Maine Association of Broadcasters - How to Make Money with Social Media


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How to Make Money with Social Media - a presentation targeted to radio and TV sales professionals on how they can use social media to attract advertisers and keep them loyal through social media.

Attendees will walk away with a better understanding of how to break through online clutter and how to stand out from their competitors on the various social media channels. This session will be informative as well as interactive, giving everyone practical solutions to bring back to their stations.

Allie Herzog Danziger and her company specialize in helping brands and individuals differentiate and prevail by embracing change and integrating new and traditional tools in their communication mix. Danziger is constantly checking the pulse of today’s fast-paced social media and digital worlds, always searching for the next big thing that can help her clients grow and flourish.

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Maine Association of Broadcasters - How to Make Money with Social Media

  1. 1. I like socialmedia and allBUT…
  2. 2. Meet @AllieDanziger and @IntegratePR
  3. 3. Best Job in the World Campaign
  4. 4. @DrivingAHonda
  5. 5. Integrate Public Relations is an award-winning PR firm that strategically integratesnew social media tools and tactics into “old school” communication methodology to achieve current and long-term business goals
  6. 6. Goode Company’s Texas Tour
  7. 7. Easter Seals’ DJ Room
  9. 9. “We are not a TV station anymore as much as aprovider of news on multiple platforms.” ~Scott Blumenthal, executive vice president for Lin Media
  10. 10. “It’s funny when you think about socialmedia and radio. Radio has always been a social media. Highly skilled radio personalities of the past were good at working crowds with real engagement, remembering names and encouraging listeners to participate.” ~Loyd Ford
  11. 11. People are Getting News Online “What  Facebook  and  Twi2er  mean  for  News,”  Pew  Research  Center,  2012  
  12. 12. Stories that Broke via Social Media
  13. 13. But TV is Not Dead
  14. 14. But TV is Not Dead
  15. 15. But TV is Not Dead
  16. 16. Let’s take it one step further…•  Social conversations sparked by local on-air topics•  Special companion content that is synced to local broadcast news, sports and entertainment programming.•  Instant "TalkBack" social polls mirroring those on the air to increase communication with local audiences.•  Relevant local marketing that is synched to television advertising spots, or engages the "viewser" in new ways that activate both national and local marketing campaigns.•  Simultaneous promotions of upcoming news stories, local specials and national programming on both the main and second screens.
  17. 17. CBS Second Screen App
  18. 18. TV News Staffing & Profitability Survey
  19. 19. Radio Staffing & Profitability Survey
  20. 20. Social Media is NOT broadcasting... its engagement.
  21. 21. First Steps with Social Media Uncover news tips Story leads and follow-up Gather content Twitter lists Stay in touch/Connect Discuss trends Learn people’s reactions Crowdsourcing ideas/opinions Have a "conversation" or "interacting" with viewers Clarify rumors Create & circulate stories Interact with audience Running some Facebook comments on various newscasts
  22. 22. The  Creative  Few:  
  23. 23. Using Social Media to Attract Audience
  24. 24. Using Social Media to Attract Audience
  25. 25. Using Social Media to Attract Audience
  26. 26. Using Social Media to Attract Audience
  27. 27. What Else?•  Use Facebook to explore special topics of concern like bullying, diabetes, immigration, transportation and solving a cold case.•  Live chats on air
  28. 28. What Else?
  29. 29. What Else?•  Use Facebook to explore special topics of concern like bullying, diabetes, immigration, transportation and solving a cold case.•  Live chats on air•  Live streaming of events•  Audience develop questions for newsmakers•  Bring audience to news meetings•  Anchor-less news at KIAH-TV in Houston -- called "NewsFix”•  More web-only content
  30. 30. WHERE TO START??
  31. 31. Choose the Right Platforms
  32. 32. Like VS. Share VS. Comment
  33. 33. Quick TipsReactive Engagement > Proactive Posts Listen First Share GREAT Content 120 is the new 140 Be Polite Use the Tools! Tweet Chats
  34. 34. LinkedIn for Sales Build your profile for your client Get connecting but be careful Utilize search and introductionsGive recommendations and endorsements Join groups but beware of spam Initiate contact with connections
  35. 35. Pinterest for Busiess Beautiful photos will take you FAR Search is basic at this point Don’t stick with the default boards Be active – post and engage dailyPromote with other social media tools Have fun with it!
  36. 36. Make a Schedule
  37. 37. What to Post
  38. 38. What to Post
  39. 39. What to Post
  40. 40. What to Post
  41. 41. When to Post
  42. 42. When to Post
  43. 43. Dissect the “Voice” Distinctive Informative Succinct Super Exciting Creative Targeted
  44. 44. Always Know Your Audience
  45. 45. Engage the Loyal Ones!
  46. 46. Measureable Business Results
  47. 47. Q&A&A Q&A Q&A  Q&A?&A   Q&A Q&AQ&A Q&A Q&A
  48. 48. Thank you so much! @IntegratePR