LONDON YOUR BEST ROUTE TO UNIVERSITY SUCCESS
  2. 2. Aim higher g INTO pathway to a world-classuniversity starts here Our mission No-one is investing more in your experience Today’s leaders are internationally educated, globally If you are planning to study at a world-class university, an INTO mobile, at home in different countries and cultures; they study centre is the right starting point for you. help shape the future. The world is changing fast, and Together with St George’s, University of London and our other for young people who want ‘to be part of that change’, partner universities, we have created one of the world’s finest studying abroad opens up a world of opportunity. network of study centres that cater specifically for the needs of INTO St George’s, University of London brings talented, international students, creating distinctive student experiences ambitious international students together to take for you. advantage of that opportunity – in a world-class study This brochure tells you about the wide range of courses you can environment dedicated to your success. study with us, and what life is like at INTO St George’s, University of London. We are here to make your study experience enjoyable, successful and rewarding. Read on if you would like to find out more or contact us if you need any help with your application. 87%INTO centres student satisfaction 89%of their choice at a UK university student progression £133m investedcentresstudent in the 1:9 deliver a first-class study experience teacher to student ratio and small across our to a degree experience across our INTO classes
  3. 3. Study medicine at aText unique health sciences university in London Welcome Distinctive degree programmes in medicine and biomedical science A tradition of innovation in research and education that stretches back over 250 years Welcome to St George’s, University of London and INTO St George’s, University of London. We are delighted that Contents Cutting edge facilities including a fully-equipped clinical skills laboratory you are considering joining our student body. St George’s The best student experience in London Our students consider St George’s to be an incredible place University of London 6 to study. They acknowledge our teaching to be exceptional (Times Higher Education Survey, 2009 and 2010) and value the closeness with the academic and administrative World-class facilities 10 staff – importantly, our students rate highly their facilities and social activities, and A compact and friendly campus with students from over 80 countries Choosing your course 14 the many clubs, societies and sports available to them through the Students’ Union. Our students appreciate being part of a community that is so strongly committed International Medicine 18 Preparation for a career in medicine with our unique pre-university courses to furthering knowledge and professional practice in the medical, biomedical and International Graduate health sciences; a collegiate community that is simultaneously committed to Learning from clinical practice at one of the UK’s busiest hospitals Medicine 22 making an important contribution to London society through our links with local schools, colleges and charities, as well as the international Tooting community. Biomedical Science 26 Choosing a university and a degree programme require considerable thought – The INTO Centre 30 it is one of the most important and challenging decisions of your life, and we Study in one of the world’s believe you will be making the right choice if you choose St George’s, University most exciting cities 34 of London. Study in London: a truly As an alumnus of St George’s myself, I harbour many, many happy memories international experience 36 of student life – I hope that you too will feel similarly in the future. Foundation in Medical, I wish you every success in your studies with us. Biomedical and Health Science 38 Professor Peter Kopelman English for Principal Undergraduate Study 44 English for For many students nding your way through education presents Postgraduate Study 48 a number of dif cult choices, but for those who have their heart Supporting you from set on a career in medicine or a related profession the choice is arrival to graduation 52 more straightforward. The path is relatively well de ned, although Accommodation 56 as you read through this brochure you will see that there are still choices to be made. How to apply 60 Choosing a good university with the right medical programmes is the rst choice Application process 61 and St George’s, University of London makes that choice easy. It has the right Application form for programmes with the right staff to guide you to your chosen career. International Foundation Entering St George’s is now also straightforward with a clear pathway through the and English language INTO St George’s centre. You will enjoy university approved teaching alongside INTO’s courses only 63 well developed systems for student support to help you along the road to success. Terms and conditions 67 Welcome to the centre. Your success is our priority. Dates and prices 69 Steve Walters Scholarships 70 Centre Director4 5
  4. 4. History, tradition and innovation in a thriving and supportive community St George’s University of London Hands-on learningA living heritage At the forefront of medical advancesWith a history stretching back over 250 Throughout our long and illustrious discipline, and through this we have ayears St George’s, University of London history we have been at the forefront well deserved world-wide reputationtruly embodies a living heritage. of medical advances. It is with that for the development of Problem Based spirit of enquiry that, in 2010, we Learning and student-centred curricula.Among our alumni we can lay claim to celebrated the 30th anniversary of theboth the ‘father of modern surgery’ and Our innovations in curriculum eradication of smallpox, and in 2011the ‘father of modern immunology’. development include the use of new the 40th anniversary of the world’s rstJohn Hunter (1728-1793) pioneered an technologies, where our work in the computerised tomographic (CT) headexperimental basis for surgical practice development of virtual patients and scan, carried out on a patient within ourand during his career not only was he virtual clinics goes from strength to partner hospital with which we sharesurgeon at St George’s, but also Surgeon strength. This was recently recognised a site and clinical resources. In 1958General to the British Army and personal with the Times Higher Education award St George’s was the rst hospital insurgeon to King George III. Edward for Outstanding ICT Initiative of the Year the UK to carry out the insertion of aJenner (1749-1823) was the pioneer of 2009. Our efforts to support, inform and heart pacemaker, performing the UK’s Forging a new futureimmunology whose work on developing encourage the educational development 500,000th pacemaker operation justthe smallpox vaccine, the rst successful of those in our local community has over 50 years later. We continue Jenner’s This exciting new partnership between Medicine BSc/MD or International designed to offer the highest qualityvaccine developed anywhere in the world, also been many times recognised with work in infection and immunity, as well St George’s, University of London, and Graduate Medicine MD programmes of student experience both in Londonhas been credited as having saved more regional and national awards. as undertaking world-class research INTO represents the latest chapter (see pages 18 and 22) are able to and overseas. You will become part oflives than the work of any other person. in cardiology, stroke, epidemiology, cell Today we are leaders in medical and in our long history of educational spend two years on international clinical the St George’s family, supported byHenry Gray (1827-1861) was Anatomy signalling, and genetics. Globally we focus science education and at the forefront of innovation. Our educational and placements in the United States of highly committed staff along the lengthLecturer at St George’s when he started on the ght against HIV and infectious research and Government policy making. research excellence is now interlinked America (subject to validation). This of your educational journey - from pre-writing an inexpensive and accessible disease, and locally we pursue the Among our team of highly respected with INTO’s track record of success presents the chance to experience Foundation English, through Foundationtextbook for medical students. Along application of advances in child and internationally renowned staff, in preparing high quality international different cultures as you progress training, degree level study and on pastwith his St George’s colleague Henry health and cardiology. you will nd professors who have held students for UK university study. through the programme, emerging on graduation into your professional career.Vandyke Carter (1831-1897), he presidencies of Royal Colleges, chairs graduation prepared for a lifetime of 2010 also saw the 10th anniversary This means you have the opportunity tocompleted the Anatomy Descriptive of highly in uential review bodies and professional employment. of our graduate entry medicine study in one of the world’s most excitingand Surgical, more commonly known as boards, and those at the cutting edge of programme, the inspiration for our cities for a medical or biomedical Whether you progress to theseGray’s Anatomy, a textbook that is today medical research. innovative International Graduate quali cation that is recognised degree programmes through the INTOin its 40th edition. Medicine MD (details of which can be Our impulse to lead the way in medical, worldwide, working alongside UK St George’s, University of London found on pages 22 – 25). St George’s biomedical and health sciences, as students to improve your knowledge Foundation programme, or move directly was the rst UK university to introduce well as our innovation in medical and and develop your skills. Additionally, into degree level study, you will nd a A network of world- this new route into medicine for high community education, are very much those on either the International friendly and welcoming environment, class universities achieving graduates from any academic alive and well today.6 7
  5. 5. Immersed in the clinical environment St George’s, University of London Learning and teaching St George’s Hospital (SGUL) Our staff and students work together in We share our campus with St George’s St George’s, University of London is small, interactive groups, meaning that Healthcare Trust, one of the UK’s committed to ensuring greater access your voice will be heard, your opinions busiest hospitals, and are neighbours for international students to a range will matter and you will be fully engaged with the South West London Mental of medical and biomedical degree in your studies, your research, with your Health Trust. These two National Health programmes and professional training. teachers, peers and patients, and with Service (NHS) Trusts comprise the St George’s, University of London, works the community to which we all belong. hub of an extensive network of acute to the highest standards of excellence hospital, primary care, and social A signi cant feature of our approach to in teaching and student support. To services provision that constitute what learning is the use of Case Based and ensure greater access for international is referred to as the South West London Problem Based Learning. Students work students INTO and St George’s have Academic Health Sciences Network. in small groups on real life problems, created INTO St George’s University of This special combination of supportive researching the answers in a systematic London (INTO SGUL). learning environments with a wealth fashion under the guidance of teaching of local clinical experience contributes staff. In the early years of your training INTO St George’s, University of London to the distinctiveness of the courses these Case Based scenarios are (INTO SGUL) we offer and ensures that the training supported by structured lectures and experience you receive is one immersed INTO St George’s, University of London other formal teaching, with a shift in the clinical environment. offers both university preparation, towards more self directed Problem through English Language support and Based scenarios as your study skills Foundation level training in medical, and autonomy grow. This approach biomedical and health sciences, as well provides an excellent preparation for, as degree level programmes leading and replication of, the demands of to medical and healthcare related medical and healthcare careers in the careers. The training offered on the real world. foundation level programmes is the perfect preparation for those students looking to progress to one of the degree Creating distinctive programmes offered by INTO SGUL. student experiences Inter-disciplinary collaboration8 9
  6. 6. Access to state-of-the-art technologyWorld-class facilities Sport Students’ Union If you are into sport, you will be spoilt The great majority of the social and that entails. You will be in very for choice. Our hockey, rowing, football, leisure activities revolve around the good company; the Student Union netball, rugby union, cricket, fencing and Students’ Union (SU), which supports a membership includes students from many other teams are always on the number of student societies and offers a range of medical and healthcare lookout for new members. regular events such as comedy nights, courses, including physiotherapy, lm nights and discos.The Students’ radiography, nursing, midwifery, Whether you are international standard Union represents a wide range of medicine, biomedical science and a or have never played sport in your life, interests; the arts are well represented variety of postgraduate programmes – we have teams to suit your abilities. The by musical, drama and revue societies, all of whom regularly use the Union’s majority of our sports teams play in the which produce regular shows and facilities, mixing easily with University British Universities and Colleges Sport performances. Other societies include: and Hospital staff. These facilities (BUCS) and University of London Union Islamic, Hindu, Christian, Jewish, include a large bar, games and poolLaboratories Library (ULU) leagues and cups. There is also Adventure Sports, Modern Languages, room, music room, dance studio, café, the added competition of the historicFully equipped clinical-skills laboratories Our healthcare and biomedical Film and Photography; and we also have and other common rooms and of ces. inter-medical-school battles in theon site give you plenty of opportunity collection comprises more than 42,000 active societies for students who are United Hospitals and National Medical You also get the added bene t of beingto practise and perfect your skills books and multimedia resources. We interested in voluntary work within the Schools competitions. part of the National Union of Studentsin procedures such as taking blood subscribe to over 10,000 journals local and wider community. (NUS) and University of London Union;pressure and pulse, checking for vital (mostly electronic), and a wide variety The Robert Lowe Sports Centre on As a student at St George’s, you not only for the support and advice theysigns, and resuscitation techniques. of medical and healthcare databases. site boasts three squash courts, aerobic automatically qualify for Union can offer, but for the social events you And if you’d like to brush up on your training rooms, and two well-equippedDifferent scenarios can be safely membership, with all the bene ts can take part in at their central London information- nding skills, we run regular weight-training rooms, including freerepeated using the latest patient facilities, only 30 minutes away. courses in Information Literacy. weights. In addition, a large sports hallsimulators to mirror real-life health is used for badminton, volleyball, netball,problems and symptoms. You are also Library opening hours are extensive, St George’s is always keen on making you feel one of them. It is amazing how many ve-a-side football, cricket and otherencouraged to practise and hone these and it makes a great place for activities you can be involved in throughout your academic year. You also have the training activities.basic skills and techniques on your individual, self directed study. It is also special opportunity to know people coming from all around the world.fellow students. conveniently located near the IT suites, Away from site, rowing is available the teaching rooms and our state-of-the- at Chiswick on the River Thames, Marco Foti, United KingdomThree newly refurbished ‘wet’ Physiotherapy, first year art lecture theatres. and sailing is based at the Royallaboratories (with capacity 60-80 Victoria Dock.students each) allow the delivery of a Information Technologywide range of practical classes in thebiological sciences, complementing Of our three IT suites, two house more Our library collections comprise of over 42,000 books and 10,000 journalsthe information derived from other than 100 workstations. One of theseteaching sessions, as well as giving suites can be used at any time night ordirect experience of experimental and day, and to accommodate open-accessdiagnostic techniques. or formal group-teaching sessions. Network access is provided in all hallsThe substantial level of world-class of residence common areas, withresearch on the site underpins the numerous wireless hotspots throughoutwide spectrum of research project the campus.opportunities available to undergraduatestudents, including access to state-of-the-art technology within individual researchgroups and in central research facilities,such as the Medical Biomics Centre. State of the art laboratory facilities10 11
  7. 7. Move into any branch of specialist medical trainingEmployment prospectsAs a healthcare specialist university Students will spend two years on clinical product licensing, as clinical trialswe provide training for students rotations (St George’s, University of coordinators, or in biomedical productlooking to move into a professional London quality assured placements) in marketing. Additionally it is possible forrole within the medical, biomedical or US hospitals. They will also take the US the best performing students from thishealthcare eld. The training we provide Medical Licensing Examination (USLME) programme to move into the clinicalis designed speci cally to produce allowing them to practise in any branch transition year of the Internationalgraduates of a very high quality who of specialist medical training in the Medical course (the fourth year of six)are suitably prepared to move into United States and other territories where and progress towards quali cation astheir chosen profession. the USMLE is recognised. a doctor.For those on either the International Those who graduate from theMedicine (BSc/MD) or the International Biomedical Science (BSc) programmeGraduate Medicine (MD) programmes, will be suitably prepared for employmentthe course offers London based science within a variety of basic scienceand clinical practice training combined disciplines, clinical laboratory work,with specialist clinical practice in the forensic medicine, the pharmaceuticalUnited States of America (subject to industry, technology transfer andvalidation). After finishing here I would like to work as a physiotherapist in a clinical environment. I’d like to help people get back to their best physical shape! I also would like to teach anatomy, possibly in a dissecting room. Sanil Gulati, Canada Medicine, second year Theoretical and clinical practice go hand in hand Assured progression to leading universities Dr Lebur “Boz” Rohman, class of 200912 13
  8. 8. Medical programmes Choosing your course INTO St George’s, University of London offers a International Medicine (BSc/MD) Biomedical Science (International) (BSc) Medical graduates wide range of academic programmes and English If you have completed 13 years of secondary education, have good grades If you have completed 13 years of secondary education, have good grades The aim of both the medical courses is to produce medical graduates with language courses designed specifically for equivalent to A-level grades of AAA, and have a good standard of English, equivalent to A-level grades of BBB, and have a good standard of English, then the essential knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes required to international students. The pathway and language then you may apply to the International Medicine (BSc/MD). you may apply to the BSc (Honours) Biomedical Science (International). practise medicine competently and professionally in a patient-centred, courses help prepare you for entry to university, The rst four years of this course are In the rst two years the training multi-professional environment, and to equip you for a career of life-long based at St George’s, University of programme offers a broad coverage and acclimatise you to living and studying in a London. In years one and two clinical of topics in the biomedical eld, learning and professional development. science is the focus with biomedical ranging from fundamental aspects of In particular these courses provide a university environment. You should read the course science in year three. At the end of this cell and molecular biology, through strong emphasis on professional and year you graduate with a BSc (Honours) systems-based anatomy, physiology clinical practice with guided support and details and entrance requirements carefully to in Medical Science. In the fourth year and pharmacology to advanced year on year progress testing towards you transition into clinical practice and basic science and clinical laboratory the United States Medical Licensing ensure that the course you choose is appropriate this prepares you for the nal two years techniques. Examination rather than (provisional) ( ve and six) which are spent in clinical registration in the UK. for your future field of study. practice in the United States. The nal year provides in-depth study of a wide range of modern topics in the biomedical eld, with the opportunity for International Graduate Medicine (MD) specialisation according to your interests If you have a degree in any subject and future career intentions. equivalent to a lower second class The course prepares you for a range of honours in the UK system, or a medical related careers, or alternatively, higher degree such as a masters with good grades you can go on to apply or a doctorate, you may apply for to study medicine. this course. These three programmes are parallel The rst two years are spent at to existing St George’s programmes but St George’s, University of London, are subject to formal internal validation. comprising clinical science in year one and transitional clinical practice in year two, with the nal two years (three and four) spent in clinical practice in the United States. A wide range of innovative courses14 15
  9. 9. Medicine Medicine M Year 1 Year 2 Graduate Those with Medicine Foundation and English language courses a first degree Year 1 INTO English for Undergraduate StudyFoundation programme English language courses Progression routesInternational Foundation Our courses enable you to practise Progression subject to academic criteria Our courses provide you with the progression routes that you need, from English your developing language skills in aIf you have completed secondary language training to academic preparation and on to your nal degree programme. Progression subject to academic PLUS vibrant learning environment where you additional selection criteriaeducation in your home country, the The chart below gives you an overview of all of our courses to help you see which can take advantage of the University’sInternational Foundation programme English and academic programmes will be suitable for you. Please refer to the Becomes active for 2012 entry additional learning facilities and mixprovides academic preparation for rst course description pages for full details. with both UK and other internationalyear undergraduate entry and ensures students. The courses are alsothat you meet the English language designed as part of your preparationrequirements for your chosen degree Biomedical Biomedical Biomedical for future university study. Science Science Scienceprogramme. The programme combines Year 1 Year 2 Year 3academic study, intensive English To enter any undergraduate or Bio-Medical Scientistlanguage preparation, study skills and postgraduate degree course in thecultural orientation. UK, you must satisfy speci c English language requirements, and in ourAt INTO St George’s, University of Option for professional experience, the most successful Those without Foundation training in Physiotherapy,London the focus is on medical study a first degree Diagnostic Radiography students are those who take the time toand the International Foundation or Therapeutic Radiography improve their level of English language Clinical US Clinical US Clinicalprogramme has been developed to Transition Training Training beyond standard entry requirements. Year 4 Year 5 Year 6meet the needs of students wanting Doctorto follow a career in Medical, Clinical US Clinical US Clinical English for Undergraduate Study Medicine Medicine Medicine Transition Training TrainingBiomedical and Health Sciences. Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 This course is suitable for students whoThe pathway focuses on Chemistry, want to improve their level of academicBiology and Human Physiology, as well Graduate English to gain entry to the International Those with Medicineas Mathematics, Physics, English and a first degree Year 1 Foundation offered by the Centre, orStudy Skills. meet the English language requirementStudents who successfully complete for a degree programme at INTO St Medical Scientistthe International Foundation programme, George’s, University of London. You can INTO English forsubject to achieving the speci ed grades enrol on this course at the beginning Undergraduate Studyfor progression to their chosen degree, of each term and must study for apassing an interview and successfully minimum of one academic term.completing an aptitude test will be For further information, please see Progression subject to academic criteriaconsidered for entry to the rst year of page 44.the International Medicine or Biomedical Progression subject to academic PLUS additional selection criteriaprogramme. English for Postgraduate Study Becomes active for 2012 entryThe three-term International Foundation This course is suitable for students whoprogramme starts in September want to improve their level of academicand leads into the rst year of an English to meet the English languageundergraduate degree programme requirement for entry to a postgraduatestarting the following September. programme offered at St George’s,For further information, please see University of London. You can enrol onpage 38. this course at the beginning of each term and must study for a minimum of one academic term. For further information, please see page 48. A thriving and supportive community16 17
  10. 10. INTERNATIONAL MEDICINE (BSc/MD) AVAILABLE FROM SEPTEMBER 2012 – SUBJECT TO VALIDATIONInternational Medicine Key course facts Start dates September 2012 Why choose this programme? This programme starts in September 2012 and is ideal for those enrolling on What is special about the programme? At the conclusion of the course you will have:Starting in 2012, this six year course aims to meet Course dates the Foundation programme with a view to following a medical career. a knowledge and understanding of the sciences underlying medicalthe high demand for qualified doctors by offering a Course rst runs in Autumn 2012 – start date to be con rmed by January 2012 It is a truly innovative programme with practice, of health and its promotion, a strong focus on interprofessional and of disease, trauma and disabilitycombined Bachelors and Medical degree programme Programme length Six years full time training and clinical placements right and their prevention, diagnosis and from the beginning. The curriculum management. This is in the contextfor those with high school or equivalent qualifications Class hours (p.w.) Notional 40 hour learning week with approximately provides an emphasis on professional of the individual and their place in and clinical practice with guided support the family and society and of thewishing to progress directly into medical training. 20 hours contact teaching. Academic requirements and year on year progress testing population as a whole towards the United States Medical demonstrated pro ciency in basic Overall score of 75% in the INTO Foundation in Licensing Examination (USMLE). clinical skills, including gathering Medical, Biomedical and Health Sciences, with a minimum of 68% in Academic English, and no Additionally, the programme makes information systematically, module less than 60% innovative use of virtual patients and sensitively and effectively from or virtual clinics to supplement the more patients, undertaking comprehensive High school quali cations equivalent to UK A level experiential, hands-on clinical practice. physical examination of patients, grades of AAA. choosing appropriate diagnostic Your rst four years are based at St For international equivalencies please visit procedures to be carried out on George’s, University of London. This patients, rationalising that choice comprises clinical science in years one Other entry requirements and interpreting the results of such and two and biomedical science in year In addition to academic grades, applicants investigations, selecting appropriate will be assessed on the quality of their written three, utilising a Case Based Learning treatment options for patients with application, their work or voluntary experience, their curriculum, supplemented by lectures performance in the UKCAT examination, and their speci c conditions, and recognising and small group learning. At the end performance in the medical selection Multi Mini and managing life-threatening Interview (MMI). of this year you graduate with a BSc conditions (Honours) in Medical Science. In the Acceptance on the programme is also subject acquired and demonstrated to satisfactory police and health clearance. fourth year you transition into clinical attitudes necessary for the English language entry requirement practice with a Problem Based Learning achievement of high standards of curriculum, representing a shift in IELTS 7.0 (with no less than 6.5 in each subskill) medical practice and patient care, or equivalent. emphasis from structured to self-directed including adherence to ethical and Age requirement learning. This prepares you for the nal legal principles, application of an two years ( ve and six) which are spent No age restrictions (though students must be at evidence based approach to patient least 18 years of age in order to undertake certain in clinical practice in the United States. care, responsiveness to the needs clinical placements, for example, Paediatrics). The aim of the course is to produce and concerns of patients, and Tuition fees medical graduates with the essential understanding of the contribution Years 1-3: £18,000 per annum knowledge, understanding, skills and of genetic, historical, social, Year 4: £29,000 per annum Years 5 and 6: £36,000 per annum attitudes required to practise medicine environmental, political, occupational Prices are indicative only and subject to change. competently and professionally in and behavioural factors on health, Years 5 and 6 are on clinical placement in the US. a patient-centred, multi-professional disease and illness Tuition fees do not include: environment, and to equip you for demonstrated intellectual Text books - these are available electronically a career of life-long learning and curiosity and a capacity for critical or from the library and purchase is optional professional development. understanding USMLE exam fees. developed an understanding of the work of other healthcare The great thing about St George’s is the sheer diversity of it. Here you’ll find people professionals partly through a co- from all corners of the world; everyone knows everyone else and it’s extremely easy operative approach to patient care to make friends. What I like most about my course is how hands-on it is. You learn on a training ward by doing. In fact, the three-step protocol we have for medical procedures is: watch the potential to undertake further someone else do it; do it yourself; and teach someone else how to do it! training in any branch of medicine or medical science Aisha Fazleen, Maldives Perfecting clinical skills an understanding of the need for life- Medicine, fifth year long learning, enquiry and research.18 19