Why building a Mobile Application On Your Salesforce Platform is Important


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Know the importance of building a custom mobile application on salesforce platform which will help grow business organizations. See more at: http://www.intelligentia.co.in/building-custom-mobile-application-on-sales-force/

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Why building a Mobile Application On Your Salesforce Platform is Important

  1. 1. Why Build a Custom Mobile App on Salesforce Platform?
  2. 2. Developer Friendly Salesforce 1 platform is Developer Friendly Meaning? They connect faster and deploy themselves quicker. Salesforce’s APIs are probably one of the most efficient in terms of code comprehension and terseness Meaning? APIs are Integrated in an IDE and the user can choose to create the app in the UI section
  3. 3. Cloud Space Create your apps on Salesforce1 Deploy on Salesforce1 Seek Platform Benefits Get a credit plus a collage of 2000 Apps available
  4. 4. Security Multi-layered System of checks relating to people that access Necessary certifications includes SAS 70 Type II and HIPAA Business app with functionality that handles confidential files or trade secrets or privileged information. Layered access control and targeted level- based access incorporated in the platform gives both the developer and the user a sense of security
  5. 5. Real Time Reports 1. Salesforce can basically report anything you want it to report in a statistical format. 2. It remains the discretion between departments, by creating personalized reports from the business units 3. Salesforce 1 platform integrates easily with existing ERP and business systems so you have all the data you need 4. It can create the personalized reports right up to the individual who wants some specific elements reported to him at a particular interval
  6. 6. Mobile Optimization One of the most important features of Salesforce1, is being handheld optimized. Devices that exist with business functionalities today are virtually countless and track less. Apps Developed on the salesforce1 platform automatically runs on iPads, iPhones and other smart devices.
  7. 7. 1. Outreach 2. Transparency 3. Efficiency of Data integration 4. Overall Business Parity 1. Launches your first app in minutes 2. It has Ease and flexibility 3. It has drag and drop tools 4. It has everything that you need on a platform Mobility defines: Salesforce1 Platform from Salesforce: In Nutshell
  8. 8. Let’s Connect! http://www.intelligentia.co.in/ www.facebook.com/intelligentia.in http://www.twitter.com/_intelligentia http://www.linkedin.com/company/intelligentia-it- system