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INTACH, Chapter Dahanu

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INTACH, Dahanu

  1. 1. Chapter DahanuBrief Dahanu Taluka Tourist GuideA quiet seaside town with a sprawling, uncluttered beach and lined with fruit orchards, flower gardens and famous for itsChikoo fruit, this India’s Chikoo county and once-barren land thrived under Irani settlers, an earthy people.Location :# 19o58’ N. Latitude & 72o44’ E. Longitude in the Thane district of Maharashtra. # It is located approx. 120 km North of Mumbai (Bombay). # The taluka is divided into two regions: East, i.e. the junglepatti, which is the forest-clad hilly tribal interior and the West, i.e. the bunderpatti, which forms the wide belt of lowlands & flats, extending from the sea- coast to the Western Railway lines.History : # Dahanu’s historical significance can be traced back to 16th century AD. The Portuguese had divided their Thane territories into two divisions; Daman & Vasai, Dahanu being included in the Daman Division. # Dahanu was shown as a port in the map in Milburns Oriental Commerce (1800-1812). # Dahanu finds place in the trade map of the east during the begining of the 18th century. # Dahanu has also found itself being mentioned in the historical records during the 1634 AD era as celebrated for its images of Nossa Senhorades Augustus. # “Dahanuka” also occurs in one of the Nashik cave inscriptions as the name of a town and a river on which Vishwadutta, the son-in-law of Nahapan (100 AD) made a ferry. # Around 1817 AD, Dahanu was passed into the hands of the British under the ‘Treaty of Bassein’ with the Peshwas of Pune.
  2. 2. INTACH – Chapter DahanuWhere are we located N
  3. 3. INTACH – Chapter Dahanu
  4. 4. INTACH – Chapter DahanuAbout UsThe Dahanu Chapter of the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage is essentiallyinvolved in protecting Dahanus culture and heritage. Initiated by a group of ardentenvironmentalists in the early 1990s, INTACH Chapter Dahanu now works closely with schoolchildren, instilling in them a sense of pride for their history, culture and environment.INTACH, Chapter Dahanu organizes treks, camps and environmental education workshopsregularly. Members of INTACH have played an important and supportive role in the struggleagainst the coal-based thermal power station, and was equally successful in thrashing theONGC’s attempt to set-up a refinery here, which not only violated the Hon. Supreme CourtOrders and the Dahanu Notification by the MoEF but also threatened the livelihood ofthousands of farmers and the existence of the fruit orchards.
  5. 5. INTACH – Chapter DahanuFulfilling our objectivesThe Dahanu Chapter of INTACH formed a new group – Discover Dahanu. The name itself isself-explanatory. The idea behind this concept was to stimulate the youth into participatingand at the same time, have them discover the intangible and natural heritage of Dahanu. Theidea is to enroll maximum participants without involving the process of memberships &registrations… they can come and help us on project-by-project basis rather than being lookedupon as a part of any organisation.With its formation, started the Discover Dahanu Festival. The Discover Dahanu Festival 2012was the second edition. The group has moved ahead and has decided to have a dedicatedwebsite to bring about the awareness about the town’s heritage.The group has started its sincere and earnest efforts to make Discover Dahanu 2013 agrand, memorable event with the help of MTDC, and a proposal to that effect has beensubmitted. Needless to say, You All Are Welcome to Dahanu!
  6. 6. INTACH – Chapter Dahanu MANGROVE CONSERVATION Over 60 enthusiastic students, ex-students, teachers and some concerned citizens gathered on the beach, bright and early, on April 30, 2012 to be part of’s Connect the Dots – Climate Impacts Day. The task on hand was a delicate one as the participants proceeded to disentangle the mangrove plants from their bonds. And while they were gathering the waste, the students also observed the tidal pools and the different algae, shellfish, crabs and small fish they harbored. The lesson we drew from the action was that we need to be more careful on how we dispose our waste which is choking our marine ecosystems. And we took a pledge to stop littering. Helping disentangle debris from life saving mangroves Mangrove swamps are not just murky places,they are useful ecosystems that help to survive and live a good life. So together, lets us all say, Mangrove Conservation Is Here To Stay!!
  7. 7. INTACH – Chapter DahanuAttending Mumbai School Students on their Project tours in Dahanu Explaining the Warli way of life An open-air exercise Understanding the basics of Warli Hut making Interaction with the students Students are made to speak in local language with the Warlis & avoid hurting their sentiments Orientation of the students Explaining the importance of Watershed
  8. 8. INTACH – Chapter Dahanu Encouraging local art and crafts by organising workshops A Social Development Initiative Students’ visit to Bamboo craft workshop Helping to put up Warli Painting stalls at local Melas Students’ hands-on experience at Warli Painting Students’ hands-on experience at Pottery Warli Painting workshop in collegeStudents’ visit to Warli village
  9. 9. INTACH – Chapter Dahanu NDTV’s GREENATHON – DAHANU’S MARATHONThe Marathon slogan said No Plastics so the best alternative is cloth bags. We stitched anddistributed cloth bags and made the participants do finger painting with fabric paint on their ownbags which they now owned and would use.Enthusiastic students who came all the way to Talasari to share their messages painted on clothbags – an amazing learning experience…Milind Soman with students from Dahanu
  10. 10. INTACH – Chapter Dahanu ‘HISTORY OF MY TOWN’ All India Essay Competition left - Ms. Shahin Maneshiya & right – Principal Mrs. Tanaaz Raisi right – Mrs. Dolly Boman IraniINTACH had collaborated with Fox History Channel INTACH Delhi, the parent organization had askedto organize an all India essay competition on My me to organise the award ceremony to createCity My History for school students of classes 6-9. awareness about Dahanus heritage so I thought itThis programme was for all the heritage club apt to do so by celebrating with a sand sculptingstudents and was conducted nation-wide. Ms. competition on the beach rather than booking aShahin Maneshiya from H.M.P. High hall. So the Open Air Awards were given away by aSchool, Dahanu, was declared as the regional pioneer in the hotel industry Mrs. Dolly Bomanwinner and is seen receiving the sheild from the Irani of Pearline Hotel, Dahanu.Mrs. Tanaaz Raisi, Principal, H.M.P. HighSchool, Dahanu.
  11. 11. INTACH – Chapter Dahanu INTACH, Dahanu’s INITIATIVES Rescued, injured Turtle kept at Dahanu Forest Office ‘ONGC seeks 2K acres govt land at Dahanu’ Save the Turtle – A workshop on Marine turtle Times of India conservationONGC had asked the government to provide 2000 INTACH, Dahanu and ‘Sahyadri Nisarg Mitra’ andacres of land in Dahanu to set up a refinery as it jointly organised ‘Save the turtle’ workshop andclaimed to have found oil in the seas of Dahanu. sponsored about seven youths. An entire day wasThis would have meant declaring about 12 km of devoted for the workshop which includedarea around the plant as no fishing Orientation, About Turtles, Steps required tozone, displacing over 50,000 fisher-folk who protect the species, and ended with a good walkdepend on the marine economy. INTACH, Dahanu along the beach where the volunteers were taughtplayed a key role in opposing ONGC’s move by how to identify the Turtle nests and keeping a logwriting letters to various authorities and book about their sightings and other details.explaining them how their actions would result into the Contempt of Hon. Supreme Court Orders &
  12. 12. INTACH – Chapter Dahanu Come… Let’s Discover Dahanu While At Dahanu…One may consider Dahanu to be a sleepy town, but its people are very spirited! Adventures likeGliding, Trekking, Venturing out into the open seas, Kite flying are more a passion than mere sports.Strap on your hiking shoes and trek to the Wind through 16 temples that dot the two-km stretch of Dahanu of nearby mountains like the Bahrothills, where Buddhist monks built caves and Request the Discoverlater the Zoroastrians took refuge some 600 Dahanu organisers toyears ago. arrange for a live demo of toddy tapping, and enjoy your tipple with the Warlis. Meet the Zoroastrian doctor, with his flying machine - a hobby not many of his counterparts would envy of! Arrange for a professional potter from the potters guild atDrive past the Masoli hamlet, a Santoshi to sharehub for hand made cane Get lost in the Wilderness! tricks of the and baskets.
  13. 13. INTACH – Chapter Dahanu DISCOVER DAHANU FESTIVAL 107 2010 . . . 2012 . . . Come . . . Let’sDiscover Dahanu
  14. 14. Chapter DahanuContact UsConvenor : Co-Convenor:Mrs. Phiroza J. Tafti Mr. Farzan B. Mazda0-9822778207 To know more about Dahanu, please visit