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Demand Generation Fundamentals by Intelligent Demand


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Proven strategies, best practices and technologies are finally in place to allow companies to engineer, measure and optimize their revenue performance. This presentation gives a succinct and valuable overview of the demand generation fundamentals that companies are using today to dramatically improve their revenue performance.

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Demand Generation Fundamentals by Intelligent Demand

  1. 1. Demand Generation Fundamentals
  2. 2. THE REVENUE ENGINEPage  2   Proprietary  &  Confiden2al            ©  2011  Intelligent  Demand  
  3. 3. Q: What’s a Revenue Engine? A: The marketing and sales platform that integrates strategy, process, content, technology and analytics to power your company’s sales funnel. Awareness Consideration Purchase Loyalty Successful organizations evolve their revenue engine as they compete, grow and face different challenges.Page  3   3   Proprietary  &  Confiden2al            ©  2011  Intelligent  Demand  
  4. 4. REVENUE ENGINE Build it around the buying process and buyer roles ECONOMIC   DECISION   MAKER   Awareness Consideration Purchase Loyalty TECHNICAL   Decide  to  stay,   Decide  to  recommend   Valida6on,     INFLUENCER   Discovery,     Selec6on,  Decision   Evalua6on,  Short  list   Awareness     of  need  and  interest  Page  4   Proprietary  &  Confiden2al            ©  2011  Intelligent  Demand  
  5. 5. A BROKEN REVENUE ENGINE Awareness Consideration Purchase Loyalty SEO  /  Website   DECISION   MAKER   ? ? Wasted  sales  efforts   Webinar   Poorly  qualified   Weak  metrics     PPC    leads   No  consistent     lead  nurturing   Sporadic  up-­‐sell  /  cross-­‐sell   No  capturing   Random  acts     of  leads   of  awareness  Page  5   Proprietary  &  Confiden2al            ©  2011  Intelligent  Demand  
  6. 6. A WELL-DESIGNED REVENUE ENGINE Relevance     =  Revenue   Awareness Consideration Purchase Loyalty ECONOMIC   DECISION   Sales Sales MAKER   Marketing Qualified Qualified Accepted Inquiry Lead Lead Customer Fan Lead (SAL) (SQL) (MQL) TECHNICAL   Real  qualifica6on   Customer  nurturing   True  lead  nurturing   INFLUENCER   Segmented  messaging   No  lost  leads   Strong  lead  capture   Speaks  to  key  buyer  roles  Page  6   Proprietary  &  Confiden2al            ©  2011  Intelligent  Demand  
  7. 7. WHY LEAD CAPTURE AND NURTURING IS SO CRITICAL Over 90% of your website visitors aren’t ready to buy yet – they’re researching. However, 70+% will eventually buy from some company in your market space. – Lead Gen for the Complex Sale, Brian Carroll Companies who excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales- ready leads at 33% lower cost per lead. – Forrester and CSO Insights Lead nurturing generates 20+% more sales. – DemandGen 70% of leads will originate from the web by 2015. – SiriusDecisions Buyers typically don’t want to talk to a salesperson until the last third of the buying process. – Tippit CRM ResearchPage  7  Page  7   Proprietary  &  Confiden2al            ©  2010  ©ocket  ntelligent  LLC   R Proprietary  &  Confiden2al              2011  I Factory   Demand  
  8. 8. REVENUE ENGINE: STEP-BY-STEPPage  8   Proprietary  &  Confiden2al            ©  2011  Intelligent  Demand  
  9. 9. DEMAND GEN PROCESS OVERVIEW (1) Create Awareness and Capture (7) Measure (2) Lead and Report Nurturing Content Strategy Data (6) Customer (3) Build profile Nurturing Technology Process for each lead (5) Arm Sales (4) Score and With Information Route LeadsPage  9   Proprietary  &  Confiden2al            ©  2011  Intelligent  Demand  
  10. 10. STEP 1 Attract and engage your target buyer roles Awareness Consideration Purchase Loyalty EXECUTIVE     DECISION   MAKER   TECHNICAL   INFLUENCER  Page  10   Proprietary  &  Confiden2al            ©  2011  Intelligent  Demand  
  11. 11. STEP 2 Nurture those leads with multi-touch campaigns Awareness Consideration Purchase Loyalty EXECUTIVE     DECISION   MAKER   TECHNICAL   INFLUENCER  Page  11   Proprietary  &  Confiden2al            ©  2011  Intelligent  Demand  
  12. 12. STEP 2 A simple lead nurture campaign Awareness Consideration Purchase Loyalty EXECUTIVE     DECISION   MAKER   TECHNICAL   INFLUENCER  Page  12   Proprietary  &  Confiden2al            ©  2011  Intelligent  Demand  
  13. 13. STEP 3 Build a profile with behavioral and demographic data Awareness Consideration Purchase Loyalty EXECUTIVE     Website Visits Email Activity Demographic DECISION   Data Capture Behavioral Landing MAKER   Data Capture Pages Newsletter Webinar Event Surveys Attendance Case Study Attendance TECHNICAL   Downloads Referring Sites Social Media Interaction White Paper Downloads INFLUENCER   Marketing DatabasePage  13   Proprietary  &  Confiden2al            ©  2011  Intelligent  Demand  
  14. 14. STEP 4 Data-driven lead scoring and lead routing Awareness Consideration Purchase Loyalty Loyalty EXECUTIVE     Marketing Database Score Score DECISION   Demographic Scores Change Behavior Scores Change MAKER   Target Segment +3 10+ Cum. Minutes on Website +5 Target Needs/Problems +4 Visits Website 4+ times +5 Target Geography +5 Last Web Visit 1 Week +3 TECHNICAL   Multiple Leads, Same Company +5 Visits Pricing Page +5 Job Function +2 White Paper Download + 5 each Senior Title +4 Visits Any Web Page + 1 each Size of Company +2 Clicks Link in Email + 1 each Decision Timeframe 1 – 2 Months +5 Fills Out Form + 2 each Decision Timeframe 3 – 6 Months +3 No Activity Last 2 Weeks - 3 each INFLUENCER   Budget Allocated for Solution +5 Attends Webinar + 5 eachPage  14   Proprietary  &  Confiden2al            ©  2011  Intelligent  Demand  
  15. 15. STEP 5 Arm your sales team with information Awareness Consideration Purchase Loyalty Loyalty EXECUTIVE     DECISION   MAKER   TECHNICAL   INFLUENCER   Sales people can view a prospect’s detailed history through their dashboard.Page  15   Proprietary  &  Confiden2al            ©  2011  Intelligent  Demand  
  16. 16. STEP 6 Customer nurturing Awareness Consideration Conversion Purchase Loyalty EXECUTIVE     DECISION   MAKER   TECHNICAL   INFLUENCER  Page  16   16   Proprietary  &  Confiden2al            ©  2011  Intelligent  Demand  
  17. 17. STEP 7 Measure and report Awareness Loyalty 1.  Dashboards 2.  Standard Reports 3.  Alerts 4.  Email Delivery 5.  CRM Integration 6.  Custom ReportsPage  17   Proprietary  &  Confiden2al            ©  2011  Intelligent  Demand  
  18. 18. STEP 7 Example metrics Business Results Campaign Metrics 1.  B2B Sales performance 1.  Conversion rates 2.  B2B Budget performance 2.  Influence on stage movement 3.  Influence on revenue Program Metrics 4.  Unsubscribe rates 1.  Closed deals 5.  Press mentions 2.  Marketing influenced revenue 6.  Social media growth/usage 3.  Cost per lead 7.  Keyword tracking 4.  Cycle time 8.  Search Ranking 5.  Awareness / Perceptual Shifts 6.  Marketing and sales alignment Asset Performance (Response) Usage, traffic, conversion, unsubscribes, bounceback, forwarding, sharing Stage Metrics 1.  Conversion rates 1.  Website stats (visits, new, bounce, time, pages, traffic sources, trends, etc) 2.  Lead volume / database growth 2.  Email stats 3.  Profile completeness 3.  Form stats 4.  Data quality 4.  Landing page stats 5.  Lead sources 5.  Event attendance 6.  Blogs 7.  White papers 8.  Industry reports 9.  Case studies 10.  Sales enablement resources18   Page  18   Proprietary  &  Confiden2al            ©  2011  Intelligent  Demand  
  19. 19. METRICS – START HERE Each company’s measurement and reporting system will emphasis metrics and key performance indicators that are most needed in their unique situation. However, there are a few areas that you should focus on from the beginning: Measure marketing’s impact on your opportunity pipeline • marketing sourced pipeline • marketing influenced pipeline Measure your stage results • Inquiries and their source • Marketing-qualified leads (MQL) • Sales accepted leads (SAL) • Sales qualified leads (SQL) / opportunities • Closed/won business Measure what its costing you to generate qualified leads and closed deals (ROI measures) • investment-to-sales-accepted lead • investment-to-revenuePage  19  Page  19   Proprietary  &  Confiden2al            ©  2010  ©ocket  ntelligent  LLC   R Proprietary  &  Confiden2al              2011  I Factory   Demand  
  20. 20. ABOUT IDPage  20   Proprietary  &  Confiden2al            ©  2011  Intelligent  Demand  
  21. 21. INTELLIGENT DEMAND We’re a strategic marketing and demand generation agency based in Denver, CO. Founded in 2007. We serve clients in financial services, ecommerce, media, software, corrections, healthcare, retail and entertainment industries. Our clients move from Marketing 1.0 to Marketing 2.0 with the following services: • Strategy Consulting • Demand Generation System Design • Technology Consulting and Implementation • Messaging Strategy and Content Development • Analytics and Optimization Services We work collaboratively with our clients to design, build and optimize revenue engines.Page  21   Proprietary  &  Confiden2al            ©  2011  Intelligent  Demand  
  22. 22. OUR PROVEN METHODOLOGY A Flexible Framework We’ve refined our methodology through scores of successful client engagements. It delivers results because it’s been tested in a variety of customer and market settings, and because it is deeply rooted in industry best practices. This equates quicker time-to-value and lower project risk for you. At its core though, our methodology is a very human process; it’s our team working with your team to deeply understand the need set and then provide targeted solutions that dramatically improve your revenue performance. It is a fundamentally collaborative approach.Page  22  Page  22   Proprietary  &  Confiden2al            ©  2010  ©ocket  ntelligent  LLC   R Proprietary  &  Confiden2al              2011  I Factory   Demand  
  23. 23. REVENUE ENGINE Worth the Investment Forrester, Gartner, Aberdeen Group and Sirius Decisions report that best-of-breed companies who invest in these demand generation strategies achieve the following results: • 18% higher revenue • 16.5% higher campaign response rates and conversion rates • 50% decrease in time to execute campaigns • 85% decrease in cost per lead • 9.3% higher sales quota achievement and 7% higher win rates • 100% increase in deal sizePage  23   Proprietary  &  Confiden2al            ©  2011  Intelligent  Demand  
  24. 24. MARKETING 1.0! MARKETING 2.0! Interruptive, push model" Permission-based, pull model" Batch-and-blast messaging" Segmented, targeted and personalized messaging" Expensive, hard-to-track outbound Targeted mix of inbound + outbound techniques" techniques" Company controls flow of information (sales Prospects and customers control flow of process)" information (buying process)" Sales collateral, brochures, “product speak”" Thought leadership, value-added content marketing" Marketing does awareness air war. Sales Marketing does lead gen, lead nurturing, does prospecting, nurturing, qualification, lead scoring and routes truly qualified leads consulting, closing. " to sales. Sales consults and closes." Little-to-no reporting or metrics" Data-driven analytics and optimization" Manual processes" Automated, then high touch as needed" Guessing" Learning and optimizing" Reliance on one or two channels/tactics" Multiple, integrated channels/tactics"Page  24   Proprietary  &  Confiden2al            ©  2011  Intelligent  Demand  
  25. 25. TO DOWNLOAD THIS PRESENTATION Please visit… resources/presentations/Page  25   Proprietary  &  Confiden2al            ©  2011  Intelligent  Demand  
  26. 26. Smarter, faster revenue growth