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Purdue Tlt 09 Robbins


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Published in: Education, Technology
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  • By the way, the 'Arm Yourself' and a few other slides are created for laser-pointer feedback from the audience.
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  • Wow! Thank you so much for all the great comments and feedback. I really believe that humor brings people together and, as Melanie noted, a lot of folks in academia are quite distraught about how technology is changing what we do and how we do it. This talk was meant to start conversations. I'm glad to see it's working.
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  • I'm laughing so hard my face hurts! Awesome. 'Stop Facespacing and Mybooking!' LMAO
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  • Slide 47: wrong IMO. It IS impolite to phone/txt/twitter/type on a PC while ppl are talking to you: common courtesy. Technology is not a god. Everything else though is excellent, and is a good reflection on how truth & knowledge is made universally available via the 'net, and the potential to empower all who seek. An issue it fails to work into the plot though is that hopefully the knowledge of the experience of teachers is better than a hundred bits of Facebook and blog rants. Technology and democratised 'net knowledge is great, but don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.

    (PS I am not a university boffin - in fact I only went there a few weeks, so I am not defending them.)
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Purdue Tlt 09 Robbins

  1. Battle lines: Is Academia at War with Technology? Sarah “Intellagirl” Robbins Purdue TLT 2009
  2. Arm yourself!
  3. 78% of the incoming class of 2009 will have had internet access their entire K-12 career. 98% of the incoming class of 2012 will have had internet access their entire K-12 career. *Institute of Education Sciences, National Center for Education Statistics
  4. We must STOP talking about Technology! We MUST start talking about what technology can DO! And what it’s already DONE!
  5. Technology has made teaching/learning more difficult. AGREE DISAGREE
  6. Let’s go back in time!
  7. October 25 1415 c.e.
  8. The french
  9. = 1,200 Mounted Knights *Reenactment
  10. = 10,000 Dismounted Knights
  11. = 10,000 Crossbowmen
  12. The british
  13. = 1,000 Dismounted Knights
  14. = 5,000 Longbowmen
  15. = 20,000 = 5,900
  16. I’m noble! I’m impenetrable! I’m poncy!
  17. I’m a commoner. I’m outnumbered. I’m desperate.
  18. The battle
  19.  
  20. There are so many of them!!!
  21. FIRE!!!
  22. You cannot shoot me!!!
  23. DOH!!!
  24. CHARGE!!!
  25. Run away!!!
  26. ouch…
  27. I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!
  28. HaHa! We have you know Frenchy pig-dogs!
  29. but I’m a noble… 
  30. SO?!
  31. aaaarrrrggggg… STAB!!
  32. 90 minutes later
  33. YEAH!!! WE WON!!!!!
  34. All ur kni-gits r belong to us But what do we do with all these French hostages?
  35. Kill them!!!
  36. VS 7,000-10,000 112 Dead Dead
  37. Oh the humanity!!!!
  38. How have universities reacted to technology adoption decisions? TOO AGILE SLOWLY ADOPTION
  39. How is the conflict between institutional learning and social learning like Agincourt?
  40. Wikipedia is blocked on all computers in the Warren Hills NO!! Regional School District. Seattle Times November 21, 2007
  41. Regarding laptops in the classroom: I tell my students that it is as impolite as it would be for them to sit in class reading a newspaper. Chronicle of Higher Ed Forums Mar 16 2009
  42. Blogs don’t count!! “Today’s senior faculty members look at blogs the way a previous generation of academics looked at television — as a guilty, tawdry pleasure that should not be talked about in respectable circles.” Drezner 2005
  43. We have diplomas! and clip art!
  44. British food again?!
  45. So let’s go back to Agincourt!
  46. The Battle of Social Learning vs Institutional learning
  47. 2OO9
  48. VS Academia may underestimate the power of the web
  49. You’re just a commoner! Patooey!
  50. I only engage with people who are my equal!
  51. I engage with anyone who contributes!
  52.   Bad economy Changes in knowledge production Drops in tenured positions Increased pressure to reduce costs
  53. Webizens begin to build their own institutions of knowledge and knowledge production
  54. We blog! We twitter! We make videos!
  55. We research!
  56. We peer review! You didn’t reference me! Rejected! I disagree with your regression analysis!
  57. We peer review! I edited your Wikipedia page! I commented on your blog!
  58. You aren’t experts. You’re not making “real” knowledge.
  59. SO?!
  60. This is the pivotal moment! Will we recreate the past?
  61. No laptops in the classroom! CHARGE!!! Block Wikipedia!
  62. Stop Online Facespacing degrees don’t and count! Mybooking!
  63. Wait! Maybe if we use the web too we could do really innovative things. Ouch!
  64. We need to schedule a meeting to form a committee to talk about how to get out this mud
  65. Want some help?
  66. All ur toobz r belong to us But what do we do with all these old academics?
  67. No worries. They‘ll just fade away.
  68. Or do we learn from past mistakes?
  69. Does your campus feel more… or
  70. LOL! ROFL! OMG! ROFLMAO! TTFN Dood! But what do we do with all these old academics?
  71. We take off a bit of our armor We learn to find a middle ground
  72. TL w/T gets better when we stop focusing on the tools and start focusing on the uses/affordances
  73. Online journals allow anyone to read I B in ur journalz readin’ ur research!
  74. Academics engage with non-academics And the bartender says ‘Why the long face?’!
  75. Information is layered everywhere
  76. Intellectual curiosity is satisfied NOW! Everywhere! All the time!
  77. Networks of people share what they know!
  78. How do we do it?
  79. Don’t assume knowledge can only come from “vetted” sources
  80. Justify ALL choices, even the traditional ones
  81. Be willing to try new things. Learn from students.
  82. Learn more about how people already use the tool, learn similar topics.
  83. This doesn’t have to be a battle
  84. Look for tweets from TLTFrenchy and TLTBrit during the conference! Sarah “Intellagirl” Robbins SL: Intellagirl Tully Email: Web: Skype, Yahoo, AIM, Gchat: Intellagirl