The Power of Integrating Social and Traditional PR


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Integrate PR is an award-winning social media and public relations agency that stays true to traditional PR roots while embracing the limitless strategic possibilities available through direct communication with your target audiences via social media.

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  • +845 million usersLargest demo is 21-24 and then 35-44
  • 140 million active usersTweet 340 million tweets / dayMore females and they are 31-49
  • #Worldseries 154K#SFGiants #350KDetroit Tigers - #Tigers 196KTotal tweets – 701KSF Giants matched Obama’s Klout score last week
  • Hudson river plane crashRoyal weddingWhitney houston’s deathOsama bin laden death and raid
  • 13K newspaper journalists have lost their jobs25% smaller staff
  • A visualization showing the adopting of Twitter across the United States. From late March 2006 through the early August 2009, nearly 3.5 million people signed up for twitter. 2.3 million of those users signed up in the 408 cities displayed here.Spikes in Twitter adoption corresponded with news coverage. One example was Ashton Kutcher’s challenge to CNN to see who could attract 1 million followers first. Kutcher won by half an hour, gaining an invite from Oprah Winfrey who also sent out her very first tweet. As news about Twitter increased, so did its number of users.
  • The story of Hurricane Sandy unfolded quickly on social media: a poignant photo of soldiers standing guard at the Tomb of the Unknowns, a picture of a giant wave slamming into the Statue of Liberty and a TV report that 3 feet of water flooded the New York Stock Exchange.
  • Connect with reporters onlineHow can you build a better relationship through online channels available?What is the way they like to interact?What are some creative ways you can engage them in an online campaign?
  • 1,100 TV placements in the US in the first 2 days400K new visitors to the site in one day and 1 million the next dayabout 35K applicants
  • Austin, San Antonio, Fort Worth, Round Top, Gruene, Houston
  • In a mere three months, Imperial Sugar gave away over 75,000 samples to Facebook users. Integrate Public Relations garnered more than 52,000 active users on their Facebook page; the social media page received over 7,000 likes and over 500 users posted positive feedback about the product on the page.By proactively using traditional public relations campaigns and social media outlets, the stevia sweetener is now nationally recognized and is being requested and enjoyed by the masses, inside and outside of Texas.
  • The Power of Integrating Social and Traditional PR

    1. 1. The  Power  of   Integrating    Social  &  Traditional  PR  
    2. 2. @AllieDanziger  and  @IntegratePR  
    4. 4. In  Lieu  of  Halloween…  
    5. 5. Stories  that  Broke  via  Social  Media  
    6. 6. Different  Landscape.   Same  Rules.  
    7. 7. Goals  of  Journalists  •  Find/Source  interesting  stories    •  Communicate  honest,  newsworthy  stories  •  Bring  news  to  the  community  •  Impress  their  editor  •  Increase  readership    •  Establish  and  sustain  credibility  with  their  audience  
    8. 8.       Journalists  Use  Social  Media  Uncover  news  tips            Gather  content    Stay  in  touch/Connect          Discuss  trends  Learn  people’s  reactions        Clarify  rumors    Create  &  circulate  stories        Interact  with  readers  Promote  publication            
    9. 9. The  Creative  Few:  
    10. 10. Tips  to  Connect:    1.  Find  the  right  sources  
    11. 11. Tips  to  Connect:    1.  Find  the  right  sources  2.  Build  a  dialogue  with  reporters  online    
    12. 12. Tips  to  Connect:    1.  Find  the  right  sources  2.  Build  a  dialogue  with  reporters  online  3.  Help  with  their  events    
    13. 13. Tips  to  Connect:    1.  Find  the  right  sources    2.  Build  a  dialogue  with   reporters  online  3.  Help  with  their  events  4.  Promote  their  stories      
    14. 14. Tips  to  Connect:    1.  Find  the  right  sources    2.  Build  a  dialogue  with  reporters  online  3.  Help  with  their  events  4.  Promote  their  stories    5.  Monitor  so  you  can    be  a  helpful  resource      
    15. 15. BONUS!  Tips  for  Engagement  •  HARO  –  respond  immediately!      •  Digital  press  release  –  and  get  it  to  them!  •  YouSendIt  photo  album/Dropbox  •  Comment  on  their  stories  in  comment  feed  •  Get  their  buy  in  before  hand!    
    16. 16. Best  Job  in  the  World  Campaign  
    17. 17. Goode  Company’s  Texas  Tour  
    18. 18. Imperial  Sugar  Steviacane  
    19. 19. ?Q&A  
    20. 20. Thanks  for  listening!       713.446.6377   @AllieDanziger