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Royal Roads University is like no other in Canada. It offers a unique range of degrees, diplomas and certificates designed to prepare you for professional success. Its beautiful campus covers 227 hectares of peaceful, ocean-side parkland, with a hundred-year-old castle as its centerpiece. Interested students can mail us at

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Royal Roads University - Intelligent Partners

  1. 1. Your Professional Career starts Here new or Programs f l na internatio ts studen 12 2011/20v i C to r ia Br i t isH Co lumB ia C anada w w w. roYalroads.C a / isC
  2. 2. 2
  3. 3. The Royal Roads Difference Royal Roads University is located in beautiful Victoria, the capital city of British Columbia, and is only a 30 minute flight or a 90 minute ferry ride Premier loCation from Vancouver. Victoria has a pleasant temperate climate and a vibrant city centre with a host of shops, restaurants and outdoor activities. Royal Roads University gets consistently high rankings. The Globe and Mail*: National Survey of Student Engagement: HigH ranking • Overall Quality of Education: A • Active and Collaborative Learning: #1 • Class Size: A+ • Level of Academic Challenge: #1 • Personal Safety on Campus: A+ *Canada’s national newspaper Unique in North America, Royal Roads University (RRU) is now offering aCCelerated degrees international students the opportunity to complete an RRU bachelor’s degree in as few as 3 years! Through the development of the new International Study Centre (ISC), suPPortive studY Royal Roads is now able to offer specialized English language and study environment skills support to international students. Students enjoy small class sizes with customized teaching tailored specifically to their learning needs. A Canadian government program gives eligible international students exCellent work the opportunity to gain valuable work experience both during their studies exPerienCe oPPortunities and after they graduate. During the post-graduation work permit program, students may also be eligible to apply for Canadian Permanent Residence. With competitive tuition fees and living expenses, Royal Roads University programs offer great value to international students. Furthermore, with the great value accelerated degree program it may be possible to reduce the cost of a world class undergraduate degree by 25%. 3
  4. 4. PREmiER LoCATioN Victoria Whistler HOME OF THE 2010 Royal Roads University is located in Victoria, the capital city of British Columbia WINTER OLYMPICS (BC). On the southern tip of Vancouver Island, it is just 30 minutes by air or 90 Vancouver CANADA minutes by ferry from Vancouver. Victoria is known for its bustling downtown. USA Its shops, entertainment, pubs and restaurants surround the beautiful inner harbour and Victorian architecture hint at its British historical roots. Seattle The lively US city of Seattle is also readily accessible by plane and ferry.The Region’s Top 10 Attractions1 | Climate 2 | DiningVictoria enjoys Canada’s most temperate climate giving year-round access Victoria has more restaurantsto a great range of outdoor activities. per capita than New York City.3 | Night Life 4 | Entertainment 5 | Gardens and ParksEnjoy dancing at Victoria’s Victoria boasts a variety of theatres Explore the local parks where youmany nightclubs, or take in live and cinemas. Festivals occur can hike, mountain bike, horsebackentertainment including karaoke, jazz, throughout the year. ride, swim and sail. Or visit theblues, latin and other styles of music. world-class Butchart Gardens and Abkhazi Gardens.
  5. 5. CANADA Vancouver Montreal Toronto New York Washington DC Los Angeles USABritish ColumbiaBritish Columbia is Canada’s westernmost province, set between the PacificOcean in the west and the magnificent Rocky Mountains in the east. Vancouver velis the largest city in Western Canada. Vancouver is the business and cultural International Tra ctcapital of British Columbia, with a lively mix of cultures, festivals and activities. rlines offer dire 520 36 International ai nal ouver internatio service to Vanc ctoria ansfer here to Vi airport (YVR). Tr rive rport (YYJ ) or ar international ai tle. ncouver or Seat by ferry from Va6 | Vancouver 7 | Skiing & SnowboardingTake a trip to the mainland and enjoy some of the sights and sounds of Visit world class resorts like WhistlerVancouver. Internships and work opportunities await you here in Canada’s third for great winter sports.largest city.8 | Water Sports 9 | Whale Watching 10 | GolfGo fishing, kayaking, windsurfing, Take an eco-tour to get an up-close Enjoy the local golf courses, includingscuba diving or even surfing! viewing of whales, seals and Bear Mountain, designed byThe BC coast has it all! sea lions. Jack Nicklaus.
  6. 6. YoUR RoYAL RoADS A High Ranking University Royal Roads University is like no other in Canada. It offers a unique range of degrees, diplomas and certificates designed to prepare you for professional success. Its beautiful campus covers 227 hectares of peaceful, ocean-side parkland, with a hundred-year-old castle as its centrepiece. In a recent Canada-wide survey of universities, Royal Roads graduates gave top scores for academic and faculty quality, marketplace relevance and student support. Royal Roads University offers the highest standards of teaching and research, providing real-life applications for its students and meeting employers’ needs in an ever-evolving global marketplace. Royal Roads University gets consistently high rankings. tHe gloBe and mail* national surveY of student engagement Overall Quality of Education: A Active and Collaborative Learning: #1 Class Size: A+ Level of Academic Challenge: #1 Personal Safety on Campus: A+ *The Globe and Mail is Canada’s national newspaper6
  7. 7. NEW PRoGRAmS foR iNTERNATioNAL STUDENTSA Head Start to Your CareerRoyal Roads University has developed a range of undergraduate and graduate Programs Availablestudy programs to meet the learning needs of international students.Undergraduate students can choose an accelerated option – allowing them Degree Preparationto complete their degree in as few as three years. After graduation, students canextend their studies on an intensive master’s degree, and achieve their bachelor’s • English for Academicand master’s in just four years. Our new International Study Centre offers Purposes (EAP)comprehensive English language support and study skills preparation to • Foundation Studiesinternational students throughout their studies. • Pre-Master’s ProgramThe study timeline below depicts how you can take advantage of this uniqueopportunity to get a head start to your career. Undergraduate Degrees • Bachelor of Business Administration in Sustainability englisH for aCademiC PurPoses (eaP) (1 or 2 semesters) and International Business • Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurial Management foundation studies • Bachelor of Arts in (1 semester) Professional Communication • Bachelor of Arts in BaCHelor’s degree Year 1 Pre-master’s Program Global Tourism Management (1 or 2 semesters) • Bachelor of Arts in International Hotel Management • Bachelor of Arts BaCHelor’s degree Year 2 in Justice Studies BaCHelor’s degree Years 3 & 4 master’s Degrees (12 montHs aCCelerated) • Master of Global Management master of gloBal management aCCelerated oPtion availaBle (12 montHs intensive) work exPerienCe & Post-graduation PossiBilities (see Page 19) 7
  8. 8. NEW PRoGRAmS foR iNTERNATioNAL STUDENTSDEGREE PREPARATioN AND SUPPoRT international Study Centre Royal Roads University has developed an International Study Centre (ISC), to offer comprehensive English language support and study skills preparation to international students. These programs provide the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary for degree studies. Throughout their full time academic coursework, the ISC will continue to provide the support needed for degree success. Royal Roads University international Study Centre  english language and study skills preparation  Qualifying coursework for access to graduate studies  specialized teaching to ensure success  on-going support throughout8
  9. 9. English for Academic PurposesThe English For Academic Purposes (EAP) Program offersstudents the opportunity to develop the key language skillsof speaking, listening, reading and writing, in the contextof degree level studies. Alongside EAP other courses focuson the approaches and strategies required to becomea successful student in Canadian higher education.A strong emphasis is placed on frequent assignments,a high level of formative assessment and detailed,supportive feedback. This enables close tracking of students’progress and facilitates the provision of guidance toindividual students. After completion of the EAP and the entrY reQuirementsachievement of 4.5 IELTS or equivalent, students progress • IELTS/TOEFL level equivalencies:onto Foundation Studies. IELTS 3.0/TOEFL 400 PB/32 IBTA further and important element of EAP is the helpgiven to students to adapt to living and studying intakesin a new environment. January / May / September Program PriCing 2011/2012 Tuition (per semester) English For Academic Purposes (EAP) $4,990 Prices may be subject to change 9
  10. 10. NEW PRoGRAmS foR iNTERNATioNAL STUDENTSDEGREE PREPARATioN AND SUPPoRTfoundation StudiesThe Foundation Studies Program is designed for studentswho require only a single semester of study to reach thelanguage levels for entry to the undergraduate degree orthe Pre-Master’s Program. It enables students to deal withcomplex academic texts and to produce academic writing,fully referenced and in line with established conventions.A Study Skills course provides opportunities to researchand deliver a formal presentation on an academic topic.Overall, the student’s progress is given tangible expressionthrough the production of a portfolio of work drawnfrom all the Foundation courses. This, along with final entrY reQuirementsassessments of the student’s English level, provides evidence • IELTS/TOEFL level equivalencies:of the students’ readiness to move on to their bachelor’s IELTS 4.5/TOEFL 475 PB/52 IBTdegree or graduate preparation program.For the undergraduate program, students need to have intakesachieved 5.5 IELTS or equivalent to join the first year January / May / Septemberof the degree. When they have completed this first yearsuccessfully, they need to have reached the equivalentof an IELTS level of 6.5 to move into the second year. Program PriCing 2011/2012 Tuition (per semester) Foundation Studies $6,000 Prices may be subject to change10
  11. 11. Pre-master’s ProgramThe Pre-Master’s Program (PMP) is offered as a one-semester program for students who have already met entrY reQuirementsthe academic entry requirements of Royal Roads University 1-semester 2-semesterfor graduate study but who do not have the required For qualified students For qualifying studentsEnglish level. The program is a mix of English for Academic • IELTS/TOEFL level • IELTS/TOEFL levelPurposes, Academic Study Skills (with a focus on graduate equivalencies: equivalencies:study) and orientation into the Canadian university system IELTS 5.5/TOEFL 520 IELTS 5.0/TOEFL 500and approach. The aim is to build the language and study PB/68 IBT PB/61 IBTskills necessary for success in graduate and professional • 4-year undergraduate • 3-year undergraduateenvironments. degree from a degree or diploma recognized university or program from aStudents whose academic qualifications fall short of the acceptable alternative recognized university ornormal admissions requirements of the University can with a minimum college with a minimumjoin a two-semester qualifying program. In addition to the B average B averagelanguage and skills training and acclimating to a different • Minimum of two years • Minimum of two yearssystem of learning and teaching, the program includes of relevant work of relevant workacademic courses. This program provides students with experience experiencea bridge between their prior learning and the standardentry requirements for graduate study. intakesThe PMP delivers its teaching within a framework January / May / Septemberthat resembles typical graduate level study in Canada.Instruction during the program and measurable studentwork outcomes include, but are not limited to: Program PriCing 2011/2012• Peer-reviewed content and readings and subsequent Tuition (per semester) class discussions Pre-Master’s Program $8,500• Formal presentations, individual and group Prices may be subject to change• Collaborative and team projects• Use of technology in program delivery and in the production of assignments 11
  12. 12. NEW PRoGRAmS foR iNTERNATioNAL STUDENTSUNDERGRADUATEBachelor of Business Administrationin Sustainability and international BusinessToday’s managers must perpetually weigh considerationsabout people, planet and profit when making businessdecisions. The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)in Sustainability and International Business is a uniqueprogram providing a blend of social science, commerceand technology courses designed to enable studentsto foster sustainable and responsible businesses andorganizations in a globally competitive environment.With a theme of sustainability, the program integratessuch topics as international marketing, cross-culturalorganizational behaviour, environmental and corporateresponsibility and, sustainability accounting. Students entrY reQuirementswill engage in course work and team projects with a range • IELTS/TOEFL level equivalencies:of diverse colleagues on campus in addition to doing an IELTS 5.5/TOEFL 520 PB/68 IBTapplied business practicum either in Canada or in their • High School completion with C+ average (75%)home country. Students who do not have the required English level for direct entry onto this degree program are required to take EAP/foundation StudiesYears 3 and 4 of the BBA are currently available over (see page 9/10).a standard two year period. intakesProfessional Career opportunities January / September• Business Administrator • Sales/Marketing Manager• General Manager • Business Consultant• International • Project Leader Program PriCing 2012 Business Broker Tuition (per semester) Undergraduate Degree $8,000 Prices may be subject to change12
  13. 13. Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurial management 3 Year aCCelerated degree oPtion availaBle “The Bachelor of Commerce inThe accelerated Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurial Entrepreneurial Management programManagement program is designed for students wishing at Royal Roads University was the bestto apply their work/life experience (normally 3 years) to 12 months of my life, I learneddeveloping their competencies of thinking critically, to develop critical management skillsworking in teams, problem-solving, communicating and the ability to create and grow a Fahad Al Moammareffectively and thinking globally within organizations Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, sustainable business. The networkfrom single proprietorships through to large organizations. B.Com I have gained is priceless.”With a focus on innovation and entrepreneurialmanagement, the program integrates an array of topicsranging from leadership to strategy to applied business entrY reQuirementseconomics. The theme of entrepreneurial management • IELTS/TOEFL level equivalencies:is emphasized throughout and highlighted in the unique IELTS 5.5/TOEFL 520 PB/68 IBTVenture Challenge course and in an applied capstone • High School completion with C+ average (75%)project offering students a choice of developing a new Students who do not have the required English level for direct entrybusiness or doing a consulting project with an existing onto this degree program are required to take EAP/foundation Studies (see page 9/10).business or organization.Professional Career opportunities intakes• Business Analyst • Purchaser January / September• Accountant Trainee • Financial Analyst• Actuary Trainee • Operation/Production Program PriCing 2012• Human Manager Resources Advisor • Market Research Tuition (per semester)• Management Consultant/ Assistants/Executive Undergraduate Degree $8,000 Financial Advisor • International Prices may be subject to change• Sales Representative/ Trade Manager Executive • Credit Analyst 13
  14. 14. NEW PRoGRAmS foR iNTERNATioNAL STUDENTSUNDERGRADUATEBA in Professional Communication 3 Year aCCelerated degree oPtion availaBleThe first two years of the program develop language,analytical and interpersonal skills through the study ofa broad range of subjects, increasingly focusing on themore specialized areas of media and cultural studies inprofessional and social contexts.During the final calendar year of study the programbalances the best of academic education, professionalexperience and practical skills. It combines a comprehensiveoverview of communication as an academic field with a entrY reQuirementsselection of courses in professional writing, public relations, • IELTS/TOEFL level equivalencies:journalism, public speaking, organizational communication IELTS 5.5/TOEFL 520 PB/68 IBTand new media. • High School completion with C+ average (75%)Graduates from this program will understand the Students who do not have the required English level for direct entry onto this degree program are required to take EAP/foundation Studiesfundamental concepts, tools, processes and techniques (see page 9/10).in communication and will have developed interpersonal,teamwork and leadership skills. intakesProfessional Career opportunities January / September• Technical Writer • Advertising Copywriter• Public Relations Officer • Promotions Manager Program PriCing 2012• Journalist • Photo Journalist• Broadcaster/Film-maker • Public Policy Analyst Tuition (per semester)• Opinion and • Editor/Editorial Assistant Undergraduate Degree $8,000 Prices may be subject to change Market Researcher • Speech Writer• Fund Raising Consultant • Web Site Developer/• Consumer Affairs Editor Representative • Press Officer• Training and • Copy Editor Development Facilitator • Translator/Interpreter14
  15. 15. BA in Global Tourism management 3 Year aCCelerated degree oPtion availaBleThe Bachelor of Arts in Global Tourism Managementprovides the essential blend of applied tourism, socialsciences and humanities courses to foster a comprehensiveunderstanding of sustainable tourism managementin a globally competitive context.Professional tourism managers require a comprehensiverange of abilities, knowledge and experience in order tobuild a socially and environmentally sustainable tourismindustry. The program addresses essential topics and entrY reQuirementscompetencies related to entrepreneurship, destination • IELTS/TOEFL level equivalencies:marketing, leadership, communications, community IELTS 5.5/TOEFL 520 PB/68 IBTdevelopment, poverty alleviation and global sustainability. • High School completion with C+ average (75%)Students will engage in coursework on campus along Students who do not have the required English level for direct entrywith field trips and work internships, either locally onto this degree program are required to take EAP/foundation Studiesor internationally. (see page 9/10).Professional Career opportunities intakes• Assistant Product • Events Coordinator January / September Development Manager • Retail Assistant Manager• Conference Development • DMO Membership Coordinator Assistant Manager Program PriCing 2012• Municipal Tourism • Assistant Manager for Tuition (per semester) Assistant Planner Municipal Economic Undergraduate Degree $8,000• Assistant Manager for Development Prices may be subject to change Destination Marketing • Assistant Organization (DMO) Marketing Manager Industry Relations 15
  16. 16. NEW PRoGRAmS foR iNTERNATioNAL STUDENTSUNDERGRADUATEBA in international Hotel management 3 Year aCCelerated degree oPtion availaBleThe BA in International Hotel Management is a leading-edge program that builds professional credentials andadvances careers in the hospitality industry. This dynamicprogram aims to develop a broad range of leadership,analytical and interpersonal skills and provide a firmgrounding in hospitality management. Students willstudy relevant course material on sustainable tourism,international hotel management, financial strategy,marketing, ethics, entrepreneurship, and communications.The entire undergraduate program is infused with a entrY reQuirementsblend of academic theory and industry experiences. • IELTS/TOEFL level equivalencies:Throughout the year, students will learn in industry IELTS 5.5/TOEFL 520 PB/68 IBTsettings; participating in exciting events and class studies • High School completion with C+ average (75%)with leading hoteliers and educators in the region. Students who do not have the required English level for direct entry onto this degree program are required to take EAP/foundation StudiesThe international context of the program is vital to (see page 9/10).a successful career in hospitality and the internship,which is a required course, is the stage where students’ intakescareers are launched after successful completion of theacademic studies on campus. The field work portion of the January / Septemberdegree is a transformative experience for students wherethey continue to learn, complete assignments, and find Program PriCing 2012exceptional opportunities for permanent employment Tuition (per semester)that will support an informed career path. Undergraduate Degree $8,000 Prices may be subject to changeProfessional Career opportunities• Human • Spa Coordinator Resources Coordinator • Reservations Agent• Tea Room Manager • Front Desk Manager• Marketing Coordinator • Assistant• Sales Associate Restaurant Manager• Front Desk supervisor16
  17. 17. BA in Justice Studies 3 Year aCCelerated degree oPtion availaBleThe program develops language, quantitative, analytical andinterpersonal skills through the study of a broad range ofsubjects, increasingly focusing on the four substantive areas– law, philosophy, social work and sociology.Students engage in the study of justice-related knowledgeand practice from Canadian and global contexts.The program balances academic education with practicalskills. It also provides a comprehensive study of law,ethics, policy analysis, research and human services skills. entrY reQuirementsEmphasis on collaboration, team building and leadership • IELTS/TOEFL level equivalencies:throughout their studies ensures that students bring the IELTS 5.5/TOEFL 520 PB/68 IBTskills and knowledge necessary to complete an applied • High School completion with C+ average (75%)research project at the end of the program. Students who do not have the required English level for direct entry onto this degree program are required to take EAP/foundation StudiesThis degree is an excellent choice for those wishing to pursue (see page 9/10).a career in justice-related contexts, both in Canada, andabroad. Graduates are prepared to work in the public sectorand non-profit agencies, non-government organizations and intakesfor more advanced study at the graduate level. January / SeptemberProfessional Career opportunities Program PriCing 2012• Paralegal • Loss and• Legal Research Prevention Consultant Tuition (per semester)• Diversion Counsellor • Immigration Officer Undergraduate Degree $8,000 Prices may be subject to change• Court Reporter • Insurance Investigator• Probation Officer • Policy Analyst• Forensics/Crime • Volunteer Coordinator Lab Officer • Social Worker• Private Investigator • Advocate• Internet Security Manager • Lobbyist 17
  18. 18. NEW PRoGRAmS foR iNTERNATioNAL STUDENTSmASTER’Smaster of Global managementThe Master of Global Management (MGM) degree deliversa graduate level international business education thatprepares students to develop strong managerial andentrepreneurial skills and competencies to succeed.With the ability to observe and learn outside one’sculture and the skills to work effectively with uncertaintyand ambiguity, students gain an intelligent,informed perspective.The MGM is designed specifically for professionals andentrepreneurs who want to perform with intelligencein the global workplace. The program suits entry level entrY reQuirementsinternational managers and entrepreneurs who want to • IELTS/TOEFL level equivalencies:do business in the global arena and those looking to launch IELTS 6.5/TOEFL 570 PB/88 IBTtheir own international firm. • 4-year undergraduate degree from a recognized university or acceptable alternative with a minimumProfessional Career opportunities B averageThis program is designed as a launch platform • Minimum of 2 years of relevant work experiencefor an international career in: Students who do not meet the direct entry requirements for this• An entry level position with a transnational corporation degree program are required to take the Pre master’s Program (see page 11).• Director or VP of international marketing or international business development for a small or medium enterprise intakes• An international new venture January / September• Social entrepreneurship either starting an NGO or serving as a program officer offshore• National or International governments accounts manager Program PriCing 2012 Tuition (full program price)Some graduates may go on to study for a doctorate degree Master of Global Management $27,000in international management Prices may be subject to change18
  19. 19. ExCELLENT WoRK ExPERiENCE oPPoRTUNiTiESinternships Post-Graduation Your ProfessionalMajor employers in Canada, Work Permit Program*and around the world, seek The Post-Graduation Work Permit Career Starts Heregraduates with more than just basicqualifications. They look for the skills Program allows students who haveand know-how that only real work graduated from Royal Roadsexperience can provide. Throughout University to gain valuableyour Royal Roads study program Canadian work experience.there are opportunities for internship A work permit under the Post-placements. RRU also offers career Graduation Work Permit Programcounselling and networking is valid for the same duration of theopportunities from the start student’s study program and up toof your studies. three years in total. During the post-graduation work permit programoff-Campus Work students may also be eligible to applyPermit Program* for Canadian Permanent Residence.This program gives eligible For more information visit:international students the opportunity gain valuable work experience as work-postgrad.aspwell as to participate more fully in theVictoria, British Columbia and widerCanadian communities. Internationalstudents bring with them a wealth ofknowledge, perspectives, skills andexperience which enhances theCanadian work environment.For more information visit: *As of March 2011 19
  20. 20. CAmPUS fACiLiTiESRoyal Roads University has state of the art classroomand learning facilities. The library, designed by therenowned Canadian architect Arthur Erickson, providesa peaceful setting to study. There you will find an extensivecollection of print media and electronic resources.The library’s online resources are available 24 hours a day,including over 100 online databases and tens of thousandsof e-books.The campus also boasts wireless internet access andcomputer and science labs, food services, a bookstoreand recreation centre.Campus mapArbutus Building 7Boat House and Rowing Centre 5Butler’s House 13Cedar Building 6Commandant’s House 8Gate House 9Grant Building 10Greenhouses 2Hatley Castle/museum 1millward and Nixon Building 11 10Library 14 11mews/Conference Centre 4Recreation Building 12 14Rose Garden House 3Vice Commandant’s House 15 3 8 13 12 1520 5
  21. 21. ACCommoDATioNHomestay ProgramThrough the services of Canada Homestay International students will haveaccess to caring family homes. The homestay program allows students to livewith Canadian families, thus being exposed to, and participating in, Canadianculture and customs. It is also a great way to enhance English language studythrough after school practice with the host family. A host family typically playsan important role in helping the student adjust to Canadian life. As muchas possible, the student is included in the family unit.Canada Homestay International has a well-established network of experiencedhost families. Their staff have personally inspected each home and haveinterviewed the family to ensure quality homestays.The family will provide a private, furnished bedroom and meals.Private AccommodationFor students who prefer a more independent living environment,Royal Roads can also assist in arranging private accommodation. 21
  22. 22. STUDENT SUPPoRT SERViCESHealth and Counselling Services Student insuranceThe University offers a confidential, professional service International students are required to have the protection ofto any member of the University who might need help personal insurance for the duration of their time in Canada.or support with any personal, social, family The university-approved insuranceor academic problems. is Study Group’s StudyCare - a plan designed especially for international students. StudyCare will cover you for loss of personal possessions, as well as provide health and medical insurance. Full information about StudyCare insurance is published in the StudyCare policy booklet, available from the International Admissions Centre.22
  23. 23. GREAT VALUEWith competitive tuition fees and living expenses, Royal Roads University programs offer great valueto international students. Best of all, with the accelerated degree completion option, it may be possibleto reduce the cost of a world class undergraduate degree by 25%.Program Pricing (per semester) Accommodation Pricing adults (age 19+)Undergraduate Degree $8,000 Single room, shared bathroom, full board (3 meals per day)Pre-master’s Program $8,500 $3,294 per academic year semesterEnglish for Academic Purposes $4,990 Private bathroom (supplement) $545 per semesterfoundation Studies $6,000 Homestay placement fee* $220 Refundable security deposit* $500Ancillary fees minors (age 18 and under)insurance 1 semester $221.00 Single room, shared bathroom, full board (3 meals per day) Annual $605.00 $3,400 per academic year semesterAirport transfer (one way)‡ $95 Private bathroom (supplement) $545 per semesterUndergraduate Student Services fee* $184 monthly monitoring and reporting** $280 per semesterRRU Student Association fee* $200 Custodianship registration fee** $250all PriCes are Quoted in Canadian dollars. Homestay placement fee* $400 Refundable security deposit* $500Semester Dates Private accommodationSeptember 7th – December 20th, 2011 Private accommodation options will only be availableJanuary 9th – April 20th, 2012 to students aged 19 years or over. Prices for privatemay 7th – August 17th, 2012 accommodation are available upon request.September 5th – December 18th, 2012‡ Airport transfer is by private car from Victoria international Airport (YYJ) directly to Royal Roads University, one way.* on acceptance.** Custodianship and monthly monitoring is mandatory for students of 18 years and under. 23
  24. 24. HoW To APPLY Apply by mail: Apply online: Apply through your Simply send your completed Contact a student enrolment local representative: application to the address printed advisor through the following Just complete the application at the bottom of this page. website: form and return it to your local Your application will need to educational representative. include copies of all relevant academic transcripts and certificates of English language qualifications.information and AdviceIf you need further information, our expert student enrolment advisorsare available for help and advice. international admissions Centre 330 Seventh Avenue, Level 2, New York, NY 10001 USA T: +1 212 497 0050 f: +1 212 497 0045 E: The Royal Roads University International Study Centre is run and operated by Study Group, global experts in university preparation and international education. the information contained in this brochure is subject to change. Please refer to the university website for up-to-date information. 11329C 03/11 v i C to r ia Br i t isH Co lumB ia C anada w w w. roYalroads .C a / isC