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Google’s innovative approach to business success


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The success over the past several years has been an inspiration for almost all of the other technology companies.

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Google’s innovative approach to business success

  1. 1. GOOGLE’S INNOVATIVEAPPROACH TO BUSINESSSUCCESSFor additional information about Innovationplease visit
  2. 2. www.InnovationGrow.comThe success over the past several years has been an inspiration foralmost all of the other technology companies. Google’s approach toinnovation is not limited to just the technology sphere as it is based onsolid strategies that can be modeled no matter what industry you arein.Utilizing the full capacity of your staff and client base, will giving them acreative license to dream up ideas and solutions will lead to amazinginnovations. Having a process in place to capitalize on these ideas andtest them quickly with the minimum amount of resources will keep yourinnovation profitable and allow you to take more risks; yielding thepotential for more rewards. Inspire your staff, let the creativity flow andget ready for many failures. Learning from these failures will help you toimprove, innovate and iterate, to stay ahead of the competition.2
  3. 3. www.InnovationGrow.comLeadership requires you to find the appropriate process to facilitateidea creation at all levels; including your clients. By enabling all of yourstaff and anyone else that comes into contact with your company tocontribute ideas and suggestions you will create a juggernaut ofinnovation possibilities.The best use of these creative powers is to focus them like a laser onany problem or difficulty that will generate innovative solutions to theproblem. Using the creative energy to solve problems as well as havetime to roam free and dream big will allow you to solve the immediateproblems and innovate for the future. Google employees are allocated20% of their working time to try new things and dream up ideas thatthey can test. This approach is a great compliment to the focusedproblem solving use of the innovation process. Find the balance thatworks for your company and don’t be afraid to let your employeesdream and test their ideas.3
  4. 4. www.InnovationGrow.comHaving a defined process and way to test the ideas quickly will help youto feel more confident allowing staff to test their ideas with a fixedamount of resources.By empowering your staff to not only innovation on the idea but bring itthrough the testing phase will get them excited and motivated by theprocess. If the innovation turns out to be a bust then you are able topull the plug and pat them on the back for their efforts.But if it turns out to be a major success they you will have a staffmember that will become a zealot for the cause and spark the interestto innovate in others.4
  5. 5. www.InnovationGrow.comBy taking Google’s free time innovation approach and combining it witha focused problem solving innovation you can create amazinginnovative ideas.Seeing those ideas through takes a very specific process that is clearlydefined in the resources that it allocates to each testing, but when theyare successful it could be the innovation that changes your companyforever. It takes time to find innovative processes that will the best withyour company’s unique business situation.Taking the time to empower your staff, collect the ideas test the ideas,kill the losers, and feed the winners in a process won’t happenovernight but continuing toward this path will lead to amazinginnovation possibilities.5
  6. 6. GROWING BUSINESS WITH INNOVATIONFor additional information about Business Innovationplease visit