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Link Builder Secrets from


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If you don’t have sufficient linkable content or on-page optimization, we at will work with you to bring the quality of the site up to our standards for link building.

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Link Builder Secrets from

  1. 1. The Link Builder Secrets: Intelligent- SEO link building is the cornerstone of a successful search engine optimization strategy. Every website needs to build back links in order to be ranked by the search engines on the results pages. It can be frustrating and it is easy to build low value ineffective links. What is SEOlink building? SEO link building is defined as the process through which high value back links to your site are obtained from high ranking websites. Your keywords should always be used within the anchor text to ensure maximum value. Links can be generated through advertisements, comments, articles, press releases, social media or bookmarks on social sites.
  2. 2. Why build links? Search engines place a lot of importance on the quantity and quality of back links to a website. Links form a big part of the algorithm used by search engines to determine ranking and back links from high volume websites have the ability to generate a lot of traffic to your website. Websites with a lot of quality links are seen as experts on their subject matter and will therefore rank high on the search engine result pages. Wonder what made viral content viral? Then wonder no more, here are the secrets to link building coming straight from the, professionals: 1. Getting good at the basics It may disappoint you, but the trick to getting more links back is not some clever tip, nor is it one of those “cutting-edge tools”. Guess what it is? It’s all good old-fashioned marketing. No big secrets. 2. Improving the whole wide brand But of course, no brand could survive with pure lip service. If you’re link baiting to build a brand, it’s not enough that you just do that. You need to improve the whole experience. Improve your product, make your website user friendly, give your customer a sense of importance, and mind their convenience. 3. Unconditionally giving helpful information You won’t expect a self-praising document to be spread around by others, do you? So if you really want to get more links, give that in-demand information with no strings attached. No ads, no promotions, just pure quality content. Of course, you may opt not to reveal it all, but at least be generous with giving helpful and necessary information. This might establish you as an authority on the subject. 4. Real,human interaction Are you familiar with the theory if six degrees of separation? It says that you can connect with anybody on this planet by way of six introductions or less. Imagine- anybody. However this is no longer true in the 21st century. Now that we have the Internet, it’s just a simple one degree of separation. By this, we mean log in to your social media accounts, Google the persons you want to connect with, and by all means, do something to engage them. Influence is not about how many things you posted on Facebook, it’s not about how frequent you tweet. It’s all about who you connect with.
  3. 3. Remember: links are certainly quantifiable, but human relationships aren’t. Does saying hello have an ROI? No, but it can definitely increase your market worth. Hence, not everything that adds value to your business can be accurately measured by numbers. Link building is always more human than you could imagine. is a team of professionals that are providing SEO solutions to website owners. Feel free to visit for more information on SEO link building methods. Need natural, high quality links? doesn’t put our link building efforts on auto-pilot. Instead, we carefully craft pitches, content and submissions with your brand and long-term success in mind. If you don’t have sufficient linkable content or on-page optimization, we at will work with you to bring the quality of the site up to our standards for link building. reviews