IPR GVB presentation 6.18.2012


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IntegratePR to present social media to the sales managers at Grand View Builders.

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  • IPR GVB presentation 6.18.2012

    1. 1. OnlineCommunication s in 2012
    2. 2. Hi, I’m Allie
    3. 3. Hi, I’m Stephanie
    4. 4. Integrate Public Relationsis an innovative public relationsfirm that strategically integrates new social media tools and tactics into “old school”communication methodology to achieve current and long-term business growth
    5. 5. Sudden Shift in Communications As the world of communications has shifted, so have we, asPublic Relations professionals, had to shift our way of thinkingand strategies to communicate our clients’ messages to target audiences through creative, thoughtful inbound marketing techniques.
    6. 6. Services We Provide Integrate Public Relations strives to create a dynamic presence for our clients through strategic planning, thoughtful content creation and extensive opportunity research with:• Blogger/Influencer relations• Online conversation monitoring and developing strategic responses• Posting, commenting, engaging across appropriate social media channels• Crisis planning and situation management• Connecting with industry leaders and media• Internal trainings on updated marketing strategies• Event coordination and management
    7. 7. IPR & GVB since Jan. 2011• Facebook/Twitter/Blog• Newsletter/eBlast• Traditional PR• Email Follow-Up Program• SWMJ PR
    8. 8. IPR & GVB since Jan. 2011
    9. 9. IPR & GVB since Jan. 2011• Facebook/Twitter/Blog• Newsletter/eBlast• Traditional PR• Video Development• Email Follow-Up Program• SWMJ PR
    10. 10. Why does social media matter??
    11. 11. Why does social media matter??
    12. 12. Why does social media matter??
    13. 13. Communication TODAY Reading Vs. Writing Companies Vs. Communities Advertising Vs. Word of Mouth Information Vs. Opinion Home Pages Vs. Blogs Lectures Vs. Conversations Encyclopedia Vs. Wikipedia
    14. 14. Online Media Interactive Direct communicationInformation is traveling fast Opinions galore! Citizen Journalism Messy
    15. 15. Communication Trends Demand “Hyper-Transparency” Lightening Speed Dialogue is KEY Competitors have the same tools
    16. 16. Why Do People Post Online? They are paid to do so To win/because of an incentive To increase their standing in a community They want to look good / impressive / intelligent amongst their peers Want others to benefit from their advice Because they have something to say/feedback to share
    17. 17. Different Landscape. Same
    18. 18. Grand View Builders is there!
    19. 19. Grand View Builders is there!
    20. 20. Grand View Builders is there!
    21. 21. How you can help…
    22. 22. Info we can use:• Photos• Homeowners with great stories• Videos• Realtors for Realtor of the Month
    23. 23. Process Flow• Stephanie is your “go to” gal!• Send her an email or text message• She’ll be in touch if we need more information
    24. 24. Do’s for GVB Social Media• Add to your “favorites”
    25. 25. Do’s for GVB Social Media• Invite your friends, family and favorite clients/homeowners to “like” the page
    26. 26. Do’s for GVB Social Media• Add a link to the pages into your email signature
    27. 27. Don’ts for GVB Social Media• Daily text messages to Stephanie• Posting a response to an angry customer• Creating your own Facebook or Twitter page for the community• Scolding employees on social media pages – Friending your employees puts you at potential risk
    28. 28. Let’s work together!
    29. 29. Let’s work together!
    30. 30. Example of one business not doing so well…
    31. 31. Thank you so much for your attention today!