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Oregon/Washington Association of Broadcasters AM presentation


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Allie Herzog from integratePR ( and The Creative Animal speak on the New Frontier of Broadcasting and how to use social media to engage further with audiences.

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Oregon/Washington Association of Broadcasters AM presentation

  1. 1. Allie Herzog, integratePR Doug Harris, Creative Animal
  3. 3. WHY ARE WE HERE?
  4. 4. WHAT IS ONLINE MEDIA? Interactive Direct communication Information is traveling FAST Everyone has an opinion Citizen Journalism Networking Messy and sometimes out of control
  5. 5. WEB 1.0 vs. WEB 2.0 Reading vs. Writing Companies vs. Communities Advertising vs. Word of Mouth Information vs. Opinion Home pages vs. Blogs Lectures vs. Conversations Encyclopedia vs. Wikipedia
  6. 6. DOES IT WORK?
  7. 7. DOES IT WORK?
  8. 8. DOES IT WORK?
  9. 9. WHO IS USING IT?
  10. 10. WHO IS USING IT?
  11. 11. WHO IS USING IT?
  12. 12. WHO IS USING IT?
  13. 13. 1. Analyze staff strength & assign duties 2. Identify goals (branding vs. marketing vs. revenue) 3. Social media as a budget item (how much to whom how often) 4. The annual plan GETTING STARTED