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Stealth innovation is not a solution


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When you are trying to implement an innovative culture or an innovation process it can be difficult work with or without unanimous support.

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Stealth innovation is not a solution

  1. 1. STEALTH INNOVATION IS NOTA SOLUTIONFor additional information about Innovationplease visit
  2. 2. www.InnovationGrow.comWhen you are trying to implement an innovative culture or aninnovation process it can be difficult work with or without unanimoussupport.There is always going to be conflict when you are trying to change aprocess or business function that has been adapted to whether or notthe innovation is seen as better or not.Taking a collective approach to innovation may seem difficult at first butit is the only way that it will truly be able to affect change.2
  3. 3. www.InnovationGrow.comInnovation in practice is not something that one person or a team canenforce on the rest of the business with much effectiveness. Working asa team with all of the other departments will give the innovationprocess a better chance at succeeding.Stealth innovations or attempts to change the standard operationwithout discussion and agreement can cause more conflict and actuallyhurt a company.The discussion and implementation of the innovative culture andprocess then can to be open. Empowering all of your employees andstaff members to contribute and rewarding their contributions willincrease the likelihood of them coming onboard with your innovationplans.3
  4. 4. www.InnovationGrow.comAlthough innovation can lead to breakthroughs and industry changingconcepts, the balance of iterating on what works and creatingcompletely new products or services is something that all companieshave to keep in mind.Without the cooperation of the entire organization a single persontrying to innovate on even the simplest business function will be metwith disapproval.By instead creating an innovation process that enables all of theemployees to contribute and encourages team innovation for thebetterment of their working conditions and the company, all of thesolutions that are created can be given a proper chance to succeed.4
  5. 5. www.InnovationGrow.comDeveloping an innovative process will allow anyone at any level of theorganization to take an idea to a workable concept and then have theability to test the idea to ensure traction before presenting to thecompany.This process doesnt have to be hidden and will benefit from the inputof the people that it will affect.By encouraging executives to see the ideas through a defined testingprocess without initial judgement your company will benefit fromblockbuster ideas that only a few could see succeeding. This processwill also limit the downside of implementing ideas that arent worthfurther resources.5
  6. 6. www.InnovationGrow.comThe concept of a stealth innovator or stealth innovation creates a senseof deceit and hidden agendas.If your innovation process is out in the open and gives staff membersthe resources and time to test any of their ideas you will benefit fromthe collective creativity of everyone in your company.The best solution is one that adds to your bottom line and inspires yourstaff to contribute their ideas to your company instead of yourcompetition. By empowering the staff with resources and a definedprocess you can accomplish just that.6
  7. 7. GROWING BUSINESS WITH INNOVATIONFor additional information about Business Innovationplease visit