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Celts and Thracians


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Celts and Thracians

  1. 1. Celts and Thracians Hristina Dimitrova
  2. 2. Celts fearless victoryCeltic warriors
  3. 3. CeltsOriginal entrance to the Celtic city of Fentbach,near Weyarn, Upper Bavaria A Celtic monument found in the forest of Munich.
  4. 4. CeltsCeltic monumentsDitches, earth walls, burialmountsGraves of Celtic princes,noblemen, warriors with rich equipment
  5. 5. CeltsIn 50 B.C. Romanians andGerman tribes pressed themback on the outskirts ofEurope and force Celts acceptChristianity.
  6. 6. Thracians The teasure from BohotThe treasure from Panagiurishte
  7. 7. ThraciansThracian’sweapons.
  8. 8. Strabon - Greek historian, geographer and philosopher 64/63 B.C. — 23/24 B.C
  9. 9. Alexander The Great 336–323 BCGreek king of Macedonians
  10. 10. Tylis279-213 B.C.
  11. 11. What do they have in common? Indo-European roots Under Romanian slaverybrave and fearless warriors Taliesin and Orpheus
  12. 12. Taliesin This picture is "Taliesin in the Tree of Far Sight"
  13. 13. Orpheus