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Hydrocut waterjet Greece Intelicut international


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high tech precision laser, waterjet, plasma oxy fuel machines

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  • Thanks all of you (85 visits) for visiting our slide show. in the next days we will upload more about waterjet cutting.

    You are right we are not a big company BUT we have as well knowledge, we are over 14 years in the market and we are very flexible and adoptive to new technologies

    Yes we are small and quick and you are still a costumer and not a NUMBER

    Yes we cut our parts on our machines because we know they are accurate!

    Yes we pick up the phone 24/7

    Yes we produce machines for living , and we try our best to be competitive but not cheep!!
    We ship world wide USA, EUROPE, ASIA, AUSTRALIA, AFRICA except war zones our machines are not bullet proof, AND NORTH POLE our waterjets are not prepared for this temperatures.

    Please write some comments, or contact for more info or quote.

    Roman Goettfried
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Hydrocut waterjet Greece Intelicut international

  1. 1. We build CNC cutting machines …You just ad ideas! HYDROCUTJET 27th km National Road Athens-Lamia,   Afidnes 19014  Greece Europe +30 2295 0 29050 email: [email_address] USA + 1 917 881 1803 email: [email_address]