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Design a passion project in three hours using Lean Start-up methods : Handouts


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The handouts / templates for the Design A Passion Product in 3 hours workshop at UX London.

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Design a passion project in three hours using Lean Start-up methods : Handouts

  1. 1. Design a Passion Project usingLean Startup Methods* Design a Product in Three Hours +UX London 2013 ConferenceApril 10, 2013Kate Rutter, Co-Founder, LUXr
  2. 2. Techniques checklist @luxrco © 2013 Use basic supplies: sharpies, stickynotes and white paper Dump & sort & 2x2 organizing Go wide, then decide Generate independently, discuss as a team. (3 people ideal) Work at the wall Quiet read (before discussion) Sketch (especially of people) Share info with Information radiators Timebox (speed kills the censor) Quick decisionmaking (dot vote, stack-rank)
  3. 3. the Molecule date @luxrco © 2013 people ve us ha e problem addresses solution
  4. 4. Persona date @luxrco © 2013 Behaviors Facts Needs & Goals
  5. 5. Value proposition 6-up @luxrco date © 2013With __________________, _________________ can...
  6. 6. Value proposition date @luxrco © 2013 With , can...
  7. 7. MV P Features date @luxrco © 2013To deliver on that, we will build these features: at ure at u re at ure fe fe fe
  8. 8. Metrics dashboard date @luxrco © 2013To assess progress, we will measure these metrics: e tric e tric e tric m m mGoalby / / / / / /Notes
  9. 9. http://luxr.coMetrics check @luxrco © 20131 Does the metric begin 2 Is there a time basis? 3 Is there an object basis? with a number? • “per week” [ ___/wk ] * not required, but super-helpful • “number of...” [ # ] • “per month” [ ___/mo] • “per user” [ ___/user] • “average number of...” [avg ] • “per user per week” (fancy!) • “percent of...” [ % ]Making metrics actionable useless vanity good better awesome % of users % of users % of new total number who sign in who post an sign-ups registered of registered 3+ times a update 3+ users per users day, times a day, week per week per week * In this example, posting an update is a key feature of the product. a good metric... a great metric... ...measures the usage of your product by a ...makes you look at all the other metrics person. The usage should be specific to and say “none of those other numbers features that deliver value to your user. matter if we donʼt get this right first.”