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Twelve smart ways to drive innovation from the top


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Continuing on the first six innovative strategies that companies are using to drive their innovation from the top, here are the next six to help you maximize your company’s individual innovation process.

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Twelve smart ways to drive innovation from the top

  1. 1. TWELVE SMART WAYS TODRIVE INNOVATION FROMTHE TOPFor additional information about Innovationplease visit
  2. 2. www.InnovationGrow.comContinuing on the first six innovative strategies that companies areusing to drive their innovation from the top, here are the next six tohelp you maximize your company’s individual innovation process.2
  3. 3. www.InnovationGrow.comEMPOWER YOUR EMPLOYEESPeople’s satisfaction and levels of stress are directly linked to theamount of freedom and perceived power that they possess.By giving staff the responsibility for their decisions, both in good andbad decisions, you are encouraging them to find an innovative way tocome out on top and solve the problem.When they know that their choices matter they become empoweredand are more likely to be more creative in the workplace.3
  4. 4. www.InnovationGrow.comOPEN WORKFLOWPromoting an open workflow helps staff members to benefit from thetrust and have a sense of freedom.When they are consistently experiencing this in their workingenvironment their capabilities to innovate will increase, and throughpositive reinforcement your whole organization will benefit from thecreativity and innovations.4
  5. 5. www.InnovationGrow.comOPPORTUNITIES KNOCK SOFTLYHaving a process to listen and capture all of the possible ideas will allowyou to consistently feed the innovation process and have steady supplyinnovations to test.You can never predict when you or one of your employees will have agreat idea and having a process that is able to capture them easily willensure that you don’t miss out on even the faintest ideas.5
  6. 6. www.InnovationGrow.comFOSTER FAILUREPeople are going to make mistakes and the better that you companycan encourage employees to learn from their mistakes, the more likelythey will be to take chances. Innovation requires failure and as long asyou are consistently learning from the mistakes your organization willget it right sooner or later.6
  7. 7. www.InnovationGrow.comRALLY A VISIONBringing everyone on the team together around a unified vision helpsrally their spirits, which will increase their success when tacklingdifficult challenges and encourage them to go above and beyond tohelp the company succeed.People are remarkably creative and when they are faced with animportant enough purpose, they will find a way.7
  8. 8. www.InnovationGrow.comHIRE THE RIGHT PEOPLEFinding people that match the innovative culture that you want for yourcompany is much easier than trying to have people adapt and conform.It may take a little bit more legwork in the beginning to find theseremarkable employees, but once you have a core team that works theinnovation process with chemistry, your results will explode.8
  9. 9. GROWING BUSINESS WITH INNOVATIONFor additional information about Business Innovationplease visit