Negotiation chinese tips to be successful in business


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In fact, if businesses would like to be successful in countries like China, it is necessary to adapt standard Chinese tactics as well as negotiation Chinese tips in order to establish long-lasting relationships.

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Negotiation chinese tips to be successful in business

  1. 1. NEGOTIATION CHINESE TIPS TOBE SUCCESSFUL IN BUSINESSFor additional information about Business with Chinaplease visit
  2. 2. www.China-Business-Connect.comAuthor Tim Friedman wrote a book called The World Is Flat. The bookhighlights how businesses must adapt to working across many differentcultures across the world in order to be successful.In fact, if businesses would like to be successful in countries like China,it is necessary to adapt standard Chinese tactics as well as negotiationChinese tips in order to establish long-lasting relationships.2
  3. 3. www.China-Business-Connect.comA standard Chinese tactic that must be implemented in order to putyour best foot forward with regards to establishing contacts is to get inintroduction to the person in charge.There are also partnerships which are called Guanxi where you havesomeone that is well recognized in the region that can actually makethat introduction.This goes a lot further then sending correspondence on your own as theperception would be that you do not currently have any connectionsthere. Furthermore, the Guanxi partnership creates interdependencyamongst parties since the favor that was done on your behalf will haveto be reciprocated at some point.3
  4. 4. www.China-Business-Connect.comHaving a local advisor can also improve your standing with Chinesebusinesses because it shows that you have long-term commitments byhaving someone that can be reached at a moment’s notice.The advisor would also be fluent in the local language which can alsohelp and reducing cost synergies need to have translation servicesneeded for your correspondence.This can also help your cause since the rep that you hire should be wellversed in Chinese war stratagems when it comes to handling theongoing levels of negotiations.4
  5. 5. www.China-Business-Connect.comA standard Chinese tactic is also to leverage the spending that isexpected from their Western business suitors. There is a generalperception that outsiders that would like to do business with them arefinancially affluent and are willing to pay any price to do business.If the Western company is employing a local advisor, it is best to havethem schedule hotel arrangements and other lodging that is reasonablypriced.The Western company may also get extra points by showing that theyare more frugal and efficient with their business dealings and will betreated with greater respect.5
  6. 6. www.China-Business-Connect.comChinese war stratagems that are implemented by the best companiesin China are to withhold emotions especially in the initial meetings withoutsiders.By showing your emotions right off the bat may actually lower yourchances of successful negotiation. Another standard Chinese tactic is toproperly establish and highlight the ranks in seniority of all partiesinvolved.Chinese business practice includes having a high regard for the moresenior members of each company so it would behoove the businessowner to make sure that they have the proper representation.6
  7. 7. www.China-Business-Connect.comLastly, formality is crucial for businesses that would like to be successfulin working with Chinese businesses.Westerners have a tendency to be informal at times which can be a kissof death and other cultures. While it is okay to have heated debatesabout governmental issues in the West, it is frowned upon when tryingto elicit a response from your counterparts.Getting a better understanding of the culture and leveraging thenuances will ultimately position your company to do really well inChina.7
  8. 8. For additional information about Business with Chinaplease visit