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China-Europe: Social/Business culture Training


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The Program will go thorough social, mental, fashionable, business and family aspects of Chinese society. Will be presented in the way of comparison of European way of thinking with Asian /Chinese/ way of thinking and will cover number of case studies and real life examples of Chinese corporate from inside.

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China-Europe: Social/Business culture Training

  1. 1. China - EuropeSocial culture/Business cultureWhat the “bleep” do weknow about them? @intelligence2ahow doing business with China Company:trainings, step-by-step guides, reports,case studies
  2. 2. The training includes:The Program Will Go Thorough Social, Mental, Fashionable, Business And FamilyAspects Of Chinese Society. Will Be Presented In The Way Of Comparison OfEuropean Way Of Thinking With Asian /Chinese/ Way Of Thinking And Will CoverNumber Of Case Studies And Real Life Examples Of Chinese Corporate From Inside. • Highlights on what do we think about China and what China actually is. • Comparison of Chinese and European way of thinking in business and social environment. • Overview of what is important for you could mislead your Chinese partner and vice versa things offered by your Chinese partner can sound strange for you.China Business Connect: Trainings, Step-by-Step Guides©
  3. 3. Table of Content Part 1. Short intro. Part 2. Mentality. Part 3. Family. Part4. Socialization. Part 5. Fashion. Part 6. Business. Final Part.China Business Connect: Trainings, Step-by-Step Guides©
  4. 4. Training info Audio lessons: 8 mp3 audio files, Recording duration: 81 minutes 55 page Competitive Intelligence Startup Level 1 and Level 2 – (Adobe PDF file) 55 slide presentation on China- Europe: Social/Business culture, (PowerPoint .pptx file, Adobe PDF file) Buy full version of China-Europe: Social/Business culture, for $49.9 www.china-business-connect.comChina Business Connect: Trainings, Step-by-Step Guides©
  5. 5. more information about China Business Training,free packs and trial version how doing business with China Company: trainings, step-by-step guides, reports, case studies