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Creating an Online PLN


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Creating an Online PLN

  2. 2. PLN Basics Networked learning environment Create your own connections with like- minded educators who are passionate about learning Share what you learn with others and vice versa Quality of connections are important, not quantity
  3. 3. Teachers with a PLN have: Elevated student achievement Instant access to vast network of educators around the world Shared learning resources and support… sometimes instantly!
  4. 4. RSS Feeds “Really Simple Syndication” Websites distribute new content through RSS feeds Automatically receive updated information through a ‘Reader’ Universal sign for RSS feed is
  5. 5. Google Reader Add RSS feeds through browse or search features Copy and paste to add feeds by right clicking on RSS symbols Keep up with your favorite blogs or websites Can add ‘bundles’ on a particular topic If you don’t use Google for your email, you can create an account to use Reader.
  6. 6. Google Reader Works with blogs, websites, and Google searches Can even set up an eBay search! Start slowly, read daily Set up calendar reminders to get into the habit
  7. 7. Online Educational Communities  Nings  Blogs
  8. 8. Classroom 2.0 -
  9. 9. Twitter – Microbloggingwww.twitter.comHashtags to try: #edchat #edtech #education
  10. 10. Twitter Begin by following and reading, search for some hash tags Once you find good people to follow, check out who THEY are following Some tweets have links, some are conversational #edchat is a good place to start
  11. 11. Ready to get started? JUMP IN!
  12. 12. Consume1) Pick 3 blogs and begin to read them.2) Subscribe to the blogs you selected through Google Reader3) Join an Online Professional Network  Classroom 2.0  Educator’s PLN4) Sign up for Twitter  Read tweets from educational ‘tweeters’  Enter hash tags to follow conversations
  13. 13. Curate Get accounts with Diigo and Install browser toolbar extensions so material can be added with the click of a button
  14. 14. Diigo-Annotate, Archive,
  15. 15. Diigo - Social Bookmarking Replaces solitary bookmarking, share with the greater public Important component to PLN Follow others’ bookmarks Diigo toolbar can be added to browser for quick organization Annotate sites by tag, highlight and sticky note any site you’ve bookmarked Plan out your tags so you stay consistent
  16. 16. Easily create an online magazine andshare with others. Publish by
  17. 17. Converse Blogs  Comment on a blog post from one of the blogs you are now following Twitter  Reply to or initiate a tweet Online Communities  Ask a question
  18. 18. Levels of Participation Spectators Conversationalists Contributors Creators
  19. 19. Connect!Good luck growing your PLN. Twitter: integrationed integrationed Diigo: jrlamb