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A connected home


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Digital Scotland - a Connected Home

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A connected home

  1. 1. The Connected Home 25 October 2016
  2. 2. The Connected Home Digital Scotland – First Movie
  3. 3. The Connected Home “Having access to the internet is an essential component of 21st century life. The benefits that are derived from being online – and the disadvantages that come from a lack of access – are now so significant that the twin challenges of improving the UK’s digital infrastructure and increasing digital participation have become critical public policy issues, attracting attention and resources from governments at all levels.” (Across the Divide, Carnegie 2013)
  4. 4. The Connected Home SIMD Tenure
  5. 5. The Connected Home The recently published “Fairer Scotland Action Plan” includes a commitment by government: “We will now invest over £3 billion over the next five years for at least 50,000 affordable homes, of which 35,000 will be for social rent. Housing for social rent already has to meet our accessibility standards, but funding is also available for specialist housing – for example, helping disabled people with more complex needs live independently in their own homes; and older people to stay in their own homes for longer. There will be other improvements too. Wherever possible, homes delivered under this programme will include ducting to help future-proof people’s access to internet and broadband services.” (Fairer Scotland Action Plan October 2016)
  6. 6. The Connected Home If you go to Youtube, and search ‘Future Homes’: 1. It’s never a flat 2. It’s always connected via a full fibre connection 3. There’s full signal in every room in the house 4. Technology focus is on personal convenience & entertainment 5. Cost is never an issue
  7. 7. The Connected Home
  8. 8. The Connected Home
  9. 9. The Connected Home
  10. 10. The Connected Home Critical reasons for connecting up a home: 1. Provide access to services 2. Deliver savings to residents 3. Enable Personal engagement and interaction 4. Enable technology such as smart-phones 5. Avoid lockout from future opportunities 6. Enable digital skills development
  11. 11. The Connected Home •Sustainability •The potential for telehealth and wearables to make tenancies more sustainable for the elderly or those with a disability •Service improvement allows the expansion and better targeting of services, supporting people in their homes more effectively •Home Automation •More integrated systems provide economies, better living conditions, reduced waste •Renewal & Development •Improved digital skills and a trend to teleworking allow economic opportunities for digital products and remote work
  12. 12. The Connected Home
  13. 13. The Connected Home What do we mean by a connected home? A connected home is one that either has a reliable broadband connection, or is constructed in such a way that provision of a future connection is made as easy as possible. Core elements 1. Ducting is available to provide wired connections 2. Space and power is available to install a router 3. Building construction does not block a wireless signal, for example foil backed insulation creating a Faraday Cage’
  14. 14. The Connected Home Digital Newbuild The Digital Participation team, as part of Digital Scotland is working with Homes for Scotland and other key stakeholders, such as the Joint Housing Policy & Delivery Group The conversation is about building Digital in at all stages of the development process, from positioning cable access and cabinets in planning an estate, the provision of ducting for fibre or network cabling, and router access and power supply. Home automation, and digital access are increasingly part of a build package, currently, around 3% of new US homes include some automation, and that’s predicted to at least triple by 2020.
  15. 15. The Connected Home Getting that Connection? There is no equivalent of the Universal Service Obligation for digital access, but the Scottish Government is committed to ensuring 100% of households can access Superfast Broadband There are currently a number of providers of low cost broadband access with a variety of business models, generally one or more of the following: 1. Limited (or shaped) traffic offered at reduced cost 2. Monetisation via a dedicated access portal 3. Some portion of capital costs being covered upfront, normally by the Housing Association 4. Predicted uptake of a full service offering by some recipients
  16. 16. The Connected Home Getting that Connection?BT BT Business is offering a shared wi-fi internet service for tenants, paid for by the Housing Association. This comes with affordable hardware offers and training support. Download further information sheet (pdf) Community provides managed free and low cost WiFi internet connectivity and digital inclusion solutions to the social housing sector. Download further information sheet (pdf) EE EE is offering discounts on 4GEE mobile wifi hubs for purchase by not for profit organisations in the UK. Several CHI members are also working with EE to pilot promotion of 4GEE mobile wifi hubs to customers at a discount. Download further information sheet (pdf) Links: CHI press release Orbit Group promotion Get Online@Home GetOnline@Home is a partnership initiative backed by Microsoft providing low cost refurbished desktop and laptop computers and broadband solutions. Download further information sheet (pdf) Happus Happus offers products direct to residents including affordable hardware and a new Unlimited Broadband offer exclusive to social housing tenants. Download further information sheet (pdf) Hyperoptic Hyperoptic delivers fibre optic internet and has three products to suit different financial and connectivity needs, currently with free installation. Download further information sheet (pdf) IP Solutions UK IP solutions UK use mifis and dongles to provide affordable mobile internet connectivity and are aimed exclusively at those delivering digital inclusion initiatives. Download further information sheet (pdf) Keycom Keycom is a wired and wireless broadband supplier with a specialism in supplying wireless internet services to multiple households. Download further information sheet (pdf) RePC Ltd Repc Ltd offer recycled computers at a fixed price direct to residents and work with social housing partners to recycle and redistribute hardware. Download further information sheet (pdf) Social Telecoms Social enterprise providing digital services - Tentel Ltd Tentel offer low price broadband – contacts ? Tier 1 Tier 1 offers landlords a range of refurbishment and recycling services and sells refurbished laptops/PCs and tablets to individual customers and organisations. Download further information sheet (pdf)
  17. 17. The Connected Home Asking the right questions For those without a strong technical or procurement background, it can be difficult to assess the various commercial offerings Given the very different conditions in housing across Scotland, it’s not possible to make a ‘best practice’, or ‘one size fits all’ recommendation The range of factors that affect services, such as location, housing type, fibre availability and tenant demographics is also affected by conditions on the ground, each association has a different set of internal skills, preferred risk profile, funding flexibility and availability
  18. 18. The Connected Home Asking the right questions 1. Confidentiality/Privacy 2. Intellectual Property 3. Duration & lockin 4. Technical ‘Robustness’ 5. Toolset & Apps 6. Commercial basis (or funding model) 7. Usage Data 8. Exclusivity 9. Confidence
  19. 19. The Connected Home My Role • Working with the Joint Housing Policy and Delivery Group to make sure digital access issues are • Working with Housing Associations as a Trusted Adviser to provide advice as well as access to specialised technical knowledge in Government • Working with key stakeholders to develop awareness of digital in housing • Developing resources such as a check list of issues in engaging broadband providers. This will build on the excellent work in the Digital Toolkit • Helping with business cases, procurement technology reviews • Encouraging collaboration and best practice across the sector, so we don’t reinvent the wheel • Acting as a single point of contact for those needing assistance in planning and implementing a digital strategy
  20. 20. The Connected Home Questions ? Contact: