All about Product Roadmaps


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Every great product needs a clear, well-defined product roadmap. This Slideshare explains the whats, whys and hows of Product Roadmaps in plain English.

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All about Product Roadmaps

  1. 1. All about Product Roadmaps The IT Performance Experts
  2. 2. What is a Product Roadmap? A high level vision of the future evolution of the product
  3. 3. Functionality The Product Roadmap includes… Image: Deviantart /ssj5goku28
  4. 4. Effort Required The Product Roadmap includes…
  5. 5. Release dates The Product Roadmap includes…
  6. 6. Executives See what functionality is still outstanding and the effort required to deliver Sales & Marketing See what functionality is coming in upcoming releases and shape efforts based on this Development team Understanding of future direction of product End users If roadmap made public Who uses the Product Roadmap?
  7. 7. Who manages the Product Roadmap? Roadmaps should be managed by the Product Owner
  8. 8. Executives Strategic direction Development team Practicalities – complexities, pre-requisites Sales & Marketing Upcoming sales/marketing activities that will influence new functionality End users Target roadmap based on feedback from users Who maintains the Product Roadmap?
  9. 9. What appears on a Product Roadmap? Features! aka User Stories
  10. 10. Features are self contained, testable items of functionality that can be delivered in isolation that will add value to a system
  11. 11. Features should be 1 – 5 days development
  12. 12. Anything bigger should be classed as an Epic and split into smaller features before developing Epics are acceptable on a product roadmap as low priority items
  13. 13. What makes a good Product Roadmap? A good product roadmap is D E E P etailed appropriately stimated mergent rioritised
  14. 14. Detailed Appropriately All high priority features should be fully defined Features should get less and less detailed as their priority decreases
  15. 15. All items on the roadmap should be estimated! Estimates should be more accurate as items become higher priority Estimated
  16. 16. Product Roadmap is a living document – should be constantly re-evaluated because of factors Nothing set in stone until accepted into the sprint backlog Product roadmap should be re-evaluated at least at the end of each sprint Emergent
  17. 17. Prioritise based on… Value Requirement Pre-requisite of other functionality Timeliness Features that would group well together into a release Practicalities Prioritised Roadmaps should include the order in which features are planned to be implemented
  18. 18. How is a roadmap displayed? Split into functional areas For each release, also display • Name for the release • Estimated release date • Effort included in the release Features can be colour coded based on • Size / effort • Feature type Image: Flickr/Giorgio Montersino
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