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IntelligenceBank Boards - The Easy Transition From Paper to Digital Board Meetings


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IntelligenceBank boards is the easy way to manage board packs with your directors. A pleasure to use and mobile friendly, your directors can privately read and annotate board packs on the go, approve resolutions online and more. Administrators can send out automated email alerts, control versions and audit usage by user and by file.

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IntelligenceBank Boards - The Easy Transition From Paper to Digital Board Meetings

  1. 1. The Easy Transition From Paper To Electronic Board Meetings Boards
  2. 2. About • ‘Out of the box’ yet highly customisable board & compliance solution. • Map to your process. • Mobile friendly. iPad App for offline access. • Locally Hosted & Supported. • No IT support required. • We ensure your transition from Paper to Digital is a success!
  3. 3. We Automate the The Pr oc es s Pre Meeting, D uring & Pos t
  4. 4. Putting the Boar d Pac k Together • Upload Any File Type (Single file or Bulk upload) • Read & privately annotate PDF’s • Version Control • Audit Report • Automatic Email Alerts • Comments • Watermarks & Print Control • Advanced Search • Encrypted
  5. 5. Agenda is Automatic ally Created
  6. 6. Pr ivate Annotations – Web or iPad App
  7. 7. Dedicated iPad App–Offline Access • Syncs with web platform. • Secure offline access. • Remote control of access. • Encryption of all data. • Reading & private annotations.
  8. 8. Appr ove Minutes & R es olutions Online
  9. 9. Announcements • Keep your executive teams up to date and post announcements. • Post agendas. • Get instant feedback. • Email as HTML Newsletter.
  10. 10. Directory of Directors
  11. 11. Live Media Feeds
  12. 12. Custom Workflow Processes • Create custom workflows on the fly. • Full integration with your internal hierarchy so that the flow of approval requests follows a different flow based on which user is completing the form. • Add conditions to both the submission and approval process.
  13. 13. Custom Governance Databases Custom databases with workflow to manage processes around: 1. Registering and approving conflict declarations. 2. Policy Management 3. Risk Management Create your own forms. Add, remove, edit fields. Link forms together. Audit trail of actions. Run Custom Reports
  14. 14. Granular Permission Levels Users only see information to which they have access. Preview online only, download, publish and administer.
  15. 15. Detailed Audit Trail: File, Us er & Over all
  16. 16. Boards Great Governance is a Click Away