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Quality Engineering Assurance Services | Automation Testing


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Intelegenica is pioneer in providing quality services in the whether be in the field of QA ie Quality engineering assurance services or Mobile automation services. You can expect round the clock solution from our end.

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Quality Engineering Assurance Services | Automation Testing

  1. 1. Quality Engineering Assurance Services One of the qualities of a top-notch service provider is being able to adapt a customer-centric strategy. A well-known approach in business, this strategy provides clients or customers a satisfactory experience by prioritizing their needs and preferences while also offering expert suggestions on a matter. At Intelegencia, we provide a competent, cost-effective, and customer-centric quality engineering assurance services that are responsible and reliable. By putting our clients on limelight, we center our focus on how to deliver round the clock services that are always in their maximum performance with minimal technical setbacks. Utilizing the newest innovative technologies partnered with the tried and tested by our team of experts has been our advantage. We offer solutions for entrepreneurial set-ups that are lacking a coordinated QA Strategy for high geared software launches and those in need of a decent internal software testing. Intelegenicia caters to those who wants high-quality and well-thought out work at a minimal cost. The mobile automation testing services we offer here at Intelegencia have helped ventures from various industries make massive gains. Working with our engineers and experts guarantee that customers will get optimum quality test scripts that are done precisely and meticulously. Furthermore, our mobile
  2. 2. automation testing services strives to test several devices at once and create elaborate reports with comparable parameters. Our team of automation engineers are highly skilled and well-trained at evaluating the quality of a script or even a particular software, running it multiple times for errors that might show, successfully fixing them, and making sure the problems encountered does not recur. We at Intelegencia are dedicated, passionate, and focused on offering the best customer experience for all our clients. By availing our services, you can cut down your costs in half while having the assurance of getting quality work done by our team. For more details, Contact us: Name: Intelegencia Analytics Address: 40 West Evergreen Avenue, Suite 101A, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19118 Phone: 404-496-5025 Email: Website: