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The Language School London dates back to the 19th century and is set in a beautiful garden square close to Victoria Station. 17 classrooms and a Learning Centre with Wi-Fi make English learning fast and enjoyable. For more information on this contact us at

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Eurocentres London Central 2011 - Intelligent Partners

  1. 1. Eurocentres LondonCentral Find Your Language
  2. 2. What’s special about London Central?Location- 5 minutes from Victoria train and bus stations, in a quiet square- Access to the garden for summer bbqs and occasional lessons outside- Steps away from Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, restaurants, Theatres and ShoppingFacilities- learning centre, student lounge, computer lab, Snack BarInteresting facts…- There’s been a language school in this historic building for 50 years- Eccleston Square was once home to Winston Churchill!
  3. 3. London Central AccommodationHost Families- Great range of host families with option of zones 1& 2 (closer to school) or zones 3&4 (for economising costs)Studio Apartments- Liberty Fields, provides excellent standards of accommodation with easy access to school via bus or tube (3 stops to Oval)
  4. 4. 21 nationalities at London Central*We have an exciting cultural mix withstudents from all over the globe... Germany Russia UK Switzerland France Latvia Korea Spain Italy Turkey Iran Portugal Syria Japan Saudi Arabia Taiwan Mexico Yemen UAE Hong Kong Libya Venezuela Ecuador Brazil Chile Argentina *Taken from a sample nationality mix in January 2010
  5. 5. What’s special about London?It’s one of the world’sgreat cities:- Four UNESCO World Heritage Sites- Museums, art galleries, theatre, music, parks, shopping…London has it all! Tower of London- The Olympic city of 2012! Greenwich Kew Gardens Kew Gardens
  6. 6. Our students favourite activities!Snapshots from London Central‘s facebook page include:- Madam Tussauds- Pub, bar and club evenings- A Turkish Meal- Scrabble evening (great for your English and free!)- Football in Hyde Park- Club nights- Bowling- Breakdancing club
  7. 7. Our Students’ Favourite Excursions- Daytrips in the UK to… - Weekends away in…. Oxford and Stratford Cambridge York Stonehenge and Bath Windsor and Hampton Court
  8. 8. Eurocentres’ students Graziella Donnici, Switzerland I have had a very nice experience here in Eurocentres London. The level of teachers is very good and they are always available if we have questions. The atmosphere in the school is friendly. My host family was marvellous and I think it’s the best form of accommodation also because we can practice our speaking and listening. In conclusion, I have had one of the most interesting experience in my life.
  9. 9. Eurocentres’ students Miu Hirai, JapanI was looking for a school where I canlearn English properly, and came acrossEurocentres. Teachers at EurocentresLondon Central are very friendly and kind.In summer, there were many differentnationalities, and I made manyinternational friends. Victoria where theschool is located is in central London,and it’s very convenient. I’m glad thatI decided to study at Eurocentres becausethe school is well equipped and theteachers are experienced. Thanks to myteachers, friends and host family, myEnglish improved so much.
  10. 10. Eurocentres LondonCentralThank you for taking time tolearn more aboutEurocentres London Central...we look forward to seeing yousoon!