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Airports and Social Media


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Airports and Social Media

  1. 1. Getting off the Ground with Social Media
  2. 2. Integrate Public Relations Integrate Public Relationsis an innovative public relations firm that strategically integrates new social media tools and tactics into “old school”communication methodology to achieve current and long-term business growth
  3. 3. first thing’s first..Monitor  and  Listen  to  the  Dialogue    Understand  Your  Audience    Build  an  Online  Presence  (that  people  want  to  see!)   •  What  are  people  looking  for?   •  Where  are  you  housing  most  of  your  content?  
  4. 4. TO GET STARTED1.  Set  up  schedule  to  update  website  2.  Incorporate  10  SEO  keywords  on  website  (back  end  &  in  copy)      
  5. 5. TO GET STARTED1.  Set  up  schedule  to  update  website  2.  Incorporate  10  SEO  keywords  on  website  (back  end  &  in  copy)  3.      Add  Google  AnalyNcs  to  the  backend  of  your  website  4.  Set  up  monitoring  plaPorms  (Hootsuite,  Google  Alerts)        
  6. 6. TO GET STARTED1.  Set  up  schedule  to  update  website  2.  Incorporate  10  SEO  keywords  on  website  (back  end  &  in  copy)  3.      Add  Google  AnalyNcs  to  the  backend  of  your  website  4.  Set  up  monitoring  plaPorms  (Hootsuite,  Google  Alerts)    5.  Think  about  who  your  target  audience  is  and  what  your  goals   are  (increase  revenue,  build  awareness,  enhance  customer   service,  crisis  management)    6.      Connect  plaPorms  7.  Find  influencers  and  communicate  with  them  online    
  7. 7.